2023 Scholars

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Last Name, First NameLegal State
SchoolInstitution StateField of StudyCareer GoalCampus RepresentativeMentor(s)
Adams, DavidARUniversity of Central ArkansasARLife SciencesPh.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Conduct research focused on vertebrate ecophysiology and teach at the university level.Stephen AddisonDr. Matthew Gifford, Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee, Dr. Maureen Donnelly
Adams, JadenALJefferson State Community CollegeALLife SciencesPh.D. in Physical Therapy. Conduct physical therapy research and improve patients outcomes by increasing our understanding of the impact of various physical therapy interventions and techniques.Jamie HolleyDr. Ceren-Yarar Fisher, Dr. Erika Womack, Dr. Nicholas Kin
Adiletta, JackMAWorcester Polytechnic InstituteMAEngineeringPh.D. in Electrical Engineering. Conduct research in specialized circuits and computational approaches for low power, high performance computing at a National Laboratory or top academic institution.Lakeya AlmeidaProfessor Ulkuhan Guler, Ph.D. Steve Ibanez, Ph.D. Maqsood Mughal
Adler, KelseyNMUniversity of New Mexico-Main CampusNMPhysics and AstronomyPhD in Plasma Physics. Conduct research in high energy density physics (HEDP) and plasma physics relevant to the fusion and medical sciences.Kiyoko SimmonsDr. Stephanie Hansen, Dr. Thomas Gomez, Dr. Nathaniel Shaffer
Aguero, SebastianCACalifornia State University-San MarcosCAChemistryI want to earn my PhD in Chemistry and do my research in organic chemistry, developing new medicine.Robert IafeDr. Robert Iafe, Dr. David Butcher, Dr. Afra Panahi
Alber, SamuelCAUniversity of California-BerkeleyCACISEPh.D. in Computational Biology. Conduct research in computational immunology and teach at the university.Alicia HayesProfessor Wilson Liao, Professor Elior Rahmani, Professor Marco Fritzsche
Albert, MadisonMEVanderbilt UniversityTNEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research in improving hardware and software components of low-field magnetic resonance imaging, teach at the university level, and mentor students.Elizabeth Harrington LambertDr. William Grissom, Dr. Jared Barber
Alkarmi, LinaVAGeorge Mason UniversityVAEngineeringPh.D in Electrical Engineering. Conduct research in signal processing and communications and teach at the university level.Megan BrueningDr. Peter W. Pachowicz
Allen, StefaniePAVillanova UniversityPAChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct synthetic research in inorganic chemistry and be a leader in a research lab.Catherine StecykDr. Scott Kassel
Amero, KatelynMEUniversity of MaineMELife SciencesAfter graduating from UMaine, my goal is to earn a Ph.D. in biomedical science. I then plan to pursue a career in biotechnology and genomics.Robert WheelerDr. Sally Molloy, Dr. Paul Turner, Dr. Kaitlyn Kortright
Ange, JoshuaTXSouthern Methodist UniversityTXPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in cosmology and/or particle astrophysics while teaching at the university level.Brandon MillerProfessor Joel Meyers, Dr. Robert Calkins
Aranzola, AnaTXThe University of Texas at El PasoTXEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Research in the additive manufacturing field with biomedical applications.Jennifer GreenDr. Eric MacDonald, Dr. Alexis Maurel, Dr. Ana Cristina Martinez Maciel
Armstrong, SusannahVADavidson CollegeNCChemistryPh.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Conduct translational research to develop treatments for globally pervasive diseaseGaylena MerrittDr. Nicole L. Snyder, Dr. Hanna Key, and Dr. Laura Hartmann
Ashbrook, EthanMNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMNMaterials Research - ChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Perform research in energy and material sciences at a national laboratory.Timothy JonesMr. Steven Butler, Professor Ian Tonks, Ms. Dasuni Rathnaweera
Asper, GarrettPAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAEngineeringPh.D. in Aerospace Engineering. Conduct research in flight dynamics and controls at NASA.Christina McIntyreMrs. Christina McIntyre, Mr. Benjamin Simmons, Dr. Craig Woolsey
Ault, XanderMICentral Michigan UniversityMIPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Theoretical Physics. Conduct research in quantum gravity and teach at an R1 university.Maureen HarkeDr. Marco Fornari, Luca Bonaldo
ayoub, rayyanCAUniversity of California-RiversideCAEngineeringI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Bioengineering to conduct research in Tissue EngineeringGladis Herrera-BerkowitzDr. Joshua Morgan, Dr. Robert Mckee, Lisa Salmeron
Bae, AndrewNYStony Brook UniversityNYCISE - EngineeringPh.D. in smart transportation. Research methods to make transportation systems safer and more sustainable through the use of machine learning.Kathleen Flint EhmDr. Susu Xu, Dr. Yuefan Deng, Dr. Yizhi Meng
Baldwin, DavidFLFlorida Atlantic UniversityFLLife SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. In a capacity where I am both a principal investigator and a professor, I will conduct ecological research to solve environmental issues.Jessica CornelyDr. Brian Benscoter, Dr. Dorceta Taylor, Dr. Ken Dawson-Scully
Barron, ChristopherTXTexas A & M University-College StationTXLife SciencesPh. D. in Plant Breeding or Genetics. Conduct research in drought tolerance and biofortification in corn at a university while teaching as a professorSumana DattaDr. Katherine Carson, Dr. David Stelly, Mr. Scott Adair
Bartlett, EamonVAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAEngineering - ChemistryPh.D. in Materials Science. Conduct research on hybrid perovskite solar cells.Christina McIntyreDr. Amanda Morris, Dr. Rick Ubic, Dr. Stephen Martin
Barwick, KristenMOUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaMOLife SciencesPursue a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Conduct protein biochemical research for plant immune systems, particularly in relation to socioeconomic factors, and teach at a Midwestern University.Eirk PotterDr. Antje Heese, Dr. Craig Schenck, Mrs. Kelly Mason
Batterman, ZoeLAPomona CollegeCAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in algebraic geometry and teach at the university level.Mal RiggioProfessor Edray Goins, Assistant Professor Konrad Aguilar, Professor Renee Bel
Beatty, LoganFLUniversity of MiamiFLEngineering - Life SciencesPh.D. in Biomedical Tissue Engineering. Oversee research and development in the industrial biotechnology setting.Erika GreenDr. Chun-Yuh Huang, Dr. Ramon Montero
Becksvoort, AustinMIHope CollegeMIChemistryPlan to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and conduct research in synthetic organic or polymer chemistry at a government or private-sector laboratory.Jonathan PetersonDr. Christopher Turlington
Berg, JustinVACollege of William and MaryVALife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Conduct biomedical research as a physician-scientist on molecular mechanisms of diseases and their prevention.Lindsey LoveDr. Douglas Young, Dr. Daniel Cristol, Dr. Elizabeth Jonas
Berson, AaronVAWesleyan UniversityCTLife Sciences (Med)Obtain a M.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Research the circuitries and network dynamics behind neurological disorders to develop new patient therapies and practice medicine as a neurologist.Erica KowszDr. Elyssa B. Margolis, Dr. Alison L. O'Neil, Dr. Gloster B. Aaron
Bittinger, AysiaGAUniversity of North GeorgiaGAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Solar Physics. Conduct research in solar weather within the government—like at NASA—or in the private sector—like at Lockheed Martin.Anastasia LinDr. Gregory Feiden
Boateng, IsaiahOHOhio State University-Main CampusOHMedicine M.D./Ph.D in Cancer Biology. I plan to develop novel targeted therapies based on sequenced cancer genomics to treat oncological clinical cases at an academic medical institution.Janet SchroederDr. Ann-Kathrin Eisfeld, MD, Dr. Robert Baiocchi, MD, PhD, Dr. Christopher Callam, PhD
Boateng, LuisaCACalifornia State University-Los AngelesCAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Pure Mathematics. Conduct research in topology and study mathematical applications in theoretical physics. Teach at the university level and take on students/mentees of my own.Sonia Cruz MaganaDr. Rolland Trapp, Dr. Daphne Liu, Dr. Marina Mondin
Boudreaux, ChristianMSUniversity of MississippiMSLife SciencesPhD in Marine Biology. Conduct research at the intersection of climate change and conservation to better understand the fragile marine system, while instructing the next generation of scientists.Vivian IbrahimDr. Tamar Goulet, Dr. Jessica Pruett, Dr. Peter Zee
Bowman, DevenMDUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in physics, researching Atomic, Molecular, and Optical physics and quantum information theory and teaching at a university.Robert InfantinoDr. Eun-Suk Seo, Dr. Steven Rolston, Dr. Luis Orozco
Bradford, MonicaILDenison UniversityOHChemistryPh.D. in Medicinal Chemistry or Human Genetics. Conduct research on genetic diseases, specifically those which disproportionately affect communities of color.Corey EfronDr. Joseph Reczek, Dr. Rachel Mitton-Fry, Dr. Ana Narvaez
Brand, CarterCOLafayette CollegePAMedicine - ChemistryPh.D. in Biophysics. Conduct research on neurological disorders and work as a research scientist.Julia GoldbergDr. Ken Haug, Dr. Mike Bertucci
Brekhus, ChloeCOColorado State University-Fort CollinsCOEngineering (Med)I plan to obtain a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and conduct research in orthopedic treatments and technology.Mary SwansonDr. Ben Gadomski, Dr. Jimmy Johnson, Dr. Christian Puttlitz
Brito, LucasWABrown UniversityRIPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct computational research in the intersection of computational condensed matter physics, quantum statistical mechanics and information theory, teach at university level.Linda DunleavyProfessor Vesna Mitrovic, Professor Brad Marston, Professor David Laidlaw
Bromell, JustinGAMorehouse CollegeGALife SciencesPh.D. in biochemistry and immunology. Research in the field of cancer for a biopharmaceutical company.Wallace SharifDr. Lance Young, Dr. Jeffrey Handy, Dr. Robert Weiss
Brownlee, RyanGAMercer UniversityGALife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Teach at a research university and conduct research exploring the molecular mechanisms of disease.Adam KieferDr. Christy Bridges, Dr. Linda Hensel, Dr. Brittany Lasseigne
Budnick, MaxGAGeorgia State University-Perimeter CollegeGAMathematical SciencesI want a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics to research decision theory. My goal is to gain specialized knowledge, contribute to ongoing research, and be well-regarded within the scientific community.Lauri GoodlingPrincipal Senior Lecturer Dr. Mark Grinshpon, Assistant Professor Somaya Muiny, Associate Chair of Mathematics Dr. Barrett Walls
Burdette, JenniferVAOld Dominion UniversityVAChemistry (Med)I plan to obtain an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry to conduct research in medicinal chemistry while teaching at an academic institution.David MetzgerAssistant Professor Dr. Kyle Lambert, Professor & Chair of Chemistry Dr. Craig Bayse, Assistant Professor Dr. Erin Purcell
Burtner, AbigailWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWALife SciencesI aim to obtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with a focus on vaccine or drug design; I then plan to pursue a career in industry/academia addressing public health challenges due to infectious disease.Robin ChangMs. Chloe Adams, Professor Neil King, Dr. Chris Law
Buursma, JacobWAWashington State UniversityWALife Sciences (Med)I will complete an MD/PhD program specializing in addiction psychiatry and neuroscience to conduct translational and clinical research on, and treat, substance-use and comorbid psychiatric disorders.Mary Sanchez-LanierDr. Kristen Delevich, Dr. Ryan McLaughlin
Buzek, JanWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWACISEI am interested in pursuing a research career in theoretical computer science, combining ideas from complexity and mathematics to build algorithms and secure systems based on computational problems.Robin ChangDr. Michael Naehrig, Professor Stefan Steinerberger, Professor Paul Beame
