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For thirty years, the Goldwater Foundation has helped undergraduates interested in pursuing research careers in science, engineering, and mathematics defray the cost of college tuition, room and board, fees, and books. As the cost to attend college continues to rise, this financial assistance is needed now more than ever before.

Today’s science, engineering, and mathematics majors are expected to do much more than simply attend class. To develop the skills and knowledge they need, majors in these disciplines are highly encouraged as undergraduates to engage in faculty-mentored, state-of-the-art, publishable research projects. This leaves little or no time for these students to hold jobs, income from which might be used to help them pay for college.

The Goldwater Foundation’s Impact

Over our history, the Goldwater Foundation has supported over 9,000 high-achieving science, engineering, and mathematics students. A 2014 survey of our Scholars revealed that:

• 99% of all Goldwater Scholars have at least a bachelor’s degree;
• 49% had earned PhDs in science, mathematics or engineering and another 20% were still in school working on PhDs, bringing the total percentage receiving PhDs to nearly 70%;
• 8% had completed other doctoral degrees (i.e., JDs, MDs); and
• 72.6% of Goldwater Scholars reported current involvement in ongoing scientific, mathematics and engineering research.

With results like these, the Foundation is clearly meeting its core mission of identifying and supporting a significant pool of highly qualified undergraduates who subsequently obtain advanced degrees and who have then gone on to become some of this country’s leading research scientists and educators.

More Needs to Be Done

For all that the Foundation has done, more needs to be done. Your donation will help the Goldwater Foundation increase the number of scholarships it awards.

You can help the Foundation support students by donating to our non-profit partner, The Barry Goldwater Educational Support Fund. All size donations are appreciated. You may contribute online at or mail a check to:

Barry Goldwater Educational Support Fund
725 Arlington Drive
Iowa City, IA 52245

The BGESF Home Page can be reached at

Your Gift is Tax Deductible
Not only will you be helping fulfil a student’s dream of becoming a practicing scientist, engineer, or mathematician, your gift is tax deductible.