Cahoon, JordanWAUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCALife SciencesI plan on obtaining a Ph.D. in Computational Biology with an emphasis on population genetics. My goal is to become a professor of genetics at a research university.Katie CapraDr. Charleston Chiang, Dr. Elia Tait Wojno
Calkins, OliviaMATufts UniversityMAEngineering - Life SciencesPh.D. in Biological Engineering and Cellular Agriculture. Conduct cellular agriculture research in an academic setting.Anne MooreProfessor David Kaplan, Ms. Sophia Letcher, Professor James Van Deventer
Carney, PeterCAUniversity of California-RiversideCAPhysics and AstronomyPh. D. in Physics aspiring to research. Emphases of research will be in gravitational-wave detection with LIGO/Cosmic Explorer, or improving particle accelerator detection sensitivity.Gladis Herrera-BerkowitzDr. Jonathan Richardson, Dr. Rana X. Adhikari, Dr. Richard Seto
Carroll, MosheNYYeshiva UniversityNYLife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Lead a research team investigating protein-protein interactions to understand the molecular basis of diseases and develop therapeutic applications.William StenhouseDr. Raji Viswanathan
Castellanos, ChristianFLFlorida International UniversityFLLife Sciences (Med)I plan to attain a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology with an emphasis on infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance, conducting translational research within the private sector.Ashley Floyd KuntzDr. Kalai Mathee, Dr. Alexander Agoulnik
Castellanos Rodriguez , ValeriaCACalifornia State University-San MarcosCALife SciencesPh.D in Cancer Biology. Conduct research in biomechanics and be an educator at the university level.Robert IafeAssistant Professor Dr. Carlos Luna Lopez, Associate Professor Dr. Jane Kim, Assistant Professor Dr. Theresa Meyerott
Cersosimo, CamilaRIUniversity of Rhode IslandRIEngineeringTo obtain a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Conduct research in biomaterials engineering to develop novel alternatives for drug delivery.David HeskettDr. Samantha Meenach, Dr. Vinothan Manoharan, Dr. Niall Howlett
Ceyhan, DefneOHOhio State University-Main CampusOHLife Sciences - CISEPh.D. in Computational Biology. I plan to conduct genomic research to advance the treatment of cancers and rare diseases, lead a research lab, and mentor future researchers.Janet SchroederDr. Peter White, Dr. Keara Lane, Dr. Janet Box-Steffensmeier
Chan, AngelinaCAStanford UniversityCALife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD; graduate study in Genetics. Become a physician-scientist; research molecular-level regulation of gene expression, teach at the university level, and mentor the next generation of scientists.Jen HopeProfessor Gavin Sherlock, Professor Roeland Nusse
Chandra, NuriaWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWACISEI will research machine learning, computational biology, and algorithms to develop tools that prevent, treat, and cure disease. My research career will span from theory to clinical application.Robin ChangProfessor Sara Mostafavi, Dr. Jennifer A. Rabbitts, Professor Rekha R. Thomas
Chang, AllenCAUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCACISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in the intersections of collaborative human-computer interaction and multimodal machine learning for adaptable interaction systems.Katie CapraMs. Leena Mathur, Ms. Lauren Klein, Professor Maja Matarić
Chang, CameronFLUniversity of ChicagoILMathematical SciencesI would like to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Afterwards, I plan to conduct research and teach at the university level.Nichole FazioProfessor Anton Bernshteyn, Professor Alexander Razborov, Professor André Neves
Chang, HeatherILTexas A & M University-College StationTXEngineeringPh.D. in Electrical Engineering. Conduct research in power electronics to support a 100% renewable energy grid.Sumana DattaDr. Thomas Overbye, Dr. Nadia Panossian, Dr. Gab-Su Seo
Chastang, KennedyMIHoward UniversityDCChemistry (Med)Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry with an MD in Infectious Disease. Conduct research in drug delivery and practice medicine in low resource settings.Theon Gruber FordPh.D. Jason Matthews, Ph.D. Tracey Lamb, MD Douglas Postels
Chen, XuezhenMIUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborMILife Sciences (Med)PhD in immunology with my research focus on host-microbe interactions. I am inspired to become a physician-scientist pursuing novel translational research and advocating for equitable patient care.Henry DysonDr. Kathleen L. Collins, Ms. Maria Virgilio, Dr. Sara Pai
Chen, YingrongWAEmory UniversityGAChemistryI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry and conduct research in protein structures and functions. My career goal is to lead a lab and mentor students at a leading research university.Megan FriddleDr. Benjamin Brown, Dr. Deepika Das, Dr. Fang Liu
Chien, DerekNVUniversity of RochesterNYMedicine MD/PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Conduct research in molecular medicine to accelerate the development and access to novel therapeutics while teaching as a professor at an academic research institution.Belinda ReddenProfessor Rudi Fasan, Professor Wesley Chalifoux, Professor Jian Hu
Chung, Yi Won (Paul)WIUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWICISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research, especially on usable security and privacy, and make the world a safer place to live in.Julie StubbsProfessor Rahul Chatterjee, Professor Hanan Hibshi, Professor Chang Hoon Kim
Clark, TommyILCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAPhysics and AstronomyEarn a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. Conduct research to determine observable signatures of quantum gravity and the gravitational path integral.Kristin WeymanProfessor Charles Steinhardt, Dr. Francisco Salces Carcoba, Mr. Vadim Rusakov
Clarke, AllysonPABucknell UniversityPAEngineeringPh.D. in neuromuscular biomechanics. Continue research in biomechanics and lead a research laboratory while teaching at a research-centered institution.Margaret MarrDr. Benjamin Wheatley, Dr. Chulhyun Ahn
Coates, RachaelLALouisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical CollegeLAEngineering - Life SciencesPh.D. in Biological Engineering. Conduct biomedical research to investigate the physical and biological mechanisms of cancer metastasis in an academic setting.Garrett FontenotDr. Elizabeth C. Martin, Dr. Adam T. Melvin
Collado, AntonioNYHofstra UniversityNYChemistryPh.D. in Chemical Biology. Conduct research in metabolic and infectious diseases and teach at an university level.Scott LefurgyProfessor Scott Lefurgy, Professor Nanette Wachter-Jurcsak,
Conner, AudreyGAUniversity of GeorgiaGAChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct research in organic synthesis and methodology using an integrated experimental/computational approach as faculty at an R1 university.Jessica HuntDr. Steven Wheeler, Dr. Christopher Newton, Ms. Stephanie Botton
Connor, BrendanNJRowan UniversityNJEngineeringTo earn a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and conduct research in novel methods for therapeutic drug delivery.Jennifer RavelliDr. Mark Byrne
Contreras, SamanthaCAUniversity of California-Santa CruzCAPhysics and AstronomyConduct research in condensed matter physics and teach at the university level.Scott StalnakerDr. Jason Nielsen, Dr. David Lederman
Conway, CarolineSCDartmouth CollegeNHPsychologyPh.D. in Cognitive Science. Research cognitive bases and social patterns of mental illness and instill passion for brain-based, open research in others via teaching and paper presentations.Christie HarnerDr. Mark Thornton, Dr. Hannah ter Hofstede, Dr. Ann Foley
Coppin, MarissaTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXLife SciencesPhD in Neuroscience. Conduct translational neurogenesis research on mental illness pathology and secure a research position in a startup.Andrew ChapmanDr. Jenny Hsieh, Dr. Gina Poe, Dr. Gopakumar Changarathil
Corredor, Maria MercedesFLFlorida International UniversityFLMedicine M.D. PhD. Conduct research in diabetes mellitus and work as endocrinologist.Ashley Floyd KuntzDr, Professor William Murphy, Dr. Professor Adolfo Mendez, Mr. Daniel Alvarez
Crawford Taylor, AndrewUTUniversity of UtahUTCISEI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Robotics, and research how robots can plan and operate to perform valuable tasks. I'll enjoy transferring my research to industry, teaching, and presenting my research.Ginger SmoakDr. Tucker Hermans, Dr. Daniel Drew, Alan Kunts
Cruz, GabrielleNYSUNY at FredoniaNYLife SciencesMy career goal is to become a research scientist with a focus in molecular biology, particularly in the field of drug development.Thomas HegnaDr. Scott Ferguson, Dr. Jonathan Kniss, Mrs. Lauren Giles
Cudzich, DanielILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILMaterials Research - EngineeringI will pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering concentrating in electronic materials, as I hope to conduct research in solid-state electrolytes and batteries at a national laboratory.David SchugStaff Scientist F. Joseph Heremans, PhD Candidate Carlos Juarez-Yescas, Professor Pascal Bellon
Cuibus, MariaNYSkidmore CollegeNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Computational Biology. Use computational techniques to research cancer biology therapies and lead a research group in academia or biotechnology company.Marla MelitoDr. K. Aurelia Ball, Dr. Ron Prywes, Dr. Patricia Hilleren
Culbertson, MatthewKSKansas State UniversityKSEngineering - P & AI intend to earn a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. This will enable me to conduct research on radiation interactions and the design of radiation shielding at a governmental or academic research lab.Beth PowersDr. Amir Bahadori, Dr. Christopher Culbertson
Dailey, MelodyALJefferson State Community CollegeALLife SciencesPh.D. in neuroscience. Conduct research that utilizes optogenetics in the treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy.Jamie HolleyPh.D. student Casey Mahoney-Crane, Dr. Evan Boitet, Professor Jeffrey Darby
Daire, GabriellaVAVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVAMedicine - Life SciencesPh.D in Biomedical Sciences. I plan to perform space medicine research focusing on mitigating the physiological effects astronauts endure.Jeff WingMD/Ph.D Candidate Steven J. Meas, Asst.Prof., Dept. Envir. Sci. Sally Pusede, Ph.D, Asst.Prof., Dept. of Chemistry Mychal Smith, Ph.D
DaSilva, DanielleNCElon UniversityNCMathematical SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a focus in biomathematics. I will pursue a research career developing models to improve responses to diseases and optimize disease treatment.Ann CahillDr. Karen Yokley
Davis, AlexanderVAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAEngineering - ChemistryI aim to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry in order to conduct research in the field of catalysis at an academic institution, while also developing courses and teaching this subject to undergraduates.Christina McIntyreDr. Diana Thornton, Dr. Michael Burkholder, Dr. Frank Gupton
DeBell, LilyPACalifornia Institute of TechnologyCALife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in biochemistry and structural biology and teach at the university level.Kristin WeymanProfessor of Biochemistry William Clemons, Jr., Professor of Neuroscience Viviana Gradinaru, Professor of Biology Elliot Meyerowitz
DelFranco, AlexanderNYAmherst CollegeMAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics followed by a postgraduate fellowship and teaching at the undergraduate level.Christine OverstreetProfessor Kate Follette, Dr. Connor Robinson, Dr. Rafael Martín-Doménech
Delsa, PaigeLAUniversity of RichmondVAPhysics and Astronomy - CISEPhD. in Materials Science. Lead a research team that computationally investigates properties and characteristics of semiconductor materials.Dana KuchemMs. Jennifer Mangum, Dr. Prasanna Balachandran, Dr. Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias
Deokar, AditiMADartmouth CollegeNHMedicine I plan to become a pediatric rheumatologist (MD/PhD) who conducts basic and translational research to develop new treatments for lupus and other autoimmune diseases.Christie HarnerDr. Yina Huang
DePratter, ShannonSCUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. Conduct research for academia in the understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and neurological disorders.Jennifer BessDr. Melissa Moss, Dr. Mark Uline, Ms. Brittany Watson
DeWitt, SkylarMIHope CollegeMILife Sciences - PsychologyPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research to uncover long-standing enigmas in neuroscience concerning behavioral disorders and teach at the university level. Advocate for minoritized students in STEM.Jonathan PetersonDr. Erika Calvo-Ochoa
Dhingra, RomaMDGeorgetown UniversityDCMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in oncology and biohealth psychology focused on social determinants of health. Conduct clinical research on how psychosocial interventions can improve cancer progression and outcomes.William CessatoDr. Rebecca G. Reed, Professor Heidi Elmendorf, Dr. Aloke V. Finn
Diamond, PhillipOHKenyon CollegeOHPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Mathematical Physics. Conduct research into pure math and quantum physics; teach at the college level.Aaron ReinhardProfessor Benjamin Schumacher, Professor Judy Holdener, Professors Madeline/Leslie Wade
Diers, JacksonNECreighton UniversityNELife SciencesPh.D. in developmental biology. I plan to lead a research team that will investigate early mammalian development and teach at the graduate level.Erin GrossDr. Jian Zuo, Dr. Sarath Vijayakumar, Dr. Annemarie Shibata
DiFelice, AnnaPALafayette CollegePAChemistryPh.D in Material Science and Engineering. Conduct research and teach at the university level.Julia GoldbergDr. Arielle Mensch
Diggins, ElizaUTUniversity of UtahUTPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in theoretical astrophysics. Using innovative computational and analytical techniques to better understand the dynamical processes at play on all scales of the cosmos.Ginger SmoakDr. Melodie Weller, Dr. Dan Wik, Dr. Fred Adler
Dinh, EthanORUniversity of OregonORCISE (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Biomedical Data Science, conduct research to improve patient care by leveraging machine learning predictive algorithms and teach at the university level.Kevin HatfieldPostdoctoral Researcher Genevieve Romanowicz, Vice President Robert Guldberg, Research Engineer & Lab Manage Kelly Leguineche
Dobbs, ChandlorALJefferson State Community CollegeALEngineeringI'd like to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. I would conduct various cancer studies.Jamie HolleyDr. Mary Katheryn Sewell-Loftin, Dr. James Wyss, Ms. Arlene Bulger
Downes, MarleyMDDrexel UniversityPAMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Materials Science with a focus on nanomaterials. Perform research on the unique synthesis of nanomaterials for environmentally friendly energy sources and teach at the university level.Leah GatesDr Christopher E. Shuck, Dr Yury Gogotsi, Ph.D. Candidate Mark Anayee
Dressel, IsabellaVAUniversity of Virginia-Main CampusVAGeosciencesPh.D. in Atmospheric Science. Conduct research in atmospheric science and teach at the university level.Andrus AshooProfessor Sally Pusede, Professor Robert Davis, Professor Megan Ryals
Duarte, JorgeNJNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyNJEngineeringObtain a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering and conduct applied research in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) while serving with a Department of Transportation (DOT) or Transportation Agency.Paul Hoyt-O'ConnorDr./Professor Durga Misra, Dr./Professor Michel Boufadel, Dr./Professor Branislav Dimitrijevic
Dujmic, PetraMABrandeis UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in neuroscience, with a focus on cell biology. Advance therapeutics for cardiovascular disorders by investigating the function of peripheral neuronal circuits.Meredith MonaghanMs. Melda Buyukozturk, Dr. Susan Birren
Eastham, GeorgiaCAOklahoma State University-Main CampusOKChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research in chemical biology and teach at the university level.Jessica SullinsDr. Brett F. Carver, Dr. Jimmie D. Weaver, Dr. Edralin A. Lucas
Ebey, KarinNMEckerd CollegeFLLife SciencesPhD in Biology. Conduct research combining theoretical and field techniques to support amphibian and reptile conservation.William SzelistowskiDr. Lindsey Fox, Dr. Jeffery Goessling, Dr. Jalisa Ferguson
Elkins, AnsleySCCollege of CharlestonSCLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Molecular biology. Lead a translational research program and teach molecular biology at an R1 institute.Jesslyn Collins-FrohlichDr. Renaud Geslain, Dr. Breege Howley
Elliott, SkylarALThe University of AlabamaALMaterials Research - EngineeringObtain a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Conduct research in corrosion and teach at the university level.Carmen MayerDr. Gregory Kubacki, Dr. Amanda Koh, Dr. Jeff Gray
Ellis, DakotaGAMercer UniversityGALife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct cancer research at a national laboratory.Adam KieferDr. Emilianne Limbrick, Dr. Felipe Quiroz, Dr. Adam Kiefer
Elmer, AlexisUTEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-PrescottAZEngineeringPh.D. in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in structures and materials. Conduct research in advanced composites and smart materials for early fatigue detection in space flight applications.Anne BoettcherDr. David Lanning, Dr. Kaela Martin
England, LydiaOKUniversity of Oklahoma-Norman CampusOKPhysics and AstronomyObtain a PhD in high energy physics; emphasis on quantum computing. Conduct research developing quantum technology for elementary particle theory and early-universe cosmology.Brian JohnsonDr. John Steinberg, Dr. Ruth Skoug, Dr. Brad Abbott
Evereux, VesperNVUniversity of Nevada-Las VegasNVEngineeringI'm a mechanical engineering major with a degree in fashion design who wants to design self-repairing garments using a combination of bio-engineering, synthetic biology, and biomechatronics.Andrew HansonDr. Jeremy Cho, Ms. Jonie M. Thomas, Mr. Nick Verreos
Fan, MaxwellMAUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILCISE - Mathematical SciencesPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in programming languages, formal methods, and type theory.David SchugProfessor Professor Talia Ringer, Professor Professor Kohei Kishida, Professor Professor Jonathan Livengood
Fawcett, StephenORWashington State UniversityWALife SciencesI aspire to pursue a PhD in microbiology and lead my own virology lab at a Tier 1 research university where I will study zoonotic viruses that threaten vulnerable populations.Mary Sanchez-LanierAssistant Professor Michael Letko, Assistant Professor Stephanie Seifert, Associate Professor Alan Goodman
Fazioli, JamesCAPurdue University-Main CampusINLife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Conduct industrial pharmaceutical research to enhance the knowledge and treatment of diseases, specifically viruses.Veronica SchirmDr. Jonathan Pasternak, Dr. Lixuan Huang, Mr. Frank Ip
Feduccia, JamesMSMississippi State UniversityMSLife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology. Conduct research in the biology of aging, molecular evolution, and synthetic biology in order to run a large multi-project lab at a university.David HoffmanDr. Xueyan Shan, Dr. Eric Luth, Dr. Jennifer Canfield
Feldman, JordanCABrown UniversityRILife Sciences (Med)M.D/Ph.D in computational neuroscience. Conduct fundamental and translational research into how neural circuits lead to human brain function and dysfunction, guiding new treatments for brain disease.Linda DunleavyDr. Ueli Rutishauser, Dr. Carlos Lois, Dr. Wilson Truccolo
Ferrara, EmilioGAUniversity of GeorgiaGALife SciencesPh.D. in Biomedical Sciences. Research the next generation of curative genetic medicines for rare diseases and translate these discoveries into FDA approved drugs.Jessica HuntDr. Giovanni Gadda, Dr. Fikri Avci, Dr. Michael Terns
Fex, VictoriaMIMichigan State UniversityMILife SciencesI aspire to be a neuroscience research-professor who integrates my research on a targeted method for reducing symptoms of neuropathology, that opposes current global treatments, into my curriculum.Kristin JankaDr. Alexander Johnson, Dr. Benjamin Fry
Finch, KiLATulane University of LouisianaLALife SciencesPh.D. in Pharmacology. Investigate drug uptake and metabolism to better predict the efficacy of drugs ab initio.Jennifer BeersDr. Hee-won Park, Dr. Gerard McCaul, Dr. Nicholas Sparks
Fitzgerald, MadelineNCDavidson CollegeNCChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct organic and computational chemistry research in natural product synthesis. Teach at the university level.Gaylena MerrittDr. Hanna M. Key, Dr. Tabitha C. Peck, Dr. James Minogue
Flagg, SadieVAHigh Point UniversityNCChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry or Materials Science and Engineering. Conduct research into the creation of materials for renewable energy sources.James CottonDr. Brian Augustine, Dr. Pamela Lundin
Fleury, GracePAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPAChemistryI intend to obtain a Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry. Following this, I plan to conduct research in organic synthesis with a medicinal chemistry focus and teach at the university level.David FraserDr. Paul Floreancig, Ms Brittany Klootwyk, Ms Jenna Miller
Flores, ErnestoTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. In Physics. Conduct research in experimental biophysics and teach at the university level.Andrew ChapmanDr. Kelly Nash, Dr. Qiong Yang, Dr. Gail Taylor
Flors, NicoleOHBoston UniversityMAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct original research in high-energy astrophysics at a national laboratory or academic institution, aiming to explain high-energy phenomena in black holes.Jeffrey BergDr. Svetlana Jorstad, Professor Alan Marscher, Professor Catherine Espaillat
Ford, DawnTXUniversity of Virginia-Main CampusVAMaterials Research - ChemistryPh.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Conduct research aiming to develop commercial low-cost electrolysis catalysts.Andrus AshooDr Stephen McDonnell, Lee Kendall, Kim Pham
Fowler, DylanMOUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaMOChemistryPh.D in Physical Chemistry. Conduct research in quantum chemistry with a focus on the development of new theoretical tecniques and teach at the university level.Eirk Potter Kurt Brorsen
Fowler, GavinNJColgate UniversityNYGeosciencesPh.D. in Planetary Science. Conduct research on terrestrial planets and teach at the university level.Stephen WrightProfessor Jonathan Levine
Fowler, VancePAFurmanSCChemistryI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in computational biochemistry. I want to conduct biochemistry research using computational chemistry methods and teach at the university level.Scott HendersonDr. George C. Shields
Friend, RosalynMIEastern Michigan UniversityMIPhysics and AstronomyI am on my way to earning a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and do research at an observatory and become a professor and research advisor for students.Aaron LiepmanMr. Norbert Vance, Dr. David Pawlowski, Dr. Jonathan Skuza
Fry, GavinNHDartmouth CollegeNHGeosciences - P & APh.D. in Atmospheric Sciences and Public Policy to inform decision makers and government officials on climate issues pertinent to national security.Christie HarnerMr. Jim Belles, Dr. Erich Osterberg, Dr. Bor-Ting Jong
Gabriel, JustusORUnited States Military AcademyNYLife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience; lead a research group focused on neurodegenerative diseases and central nervous system toxins as a physician scientist.James BlumanDr. Ryan Limbocker, Dr. Robert Enzenauer
Gaidhane, IshaniMICentral Michigan UniversityMIChemistry (Med)M.D.-Ph.D. in chemistry. Synthesize molecules to combat, discover treatments, and learn mechanisms to diseases, as well as clinical testing of such molecules.Maureen HarkeDr. Ben Swarts, Mr. Kyle Biegas, Dr. Debraj Chakrabarti
Galgano, AvaVAJames Madison UniversityVAChemistryPh.D. in immunology. Conduct vaccine development research and teach at the university level.Meredith Malburne-WadeDr. Ashleigh Baber, Dr. Kevin Caran, Dr. Barbara Reisner
Gandhi, KeshavILUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoILMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. Goal of leading a research team focused on applying machine learning and computational genomics to precision oncology in a clinical setting.Kim GermainMr. Joshua Allen, Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Gutfraind, Dr. Mohammed El-Kebir
Garrett, NoahMSUniversity of MississippiMSChemistryObtain a PhD in Computational Chemistry and research computational methods for computing spectroscopic data. My goals include leading a research group at an R1 university or leading an industry lab.Vivian IbrahimDr. Ryan Fortenberry, Dr. Erin Taylor
Georgiades, JohnMOWashington University in St LouisMOChemistry (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Chemical Biology. Conduct research using organic synthesis, biochemistry, and structure-based drug design to develop new drug candidates and characterize their mechanisms of action.Brooke TaylorProfessor Tim Wencewicz, Professor Nupam Mahajan, Dr. Chris Shaffer
Ghosh, AndreasNYUniversity of PennsylvaniaPAChemistryDoctorate and professorship in chemistry or a chemistry-related field. Conduct renewable energy research and teach at the university level.Wallace GenserDr. Kaushik Ghosh, Professor Andrew Rappe, Mr. Dane Isenberg
Glende, AudreyUTUniversity of UtahUTPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Continue researching in condensed matter physics and eventually share my knowledge through teaching at the college level.Ginger SmoakProfessor Shanti Deemyad
Godinez, LillieTXWellesley CollegeMALife Sciences - CISEMy goal is to get a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I will conduct research in learning and memory using computational methods and teach at the university level.Katherine DailingerDr. Eni Mustafaraj, Dr. Jessica Chancey, Dr. Mackenzie Howard
Gourdie, RobertVACollege of William and MaryVAChemistryI would like to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Biology in order to be able to conduct my own chemical research and teach chemistry at the university level.Lindsey LoveProfessor Douglas Young
Graf, VictoriaVAPrinceton UniversityNJCISEI plan to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science, focusing on machine learning and natural language processing, and to become a professor researching interpretability and alignment of large language models.Deirdre MoloneyProfessor Danqi Chen, Dr. Amanda Staudt, Professor Karthik Narasimhan
Graham, AvaMTMontana State UniversityMTLife Sciences (Med)My goal is to achieve an M.D./Ph.D. in Immunology. I want to conduct research in immunology and practice translational medicine to advance therapies and treatments for immunological diseases.Jeffrey HeysDr. Blake Wiedenheft, Dr. Royce Wilkinson, Ms. Laina Hall
Green, MichaelFLFlorida Atlantic UniversityFLLife SciencesPh.D. in Entomology. Conduct research on insect biodiversity and systematics; teach at a university levelJessica CornelyDr. Tricia Meredith, Dr. Steve Collins, MS. Jasmine Coyle
Greenberg, SamanthaNJLafayette CollegePALife SciencesPhD in Human Genetics. I want to both conduct clinically translational research on chronic pain and teach and mentor others as a professor of Biology.Julia GoldbergDr. Khadijah Mitchell, Dean Julia Goldberg
Greenberg, NaomiGAGeorgetown UniversityDCLife SciencesAfter obtaining a Ph.D. in a department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics, I plan to stay in academia, conducting research in biomedical science and teaching at the university level.William CessatoProfessor Manus Patten, Dr. Erin Schuman, Dr. Ashley Bourke
Grindall, CormacNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJPhysics and Astronomy - MathI will pursue a PhD in math or theoretical physics, and I wish to conduct research in mathematical physics while teaching at the university level.Anne WallenProfessor Jedediah Pixley, Professor Paul Feehan
Guerrero, SofiaWADuke UniversityNCLife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. My goal is to become a leader in Research and Development within the biotech industry where I will further the development of treatments for Alzheimer's Disease.Gwen VolmarDr. Gustavo Silva, Dr. Lindsay De Biase, Ms. Vanessa Simoes
Guertin, LydiaPAHaverford CollegePAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Teach at the university level and conduct research in radio astrophysics.Jason Chan Dr. Natalia Lewandowska, Dr. Andrea Lommen, Dr. Karen Masters
Gunasekera, SarahNYStony Brook UniversityNYMathematical Sciences - Life SciencesI want to conduct research to advance RNA therapeutics through computational and bench experiments. To prepare for a research career, I will pursue a Computational Biology or Bioinformatics Ph.D.Kathleen Flint EhmDr. Carlos Simmerling
Gupta, MaanasTXThe University of Texas at AustinTXMedicine I plan to obtain an MD-PhD with my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. I aspire to become a physician-scientist who performs translational research in cardiovascular tissue engineering.Douglas BrusterDr. Janet Zoldan, Dr. Sharan Ramaswamy, Dr. Janice Fischer
Hall, KathleenNYUniversity of RochesterNYGeosciencesPh.D. in Geosciences. Conduct research in climate science focused on methane emissions for a university, a non-profit, or the government and/or teach at the university level.Belinda ReddenProfessor Vasilii Petrenko, Professor Thomas Weber, Dr. Marc Buursink
Hamilton, HelenPATemple UniversityPALife SciencesPh.D. in Bioinformatics. Conduct research in computational genetics and epidemiology.Barbara GorkaDr. Rob Kulathinal, Dr. Ann Valentine, Dr. Jaskiran Kaur
Hammond, NealSCUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCLife SciencesI plan to earn a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and teach at the university level while conducting research in the field of addiction, with the goal of generating treatments for substance abuse disorder.Jennifer BessDr. Joseph McQuail, Tyler Cox
Hancu, MariaTXRice UniversityTXMedicine MD/PhD in Chemical Biology. Develop and implement new therapeutics targeting the molecular bases of disease as a physician-scientist.Jessica KhalafDr. Jeffrey Hartgerink, Dr. Julie Pilitsis, Dr. Susan Gottesman
Harlow, KaijaILTowson UniversityMDLife SciencesPh.D. in Zoology. Conduct conservation-based research to aid in management of threatened and endangered species, especially in tropical environments.Mary Sajini DevadasDr. Steven Kimble
Harvey, AntonioVALongwood UniversityVAChemistryI plan to earn my Ph.D. in organic chemistry and pursue a career with research at the center, whether in a smaller lab or a university.Wade EdwardsAssociate Professor Chemistry Dr. Sarah Porter, Associate Professor Chemistry Dr. Andrew Yeagley, Assistant Professor Chemistry Dr. Tyler St Clair
Hasson, MaddieGAEmory UniversityGAMedicine Obtain an M.D. and Ph.D. in epidemiology. Conduct research on the epidemiology of orthopedic conditions to improve patient experience and outcomes and implement my research clinically as a physician.Megan FriddleDr. Jay Patel, Dr. Antonio Brathwaite, Dr. Edward Nam
Hatzinger, BretPABucknell UniversityPALife Sciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Environmental Toxicology or a related field. Research the health impacts of air pollution exposure, particularly engineered nanomaterials, and teach at the university level.Margaret MarrDr. Dabrina Dutcher, Dr. Timothy Raymond
Hausman, HannahMNSt Catherine UniversityMNLife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular Biology. I hope to specialize in biomedical regenerative sciences, finding novel mechanisms for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.Katherine CampbellDr. Katherine Campbell, Dr. Douglas Brownfield, Dr. Tami McDonald
Heaslip, CalebMAMCPHS UniversityMAMedicine Obtain a Ph.D. in Pharmacology or Chemical Biology. Conduct pediatric oncology research and translate it into clinical trials as a physician-scientist in a large academic healthcare institution.J. Alex TrayfordDean J Alex Trayford, Dr. Daniel Wahl, Dr. Songwen Xie
Helmink, KatherineILIllinois State UniversityILChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research in synthetic inorganic chemistry with a focus on organometallics.Gina HunterDr. Lisa Szczepura
Henry, RyanNYCUNY Hunter CollegeNYPsychologyPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research in systems neuroscience and teach at the university levelStephen LassondeDr. Thomas Preuss, Dr. Amber Alliger, Dr. Alexander Fleischmann
Hermanson, ClareCAWhitman CollegeWAChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct environmental research with automated chemistry at a national laboratory.Moira GreshamProfessor Mark Hendricks
Hill, DuncanNYBucknell UniversityPAMaterials Research - EngineeringPh.D. in Material Science Engineering. Conduct research in self-healing polymers at a national laboratory or NASA.Margaret MarrDr. Kenneth Mineart
Hodge, WrileyMECollege of the AtlanticMELife SciencesPh.D in Ornithology or Ecology. Conduct research on seabirds and island ecology in affiliation with a university or conservation organization.Sarah HallProfessor of Ecology John Anderson, Professor of Herpetology Stephen Ressel, Professor of Environmental Law Ken Cline
Hoganson, AnnemilyMNCarleton CollegeMNMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in number theory and teach as a professor.Marynel Ryan Van ZeeProfessor Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh, Professor Ken Ono,
Holovchak, YuriyTNAustin Peay State UniversityTNMaterials Research - P & APh.D. in Physics. Desire to conduct research in quantum information science and materials development at national labs while aspiring to create a company dealing with quantum computing technology.Timothy WintersProfessor Andriy Kovalskiy
Homan, AnikaWIDordt CollegeIAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in mathematics. Conduct research in pure mathematics and teach at the university level.Carl FictorieDr. Mike Janssen, Dr. Lauren Keough, Dr. Tom Clark
Hoogendoorn, LeviMNNorthwestern UniversityILMaterials Research - P & APh.D in Materials Science. Conduct research in energy and sustainable materials.LaTanya WilliamsProfessor Mark Hersam, Professor Joshua Caldwell, Associate Professor Jonathan Emery
Horch, EverettMEBowdoin CollegeMELife SciencesMy goals are to obtain a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and to research and develop sustainable methods of multi-trophic aquaculture.Corey ColwillDr. Katie DuBois, Dr. Justin Baumann, Dr. Amy Johnson
Horth, ShelbyWIWake Forest UniversityNCMathematical Sciences - CISEPursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a research career as a PI in industrial imaging science; use reinforcement learning and image processing to improve frameworks for cutting-edge imaging systemsJames PeaseDr. Malena Espanol, Dr. John Gemmer
Howell, DanielIAIowa State UniversityIAChemistryI plan to obtain a PhD in Biochemistry and pursue a career in which I conduct research on producing industrial chemicals from plant biomass. I also aspire to be a science communicator and popularizer.John Milstead Xun Wu, Jacob Fleckenstein
Hultquist, AbigailILRhodes CollegeTNPsychologyPh.D. in Mathematical Psychology. Predict human behavior through modeling and statistical analysis.Larryn PetersonProfessor Kiren Khan, Professor Eric Gottlieb, Mr. John Dunavant
Hung, KaitlynWANorthwestern UniversityILLife SciencesPh.D. in biological sciences. Conduct reproductive aging research, working to develop therapeutic strategies to mitigate age-related disease, and advise and teach undergraduate students.LaTanya WilliamsDr. Richard Morimoto, Dr. Clara Peek, Dr. Eric Verdin
Iriarte, AleidaILSouthern Illinois University-CarbondaleILLife SciencesI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in Zoology and conduct research on the interplay between evolution and chemical ecology. I want to become a leading researcher and advocate for biodiversity conservation.Elizabeth DonoghueDr Jason Brown, Zoology PhD Graduate Student Sofia Granados-Martinez, Zoology PhD Graduate Student BreAnn Geralds
Iyer, HariOHHarvard UniversityMAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in number theory and teach at the university level.Gregory LlacerProfessor Ken Ono, Professor Barry Mazur, Professor Melanie Wood
Iyer, SheilaVAJohns Hopkins UniversityMDMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in computational genomics and bioinformatics. Conduct research into roles of genomic variants in disease pathogenesis.Kathleen BarryDr. Mary Armanios, Dr. Ben Langmead, Dr. Kwame Kutten
Jagarlamudi, RinconMOVanderbilt UniversityTNMedicine M.D/Ph.D. in Genetics. Use bioinformatics to guide data-driven development of gene therapies. I aim to pair gene therapy with surgical interventions to treat neurodevelopmental disorders.Elizabeth Harrington LambertDr. Cathy Farrar, Dr. Nancy Cox, Dr. Kendal Broadie
Jaisankar, NithyaMIThe University of Texas at DallasTXCISEObtain a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Conduct research in natural language processing in an intelligence laboratory within the technology industry.Douglas DowDr. Latifur Khan, Dr. Li Zhang, Mr. Edmund Miller
James, JimGAGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGACISEPhD in Computer Science. Conduct research on machine learning and its theories, teach university classes.Karen MuraDr. Ben Blaiszik, Dr. Ashwin Pananjady, Dr. James Tompkin
Janecka, MaeveGAGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGAEngineeringPh.D. in Bioengineering. Conduct translational women's health research developing a noninvasive test for the early detection of endometriosis.Karen MuraDr. Julie Champion, Dr. Chrissy Spencer, Deborah and Shauna Hendrie
Jones, OliviaNJDrexel UniversityPAEngineering - Life SciencesPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research in drug delivery to minimize side effects and improve treatment outcomes.Leah GatesDr. Hannah Spece, Ms. Arielle D'Elia
Kanduri, VaishnaviSCClemson UniversitySCEngineeringEarn a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. Conduct research on the applications of nanoparticles for the delivery of therapeutics in the human body and lead a research laboratory.Robyn CurtisDr. Jessica Larsen, Dr. Mariela Fernandez, Dr. Babak Anasori
Kanjarpane, ArjunMDUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMDLife SciencesI will pursue a Ph.D. in virology with a concentration in structural biology. I want to research viral-host interactions while mentoring students at a biomedical research institution.April HouseholderDr. Mike Summers, Dr. Jan Marchant, Ms. Lucia Rodriguez
Kemp, AydenALAuburn UniversityALEngineeringPh.D. in Biosystems Engineering. Conduct research in nutrient recycling and renewable energy and teach life support systems engineering at the university level.Laura WhatleyDr. Sushil Adhikari, Mrs. Kathleen Woodard
Kempen, TrevorWIGustavus Adolphus CollegeMNChemistry - EngineeringPh.D. in Analytical Chemistry. Head an analytical chemistry laboratory in a university setting with a focus on high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) research.Pamela KittelsonDr. Dwight Stoll, Mrs. Tina Dahlseid, Dr. Bob Pirok
Kim, JoyceNVClaremont McKenna CollegeCALife Sciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in cancer drug discovery and teach at the university level.Brian DavidsonDr. Ethan Van Arnam, Dr Heather McGee, Dr. Vu Nguyen
Kim, KueyoungPAPennsylvania State University-Main CampusPAChemistryI plan on pursuing a PhD in chemistry and then becoming a professor conducting cutting-edge research on interfacial chemistry while leading education/outreach focused on promoting diversity in STEM.Alan RieckProfessor Lauren Zarzar, Professor Gina Noh, Professor Robert Carpick
Kindopp, AidanNHUniversity of Rhode IslandRIEngineeringPh.D. in Chemical Engineering. Conduct research on targeted drug delivery systems in the pharmaceutical industry or in a national laboratory.David HeskettDr. Daniel Roxbury, Dr. Kevin Solomon, Dr. Samantha Meenach
Kluczynski, DerekMIUniversity of ToledoOHMedicine Obtain an MD/PhD in reproductive cell biology. I aim to practice medicine and treat patients while conducting research into human infertility, specifically male contributions.Chessica OetjensDr. Tomer Avidor-Reiss
Koizumi, DanielARUniversity of UtahUTMathematical SciencesAfter graduation, I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in pure mathematics and teach at university.Ginger SmoakProfessor Karim Adiprasito, Professor Sean Howe, Professor Jon Chaika
Kojouharov, VelinTXGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGAEngineeringPh.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Conduct research in bio-inspired robotics and teach at the university level.Karen MuraProfessor Daniel I. Goldman, Professor Robert J. Wood, Professor Zeb Rocklin
Koppin, AnnaMIHope CollegeMILife SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. I want to conduct research in biomedical science and make an impact in some area of human health.Jonathan PetersonDr. Leah Chase
Kostecki, GabrielleTXUniversity of HoustonTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Parasitology. I intend to research neglected tropical diseases with international collaborators and teach at the university level.Ben RayderDr. Colin Haile, Dr. Jim Collins, Dr. Ann Cheek
Kotha, SumasriCAJohns Hopkins UniversityMDLife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD in Neuroscience. Conduct basic science research on the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and regeneration at an academic medical institution.Kathleen BarryDr. Xiaobo Mao, Dr. Hey-Kyoung Lee, Dr. Bertrand Garcia-Moreno
Kowalczyk, ElizabethALMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTNLife SciencesPh.D. in Biological Anthropology. Conduct research in forensic taphonomic decomposition and teach police in rural communities proper forensic practices and improve Postmortem-Interval estimations.Laura ClippardDr./Professor Stephen Wright, Forensic Investigator Damian Mccarth, Dr./Professor Thomas Holland
Krapivin, AndrewNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJCISEPh.D. in computer science. Conduct research in practical algorithms and implement them to accelerate common tasks.Anne WallenDistinguished Professor Martin Farach-Colton, Professor Jie Gao, Distinguished Professor Eric Allender
Kudla, KatherineNYProvidence CollegeRIPhysics and AstronomyI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in observational astrophysics, then conduct research at a government agency or world-class observatory, and eventually as a university professor.Kathleen CornelyDr. Joseph Ribaudo, Dr. Lynne Lawson, Dr. Aileen O'Donoghue
Kuklish, AlexINIndiana University-BloomingtonINLife SciencesPh.D. in Neurobiology. My goal is to research biological mechanisms causing neurological diseases.Jo Anne TracyDr. Anna Kalinovsky, Dr. Ken Mackie
Kullgren, DanaMDUniversity of DelawareDEPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct research in physics and astronomy.Lauren BarskyProfessor Frank G. Schroeder, Professor Giacomo Fragione, Professor Frederic A. Rasio
Kwok, MichelleINUniversity of Notre DameINPhysics and AstronomyPh.D in Physics. I would like to conduct theoretical particle physics research and teach at a university level.Emily HuntDr. J Chris Howk, Dr. Chris Kolda, Michelle Kelley
Kyle, LeaNYUniversity at BuffaloNYLife SciencesI will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in a top-tier university, focusing on disease prevention and transmission. I will go on to work in the public sector in a national lab.H FogartyDr. Barry Knox, Dr. Timothy Cook, Dr. Jan-Christopher
Kyveryga, VictoriaIAIowa State UniversityIAMaterials Research - ChemistryMy goal is to obtain a PhD in materials engineering in order to lead a research group that conducts computational-experimental research on thermoelectric materials.John MilsteadDr. Kirill Kovnir, Dr. Chinedum Osuji, Dr. Delia Milliron
Labalme, StevenPAUniversity of ChicagoILChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Research sustainable chemistry, teach and mentor at the university level, and broaden access to chemistry through outreach programs in my community.Nichole FazioDr. Wenbin Lin, Dr. Dmitri Talapin, Dr. Philippe Guyot-Sionnest
Lacey, CatherineCOLouisiana Tech UniversityLAEngineeringM.S. and PhD. in biomedical engineering to conduct research in the field of bioinstrumentation focusing on medical devices and sensors.Joel StakeDr. Mary Caldorera-Moore, Dr. Michael Cullinan, Dr. Krystal Corbett Cruse
Lai, GrantCAUniversity of California-IrvineCAChemistry (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Chemical Biology. I intend on becoming a professor conducting interdisciplinary research in drug synthesis and translational therapeutics while teaching clinical and chemical science.Rose JonesProfessor James S. Nowick, Ms. Chelsea R. Jones, Mr. David Monge
Lai, YuxinNYCUNY Hunter CollegeNYMathematical SciencesMy professional career goal is to get a Ph.D. in Mathematics and conduct research in mathematics. I am looking forward to being a queer educator in the field of mathematics.Stephen LassondeDr. Rishi Nath, Dr. Fedor Manin, Dr. Adam Sheffer
Landwehr, EmilyWIButler UniversityINLife SciencesPh.D. in Biomechanics. Conduct research in biomechanics and exercise science while teaching at the university level.Zachary ScarlettDr. Christopher Stobart, Dr. Scott Kaschner,
Lane, TylerNYBrown UniversityRIMathematical SciencesPh.D. in pure mathematics, specializing in algebraic geometry. Become a professor and contribute the field.Linda DunleavyProfessor Brendan Hassett
Lauper-Cook, BriannaILIllinois State UniversityILChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research in a laboratory setting and work industrially in a chemistry-related field.Gina HunterDr. Rocio Perez, Dr. Lisa Szczepura
Lê, JohnCAColorado CollegeCOPhysics and AstronomyPhD in Physics with interest in condensed matter physics. Teach at the university level, conduct interdisciplinary research, and mentor underrepresented students in STEM.Murphy BrasuelDr. Adam Light, Dr. Jane McDougall, Dr. Christiane Steckenbiller
Lee, JacksonNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJPhysics and AstronomyMy career goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in physics, and lead research in quantum and computational condensed matter physics in either a university or industrial setting.Anne WallenProfessor Charles R. Keeton II, Dr Weiguo Yin, Professor Yipeng Huang
Lee, MinkiMIUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborMIMathematical Sciences (Med)I intend to pursue an MD/Ph.D. in psychiatry and mathematical sciences. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a research career in computational psychiatry and mathematical biology at the university level.Henry DysonDr. Daniel B. Forger, Dr. Jae Kyoung Kim, Dr, Dae Wook Kim
Leff, ChloeAZArizona State University-TempeAZLife SciencesI will complete a Ph.D. in immunology and conduct research on treatments for infectious disease and/or cancer.Kyle MoxDr. Rizal Hariadi, Dr. Swechchha Pradhan, Mr. Jan Dreute
Leiberton, JeffIAUniversity of IowaIAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in theoretical physics. Conduct research in quantum information and condensed matter systems and teach at the university level.Kelly ThornburgDr. Casey DeRoo, Dr. Denis Candido
Lemay, AmeliePAPrinceton UniversityNJEngineeringObtain a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Conduct research and teach courses addressing environmental challenges, such as pollution mitigation or sustainable energy development.Deirdre MoloneyProfessor Ian Bourg, Professor Barry Rand, Mr. Jesse Wisch
Lenhard, HayleyNYColgate UniversityNYLife SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I hope to become a research scientist and study neurodegenerative disorders.Stephen WrightDr. Ewa Galaj, Dr. Scott Bolkan, Dr. Ilana Witten
Li, RupertORMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in mathematics and teach at the university level.Catherine KimProfessor Henry Cohn, Professor Joe Gallian, Professor Jim Propp
Lillemon, KathrynMNGustavus Adolphus CollegeMNLife SciencesPh.D in Genetics and Molecular Biology. I plan to study plant genomics and how to engineer plants that can better withstand climate change.Pamela KittelsonDr. Katherine Leehy, Dr. Roberto Cattaneo
Lin, AlexTXRice UniversityTXChemistryMy goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, work in academia, and push towards a sustainable future for synthetic chemistry, particularly to develop novel tools for the drug discovery process.Jessica KhalafDr. Zach Ball, Dr. Laszlo Kurti, Dr. Mike Beckstead
Lin, WilliamNJBrown UniversityRILife Sciences (Med)MD-PhD in Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering. Conduct translational research to develop novel treatments for cancer; teach and mentor university students.Linda DunleavyProfessor Max Jan, Dr. Dan Huang
Yu Tin, LinFLUniversity of FloridaFLChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Lead a research group at an R1 university leveraging multi-omics techniques and computational tools to link the genome to the proteome in selected human diseases.Kelly MedleyProfessor Boone M. Prentice, Professor Ramon A. Miranda Quintana, Dr. Jacob T. Watson
Lindblade, RebekahTXLouisiana Tech UniversityLAEngineeringI will earn a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. I desire to research heart disease and current treatment procedures and design preventative and curative devices.Joel StakeDr. Mike McShane, Dr. Teresa Murray, Dr. Mary Caldorera-Moore
Lindsay, AidanKSUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILChemistryPh.D. in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry. Conduct research on nanoscale light-matter interactions for renewable energy applications and teach at the university level.David SchugProfessor Prashant Jain, Professor Christine Aikens, Chloe Litts
Litts, AlexanderMNWabash CollegeINChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research and teach in a college or conduct research and development in an industry setting.Susan AlbrechtDr. Laura Wysocki, Dr. Joe Scanlon, Mr. Bryant Larson
Liu, DaweiOHGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGAMedicine MD/PhD in Biomedical Engineering or Computational Immunology. Conduct research on the safety, efficacy, and scalable manufacturing of cellular immunotherapies for cancer.Karen MuraDr. Katy Rezvani, Dr. Hind Rafei, Dr. Krishnendu Roy
Liu, JojoTXEmory UniversityGAMedicine I am pursuing a Ph.D. in immunology and M.D. specializing in oncology. I aspire to conduct cancer immunotherapy research as a professor at an academic institution.Megan FriddleDr. Edmund K. Waller, Dr. Sendurai A. Mani, Dr. Xiaowei Dong
Liu, RuofengTXRice UniversityTXMathematical SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Operations Research (OR). Conduct research in stochastic optimization algorithms and teach at the university level.Jessica KhalafDr. Andrew Schaefer, Dr. Jesse Chan, Dr. Rachel Kuske
Long, KaitlinNYBarnard CollegeNYLife SciencesPhD in Cancer Biology. Start my own lab studying novel mechanisms of cancer cell death.Dana Muniz PachecoDr. Jason Sheltzer, Dr. Carol Prives
Lowrey, HarperCOYale UniversityCTLife SciencesPh.D. in plant biology focusing on genetics and molecular biology to address food insecurity and climate change through plants.Emma-Jane RoseDr Eva Farré, Dr Joshua Gendron, Dr Keith Slotkin
Lundstrom, ClaireCOColorado State University-Fort CollinsCOLife SciencesMy goal is to attain a Ph. D. in Biochemistry and to conduct impactful, university-level research centered in biochemistry and molecular biology.Mary SwansonDr. Robert Cohen, Dr. Tingting Yao
Luu, JessicaNYWesleyan UniversityCTChemistryObtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry and conduct research in an academic setting or for the government to improve the sustainability of chemical processes.Erica KowszDr. Michelle L. Personick, Dr. Meng-ju Renee Sher, Dr. Naomi J. Halas
Lynch, KenediTXLouisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical CollegeLAMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. Conduct clinical research with human subjects to better understand infectious disease. Retire and teach at the university level while continuing research.Garrett FontenotDr. Netz Arroyo-Currás, John Mack, Dr. Tosha Kelly
Lyons, JackFLFlorida State UniversityFLPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Condensed Matter Physics. Conduct research in quantum computing while teaching condensed matter physics at a research-oriented university.Craig FilarDr. Hanwei Gao, Dr. Susan Blessing, Dr. Kevin Huffenberger
Maaz, IbrahimCAUniversity of California-RiversideCALife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and pursue a university research and teaching career. Conduct research utilizing a multidisciplinary lens to understand the fundamental workings of the brain.Gladis Herrera-BerkowitzDr. Jernej Murn
Mabee, TristanPAElizabethtown CollegePAChemistryEarning a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry, I will lead a global team of chemists at GSK, investigating and synthesizing novel compounds for treatment of diseases like Maple Syrup Urine Disease.Jean-Paul BenowitzDr. James MacKay, Dr. Jeffrey Rood, Professor Jean-Paul Benowitz
Maeda, KenjiMAUniversity of Massachusetts-BostonMAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in quantum physics and contribute to the development of state-of-the-art quantum technologies.Sumientra RampersadProfessor Akira Sone, Professor Rahul Kulkarni
Magalhaes, Ana Carolina (Carol)FLNorthwestern UniversityILLife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular Biology. Lead a research group focused on the biology of aging, and teach the subject at the university level.LaTanya WilliamsMr. Michael Shadpour, Dr. Jon Bogart, Dr. Alex Plesa
Maggard, IsabellaVAThe University of Virginia's College at WiseVALife SciencesPh.D. in Soil and Crop Sciences. Conduct research at the intersection of environmental microbiology and genomics, teach at the university level, and broaden participation in STEM.Neva BryanDr. Bruce Cahoon, Dr. Josephine Rodriguez, Dr. Teresa Brown
Maheshwari, AryaCAPrinceton UniversityNJCISEObtain Ph.D. in quantum computing and then continue research career as a university professor or in an industry research lab.Deirdre MoloneyDr. Esin Tureci, Professor Renyue Cen, Professor Matthew Weinberg
Major, DylanNCUniversity of North Carolina at AshevilleNCGeosciences - CISEPh.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, researching circulation models and their role in climate change. Research at a NOAA lab and teach at the university level.Herman HoltProfessor and Research Mentor Evan Couzo, Ph.D., Professor and Research Mentor Douglas Miller, Ph.D., Research Scholar and Mentor Olivier Prat, Ph.D.
Malik, AnushaFLFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityFLChemistry (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Chemical Biology. Conduct research as a physician-scientist developing gene delivery agents pertaining to diabetic drug delivery systems at a diverse research hospital.John StraussbergerDr. Arsalan Mirjafari, Dr. Durgesh Wagle
Mangum Lehmann, GabrielNYColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYGeosciencesI intend to obtain a PhD in paleoceanography. I plan to pursue a research career in that field, and I aspire to teach as a professor.Ariella LangProfessor Sidney Hemming, Dr. Victoria Peck, Professor Michael Kaplan
Marecheau-Miller, TameckaGAEmory UniversityGAChemistryI plan to attain a Ph.D. in biochemistry to seek a career in biochemical research focusing on drug discovery as a faculty member at a university.Megan FriddleDr. William Wuest, Professor Brenda Harmon, N/A Ryan Allen
Markman, ZoePASwarthmore CollegePAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in theoretical mathematics. Conduct research in algebra or combinatorics and teach at the university level.Melissa MandosDr. Catherine Hsu, Dr. Pamela E. Harris, Dr. Max Engelstein
Marmo, JulianPADrexel UniversityPAEngineering - ChemistryMy goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Ultimately, I would like to pursue a career in academia or in a national laboratory.Leah GatesDr., Professor Gennady Friedman, Dr. Jacob Spies, Dr., Professor Diego Colombara
Martin, CorinneMDUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDEngineering - Life SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in Bioengineering and lead an academic research lab focused on immune engineering to advance novel therapeutic strategies for autoimmune diseases such as my own Crohn's disease.Robert InfantinoProfessor Christopher M. Jewell, Professor Alexandros Poulopoulos, Dr. Senta Kapnick
Martin, KobyMTMontana Technological UniversityMTEngineeringPh.D. in Civil Engineering with EIT and P.E., to teach at the University level and pursue research opportunities in the civil engineering field, investigating sustainability and resiliency.Marisa PedullaDr. Jiang Liping, Dr. John (Bret) Robertson, Dr. Jessica Daignault
Martinez Mar, MayraKYUniversity of LouisvilleKYLife Sciences (Med)I am seeking a M.D./Ph.D in Molecular and Genetic Cardiovascular Disease. I aim to conduct research in cardiovascular health complications and be a practicing physician.Bethany SmithDr. Mayukh Banerjee, Dr. Said Abusalem, Mr. Steffens Nathan Steffens
Martinson, IngridCOCalifornia State University-Monterey BayCALife SciencesI will earn a PhD in Marine Science and pursue a research career in the non-profit sector as a marine conservation biologist focusing on sustainability and social justice for marginalized communities.John BanksDr. Sherry Palacios, Dr. Paul Pennington, Mr. James Daugomah
Mason, EmmaGAUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCLife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD in molecular neuroscience. Conduct research into neurodegenerative disorders at the molecular level, studying proteins and mRNA translation and teaching at the university level.Jennifer BessDr. Jeffrey Twiss, Dr. Wilfried Rossoll, Dr. Neil Levens
Mathur, RehaNJPrinceton UniversityNJLife Sciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Computational Biology or Bioengineering. I would like to conduct research in biological simulations and work in industryDeirdre MoloneyProfessor Athanassios Panagiotopoulos, PhD Student Maria Muniz, Postdoctoral Associate Daniel Weilandt
McClennen, GillianGANortheastern UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D in Molecular Biology. Conduct research in molecular microbiology to explore the implications of the gut-brain axis in mental health treatment.Jonna IaconoDr. Yunrong Chai, Ms. Leticia Lima Angelini, M. Sc. Mariana Elizondo Sancho
McCrory, RyanTNRhodes CollegeTNPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Conduct research in the frontiers of observational astronomy with an instrumental and data analysis skillset, as well as teach at the university level.Larryn PetersonDr. David Rupke, Dr. Ann Viano, Dr. Brent Hoffmeister
McDougal, EmmaMOUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaMOEngineeringPh.D. in Chemical Engineering. Conduct drug delivery research and teach at the university level.Eirk PotterDr. Bret Ulery
McFadden, SeanTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXMedicine I plan to obtain an MD/PhD in biomedical engineering with an emphasis in regenerative medicine. I will focus on tissue engineering and stem cell therapies in hopes of serving the military community.Andrew ChapmanDr. Jing Yong Ye, Dr. Hector Aguilar, Dr. Aaron Cassill
McNamara, EthanMABucknell UniversityPAChemistry (Med)MD/PhD in Biochemistry or Cancer Biology. Conduct biomedical research on cancer proteomics and proteins' contribution to cancer at a teaching hospital.Margaret MarrDr. Sarah Smith, Dr. Michael Krout, Dr. Douglas Collins
Menees, HaleyGAUniversity of North GeorgiaGALife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Work at the NIH as a physician-scientist to research drug-induced alterations within brain reward neural circuitries and advance addiction treatments.Anastasia LinProfessor Nicole Hollabaugh, Professor Andrew Thomas, Professor Arif Hamid
Mengden, ChloeNJVassar CollegeNYPsychologyAfter completing a PhD in Psychology, my goal is to become a leading scholar in experimental comparative psychology through research and university-level teaching contributions.Lisa KoopermanDr. Zachary Cofran, Dr. Lori Newman, Dr. Samer Masri
Messina, MarisaNJMontclair State UniversityNJChemistryPhD in Chemistry. Conduct research in medicinal chemistry and lead a research team.Stefan RobilaDr. Jaclyn Catalano
Mihaita, AlexaPASaint Joseph's UniversityPALife SciencesWith a Ph.D. in Microbiology or Immunology, I aim to conduct biology research related to bacterial or viral pathogenesis and treatment, either at a university or within the biotechnology industry.Mark ReynoldsDr. Shantanu Bhatt
Miller, ClaireOHOhio Northern UniversityOHPsychologyImmediately after obtaining my BS, I will work as a contracted research assistant, before returning to school for a Ph.D. with the eventual goal to run my own psychology research lab.Christopher BowersDr. Phil Zoladz, Dr. Megan Kraynok, Dr. Forrest Clingerman
Miller, SarahNJColgate UniversityNYPhysics and Astronomy - Life SciencesPursue a PhD in Medical Physics. Conduct research in medical physics to develop and advance treatments and knowledge.Stephen WrightDr. Ken Segall, Dr. Ramesh Adhikari, Dr. Jonathan Levine
Mishra, IshaanINRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyINEngineering - P & APh.D. in Aerospace Engineering or Applied Plasma Physics with an emphasis on space propulsion. Works on research and development for propulsion systems for deep space exploration missions.William WeinerDr. James Crittenden, Dr. Scott Kirkpatrick, Dr. Kosta Popovic
Mondeel, GrantSCClemson UniversitySCPhysics and AstronomyEarn a Ph.D. in atomic physics. Pursue a career researching atomic physics at a national lab to explore the limits of the Standard Model and better understand the universe at a fundamental level.Robyn CurtisDr. Endre Takacs, Dr. Joan Marler, Dr. Yuri Ralchenko
Mudalamane, MiyuDEUniversity of DelawareDEEngineering - Life SciencesA Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on using synthetic biology to improve the sustainability of chemical processes.Lauren BarskyDr. Aditya M. Kunjapur, Dr. Chandler A. Becker, Mr. Neil D. Butler
Mudium, NikhitaALUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamALLife Sciences (Med)MD/Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Neurobiology. As a Principal Investigator, I plan to conduct research on neuroimmune interactions, mentor students, and teach at an academic research institution.Cristin GavinDr. Ashley Harms, Dr. David Standaert, Dr. Woong-jai Won
Mugford, LyndseyMAHarvard UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in neuroscience with a focus in neurodevelopment. Become a PI at an academic institution and research mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders.Gregory LlacerDr. Lauren Orefice, Dr. Charline Kambrun, Dr. Amie Holmes
Muha, GregoryOHUniversity of Cincinnati-Main CampusOHEngineeringPh.D. in Electrical Engineering. Conduct research at a university or national laboratory in the field of nanoelectronics and quantum technologies.Jenny HyestProfessor Rashmi Jha
Mukherjee, SubhasishNJCarnegie Mellon UniversityPAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct meaningful research in partial differential equations at a research-intensive university and excel in both research and teaching.Richelle BernazzoliProfessor Ian Tice, Professor Clinton Conley
Murillo, DavidCACalifornia State University-San BernardinoCAMaterials Research - ChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research in polymer science for sustainability and environmental applications. Teaching at a university supporting diversity in higher education and research.Kimberley CousinsDr. Renwu 'John' Zhang, Dr. Kimberley Cousins, Dr. David Maynard
Murphy, ColinPACornell UniversityNYPhysics and AstronomyI plan to obtain a PhD in physics. I will conduct research in experimental cosmology to study the birth, evolution and composition of the universe.Beth FioriProfessor Michael Niemack, Dr. Eve Vavagiakis, Dr. Steve Choi
Myers, TylerTNThe University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleTNLife SciencesPh.D. in Translational Neuroscience. Conducting gut-brain research in understanding microbial impacts on neurodevelopment and becoming a principal investigator and professor at a research institution.Laura De FurioDr. Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Dr. Jennifer Heppert, Dr. David Miller, III
Naughton, NoelleINPurdue University-Main CampusINLife Sciences (Med)MD/PhD in Cancer Biology. Lead a research laboratory identifying novel therapeutic targets and improving treatment strategies for cancer patients at an academic research hospital.Veronica SchirmDr. Mark Hall, Dr. Steve Angus, Dr. Humaira Gowher
Nelakurti, Devi DheekshitaOHOhio State University-Main CampusOHMedicine I aspire to become a physician-scientist by pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. in Computational Biology and specialize clinically in Gynecological Oncology at an academic research institution.Janet SchroederDr. Ruben C. Petreaca, Dr. Golrokh Mirzaei, Dr. Aman Husbands
Nelson, MaggieALAuburn UniversityALMaterials Research - EngineeringPh.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Conduct research in smart, multifunctional materials to incorporate into sustainable infrastructures for space habitats and teach at the university level.Laura WhatleyDr. Russell Mailen, Dr. Soledad Peresin
Ngo, GinaPAVillanova UniversityPAMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Neuro-Oncology and Immunology. Conduct cancer immunology research and develop novel treatments for aggressive brain tumors, such as glioblastoma.Catherine StecykDr. Anil Bamezai, Dr. Filippo Rossignoli, Dr. Khalid Shah
Nicholson, OliviaIACreighton UniversityNELife SciencesI intend to pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and conduct research in a government or industry lab focusing on drug or vaccine development.Erin GrossDr. Lynne Dieckman, Dr. Michael Nichols
Nicodemus, KlemmerKYUniversity of LouisvilleKYEngineeringPh.D. in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on radiochemical separations. Conduct research into the optimization of the nuclear fuel cycle and related green projects at the Department Of Energy.Bethany SmithDr. Tatiana Levitskaia, Dr. Gautam Gupta, Dr. Justin Mog
Niu, ZijianMAUniversity of PennsylvaniaPALife Sciences - EngineeringPh.D. in Computational Biology. Develop novel computational methods for high throughput analysis of biomedical data. Conduct deep learning research for computer vision. Teach at the university level.Wallace GenserDr. Arjun Raj, Dr. Sydney Shaffer, Dr. Philip Nelson
Nold, RileySDThe University of AlabamaALPhysics and AstronomyI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in physics, where I will conduct experimental condensed matter research and teach at a collegiate level.Carmen MayerDr. Adam Hauser, Dr. Patrick LeClair, Dr. Fengyuan Yang
Norton, CarterUTBrigham Young University-ProvoUTLife SciencesPh.D. in Cellular Biology. Conduct oncological translational research and teach at a university/medical school.Barry BickmoreProfessor Timothy Jenkins, Dr. Kristin Brogaard
Oldham, NickMNIowa State UniversityIAEngineering - ChemistryI strive to obtain a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Materials and work as a research professor studying and teaching the same subject. I hope to accelerate progress towards a carbon neutral future.John MilsteadDr. Steve W. Martin, Ms. Madison Olson
Olgun, DenizVAUniversity of Virginia-Main CampusVALife SciencesPh.D. in Computational Neuroscience. Conduct research applying multiomics to study neurological disorders and teach at the university level.Andrus AshooProfessor Alban Gaultier, Professor Matthew Buczynski, Mr. Franky Marchand
Orkin, RachaelCALos Angeles Pierce CollegeCAMedicine I intend to become a pathologist with an M.D./Ph.D. in biochemistry. I hope to explore and better elucidate the clinical aspects, genetics, and biochemistry of prions.Aron KamajayaDr. Kamajaya, Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Ashcroft
Orlandi, GiovanniSCClemson UniversitySCMaterials Research - EngineeringPhD in Mechanical Engineering. Pursue computational materials research opportunities in academia or a national laboratory.Robyn CurtisDr. Fadi Abdeljawad, Dr. Enrique Martinez Saez
Ouderkirk, StephanieVAJames Madison UniversityVAChemistryPh.D. in biochemistry. Conduct computational research in biomedical sciences and teach at the university level.Meredith Malburne-WadeAssociate Principal Scientist Dr. Callie Johnson-Miller, Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Nathan Wright,
Pan, SheleiMOWashington University in St LouisMOLife Sciences (Med)I plan to conduct research on cerebrospinal fluid handling in the developing brain to better understand and develop translational prophylactic treatments for pediatric hydrocephalus.Brooke TaylorDr. Jennifer M. Strahle
Panchwagh, NeelNJUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDMedicine MD/PhD in oncology. I hope to make contributions to translational research by developing novel engineered therapeutics through targeting the molecular mechanisms that govern cancer biology.Robert InfantinoDr. Christine Alewine, Dr. Brady Maher, Dr. Marcus Goncalves
Park, JennyMOUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaMOMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Clinical Neuroscience. Conduct research in an academic research hospital with access to a population with neurodegenerative diseases.Eirk PotterDr. Ashley F. Curtis, Dr. Brett Froeliger, Dr. Jamie Arndt
Patel, SwaraNYCUNY Hunter CollegeNYLife Sciences (Med)MD-PhD in immunology. Conduct translational research as a hematologist-oncologist, lead clinical trials at an academic medical center, and consult for industry to develop targeted therapeutics.Stephen LassondeDr. Touraj Aligholipour Farzani, Dr. Aaron Stonestrom, Dr. Khalid Shah
Perera, JeffreyFLUniversity of North FloridaFLMedicine I will complete an M.D./Ph.D. in immunology and start a research lab focused on the intersection of individual patient solutions and cancer therapies using CRISPR approaches and CAR-T cells.Tiffany KershnerDr. Zachary Steinhart, Dr. Alexander Marson, Dr. Judith Ochrietor
Persaud, KirkNYCUNY Queens CollegeNYMedicine M.D./Ph.D in Neuroscience. Conduct research in biomedical science and teach at the university level.Moyagaye BedwardDr. Robert Ranaldi, Mr. Eddy Barrera, Dr. Maral Tajerian
Petroff, KaterinaNJNew York UniversityNYMedicine PhD in Biochemistry and MD. I will pursue research on musculoskeletal and metabolic systems to investigate how stem cells affect musculoskeletal and adipose tissue maintenance and regeneration.Kurt DaviesDr. Michael Wosczyna, Dr. Keith Woerpel, Dr. Robert Meredith
Phillips, AnyaOHOhio State University-Main CampusOHPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct astronomy research as university faculty or an observatory scientist, or conduct data analytics for the public good.Janet SchroederProfessor Christopher Kochanek, Professor Wolfgang Windl, Professor Wayne Schlingman
Phillips, EtienneNCNorth Carolina State University at RaleighNCMathematical SciencesAfter graduation, I will pursue a Ph.D. in (pure) Mathematics with the aim of obtaining a position as a tenure-track mathematics research professor at a university.Courtney HughesDr. Hoon Hong, Dr. Aklilu Zeleke, Dr. Laura Colmenarejo
Pierson, StephenARUniversity of ArkansasAREngineeringI plan to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and manage a lab at a national/military research center and create innovations in the growing fields of advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology.Suzanne McCrayDr. Han Hu
Pires, SabrinaMAEmmanuel CollegeMALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience with a specialization in rehabilitation sciences. Conduct research in biomedical science to improve the way we rehabilitate the brain.Benjamin AllenDr. Carlos Ponce, Dr. Elizabeth Crofton, Ms. Elizabeth Cleaveland
Plant, AlyssaMTMontana Technological UniversityMTEngineeringAchieve an M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. Conduct research to develop and disseminate remote-sensing applications for monitoring water quality parameters and environmental health.Marisa PedullaDr. Raja Nagisetty, Ms. Richelle Carney
Pleimling, YannickVAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Aiming for a teaching and experimental condensed matter physics research position at a university.Christina McIntyreProfessor Giti Khodaparast, Professor Brenden Magill, Mr. Nicholas Smith
Pochana, KrishnaLACalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAEngineeringPh.D. in Electrical Engineering and Material Science. Conducting research in sensing, control, and power systems with exploratory aerospace and industrial applications.Kristin WeymanProfessor Azita Emami, Ms. Fatemeh Aghlmand, Professor Chelsea Hu
Porto, SydneyNHHarvey Mudd CollegeCAMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Cancer Biology. Conduct research as a physician-scientist in the field of cancer biology, using a systems biology approach.Carissa SaugstadProfessor Michael Lee, Mr. Nicholas Harper, Professor Danae Schulz
Pospistle, AmberNCUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCLife SciencesPh.D. in Computational Biology. Conduct research using computational biology tools to study immuno-oncology and neurological disorders at a biomedical or genomics research institute.Jennifer Bess Guoshuai Cai, David Hoyos, Benjamin Greenbaum
Post, PhillipSCFranklin W Olin College of EngineeringMAEngineeringPh.D. in Electrical Computer Engineering. Study the use of sensor arrays to inform public decision-making and teach at a program focused on underserved students.Courtney BeachProfessor Whitney Lohmeyer, Professor Mark Somerville, Professor Erhardt Graeff
Povelikin, NicoleFLFlorida State UniversityFLLife SciencesPh.D. in Evolutionary Biology. Integrate evolutionary and conservation research in herpetofaunal systems, further diversity initiatives in STEM, teach at a university, and curate a museum collection.Craig FilarDr. Emily Lemmon, Dr. David Kizirian, Dr. Frank Burbrink
Price II, DerekGAKennesaw State UniversityGAEngineeringI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, conduct research in aeronautics, controls, and robotics at a national laboratory, and promote engineering careers to minority students.Michelle MilesDr. Adeel Khalid, Dr. Ayse Tekes, Dr. Lori Lowder
Prior, MorganRIUniversity of Rhode IslandRIMathematical Sciences - CISEPh.D. in Computational Mathematics. Analyze, design, and implement novel algorithms for modern computing challenges.David HeskettDr. Noah Daniels, Dr. Nancy Eaton, Dr. Bill Kinnersley
Pryor, ChristianTXTexas A & M University-College StationTXGeosciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Chemical Oceanography. I plan to conduct research on marine microbial interactions and their role in modulating global biogeochemical processes while teaching at a university.Sumana DattaMs. Sarah Davis, Dr. Antonietta Quigg, Dr. Jeanine Ash
Przybocki, BenjaminTXStanford UniversityCACISE - Mathematical SciencesPhD in theoretical computer science. Research career studying automated reasoning and formal methods, bridging the gap between the theory and applications of formal logic.Jen HopeProfessor Jacob Fox, Professor Joe Gallian, Professor Vic Reiner
Puentes, AriNCUniversity of North Carolina at AshevilleNCLife SciencesMy goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I intend to conduct mycological research and curate fungi, ideally within a research collection.Herman HoltDr. Jonathan Horton, Dr. Graham Reynolds, Dr. Alison Ormsby
Queale, LincolnMDMount St. Mary's UniversityMDChemistryPh.D. in Theoretical Chemistry. Conduct research in theoretical chemistry and chemistry in silico while teaching at a university.Jamie GianoutsousDr. Sarah Krueger, Dr. Abigail Kula, Dr. Garth Patterson
Qutob, NadiaGAGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics and ultimately conduct research on observational gravitational wave physics and teach at the university level.Karen MuraDr. Laura Cadonati, Dr. Emily Alicea-Muñoz, Dr. Rachael Merritt
Raj, RomirCTUniversity of ConnecticutCTLife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D in molecular and cell biology. Practice medicine and engage in clinical research on cancer biology and disease development to apply research-based medical treatments.Rowena GraingerDr. Jelena Erceg, Dr. Mayu Inaba
Raskin, LeviPAHaverford CollegePALife SciencesPh.D. in evolutionary primatology. Research the intersection of biological evolution and cultural developments that characterize human evolutionary history.Jason Chan Professor Maja Šešelj, Dr. Jonathan Reeves, Professor Zeresenay Alemseged
Reich, MadisonTXTrinity UniversityTXPhysics and AstronomyPh. D in Astrophysics. Conduct research as a high-energy observational astronomer, and teach courses at the university level.David PooleyProfessor David Pooley
Ritee, ZahinNYAdelphi UniversityNYEngineeringPh.D. in Optical Physics and Engineering. Conduct research in Optics and Optical Engineering.David OrozaProfessor Sean J. Bentley, Professor Matthew Wright, Professor Kevin Liang
Rivera, VivianKYWestern Kentucky UniversityKYLife SciencesObtain a PhD in botany to become an ethnobotanist studying phytochemicals in medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest in a pursuit to find nature's next medicines.Lindsey HouchinDr. Robbie Hart, Dr. Chandrakanth Emani, Dr. Keith Philips
Rocher, ErickFLJohns Hopkins UniversityMDEngineering (Med)MD/PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct immunoengineering research at an academic medical institution.Kathleen BarryDr. Jordan J. Green, Dr. Allen Eghrari, Mr. Anthony W. Brown-Norton
Rodiles Delgado, BrianTXThe University of Texas at El PasoTXCISEPh.D. in Computer Science.Jennifer GreenDr. Christian Servin, Dr. Deepak Tosh, Dr. Elizabeth Day
Roepke, KyraCASwarthmore CollegePAChemistryPh.D in Biochemistry. Conduct research in biochemical pathology and teach at the university level.Melissa MandosDr. Kathleen Howard, Dr. Gerald Crabtree, Mr. Sai Gourisankar
Rosa, VictoriaCOColorado CollegeCOLife Sciences (Med)PhD in molecular pharmacology. My dream is to lead an interdisciplinary pharmaceutical discovery research team as a professor at a research institution.Murphy BrasuelDr. Sally Meyer, Ms. Taylor Weiskittel, Dr. Hu Li
Rosario, AlejandraPRUniversity of Puerto Rico-CayeyPRLife SciencesMy goal is to complete a Ph.D. in Biology focused on immunology and cancer biology research. I aim to teach and mentor students at the university level with a research laboratory.Vionex MartiDr. Stephanie Dorta, Dr. Jonathan Irish, Dr. Matthew Vander Heiden
Rubinfien, JulianNYYale UniversityCTPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in physics of living systems and teach at the university level.Emma-Jane RoseProfessor Benjamin Machta, Professor Cengiz Pehlevan, Dr. Kutay Deniz Atabay
rudden, melissaNMUniversity of New Mexico-Main CampusNMMaterials Research - ChemistryPh.D. in Nanoscience. Conduct research in QIS, materials science, QM, QFT, and General Relativity with the goal of working at a national lab and potentially teaching as research professor.Kiyoko SimmonsDr. Jeffrey Rack, Dr. Elizabeth Dolan, Ph.D. Candidate Rajani Thapa Magar
Rysbayeva, AinellaNCUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteNCMedicine MD/Ph.D in Cell Biology. Translate biomedical research discoveries into new diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for previously incurable human diseases. Teach the findings at the graduate level.Andrew KeenerDr. Andrew Truman, Mrs. Siddhi Omkar
Sagerman, AidenCAColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYMathematical SciencesI would like to obtain a PhD in mathematics in order to conduct research in either algebraic topology or set theory, and to teach at the university level.Ariella LangProfessor Mike Miller Eismeier, Professor Inbar Klang,
Schafer, MarcusLACarnegie Mellon UniversityPAChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research in chemistry that addresses environmental and sustainability challenges. Teach at the university level on chemistry and sustainability.Richelle BernazzoliDr. Terrence J. Collins
Schmidt, MakaylaMNBethel UniversityMNPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Biophysics. Conduct cutting-edge research in medical applications, teach at the university level, launch cross-disciplinary company, and collaborate globally to solve pressing medical issues.Barrett FisherDr. Nathan Lindquist, Dr. Paula Soneral, Dr. Julie Hogan
Schodl, ThomasMOTruman State UniversityMOLife SciencesPhD in Biochemistry. Conduct research at the university level.Marla FernandezDr. Daniela Ostrowski, Dr. Brian Ruyle, Dr. Cassidy Dobson
Scholer, MargaretNYUniversity of RochesterNYGeosciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Environmental Chemistry. Conduct research in atmospheric chemistry and work towards climate change solutions.Belinda ReddenProfessor Vasilii Petrenko, Professor Chiara Borrelli, Professor Erin Black
Seay, JulesGAWashington and Lee UniversityVAGeosciences - Life SciencesPh.D. in Biogeochemistry. Conducting research in climate mitigation through geology, plant science, and chemistry in preparation for working with a federal agency such as NASA or the EPA.Matthew LoarDr. Karina Schafer, Dr. Robert Humston, Dr. Bill Hamilton
Segovia, NathonTXUnited States Military AcademyNYPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Quantum Information Science or Theoretical Physics. Conduct research in quantum technology systems or quantum gravity and teach at the university level.James BlumanDr. Lee Harrell, Dr. David Kashinski, LTC/Dr. Brian Holloway
Sethi, RohanILLoyola University ChicagoILMathematical Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D in Cell and Molecular Physiology. Conduct research that interfaces data, computer, and biomedical sciences to design tools that predict disease prognosis and potential treatment targets.Eric Chan-TinDr. Peter Kekenes-Huskey, Dr. George K. Thiruvathukal, Dr. Alexander Pearson
Shashkov, AlexanderMAWilliams CollegeMAMathematical SciencesPh.D in pure mathematics, studying number theory. Researching and teaching at a college or university.Katerina KingProfessor Steven J. Miller, Professor Jesse Thorner, Dr. Erik Hemberg
Shi, JennyCAStanford UniversityCALife SciencesPh.D. in chemical & computational biology with a focus on neuroscience. Probe how molecular changes in the brain affect neuronal circuitry and behavior in learning & memory. Teach at university level.Jen HopeProfessor Karl Deisseroth, Professor Longzhi Tan, Professor Matthew Kanan
Shirley, CarlNHUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWILife SciencesPh.D. in Cancer Immunology. Conduct research to understand mechanisms of tumor immune evasion and identify weaknesses that can be harnessed to overcome immunotherapy resistance.Julie StubbsProfessor Nihal Ahmad, Professor Gerard Blobe, Assistant Professor Kristen Johnson
Siddiqi, UmarILUniversity of ChicagoILMedicine MD-PhD in biomedical research. Developing medical devices for heart failure as a research professor and principal investigator at an academic research institution.Nichole FazioDr. Valluvan Jeevanandam, Dr. Narutoshi Hibino, Dr. Christopher Schonbaum
Silva, HopePAUniversity of RochesterNYChemistryI intend to obtain a Ph.D. in Inorganic Materials Chemistry. I want to conduct research with materials for green chemistry to reduce the impact of industrial processes on the environment.Belinda ReddenDr. Brandon Barnett, Dr. Zachariah Page, Mr. Bevan Whitehead
Simon, SiddharthMANortheastern UniversityMACISE (Med)I hope to attend a program to obtain an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Data Science, after which I will be conducting clinical research in either General Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Emergency Medicine.Jonna IaconoDr. Mark Richardson, Dr. Lisa Gfrerer, Dr. Sumientra Rampersad
Singaraju, JathinTXUniversity of North TexasTXCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in intelligent systems and computer vision to develop deep learning technologies for efficient, end-to-end data imaging, quantifying, and enhancing.James DubanDr. Huaxiao Yang, Dr. Eduardo Blanco
Sjoberg, KirstenPALehigh UniversityPAMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Polymer Science. Conduct research in recycling technologies and biopolymers for use in industry.Bill HunterProfessor Khanjan Mehta, Mr. Brian Solcum, Professor Vinay Mehta
Skaar, CassandraNCNew Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyNMLife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology. Conduct research in environmental aspects of microbiology.Michael JacksonDr. Thomas Kieft, Dr. Linda DeVeaux, Dr. Kaarin Goncz
Smith, EmilyGAGeorgia State UniversityGALife SciencesUpon completion of my bachelor's degree, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. My long-term goals are to run a Neuroscience research lab and teach at the postsecondary level.Chris GoodeDr. Jianhua Wu, Dr. Christoper Goode, Dr. Kyle Frantz
Snell, EmilyARStanford UniversityCAGeosciencesPh.D in Geochemical Volcanology. Conduct volcanology research, develop intersectional modes of eruption prediction, teach at the university level and mentor first-generation students.Jen HopeProfessor Ayla Pamukcu, Professor Dustin Schroeder, Professor Erik Sperling
Snyder, MatthewNYSyracuse UniversityNYPsychologyPh.D. in Clinical Psychology. Conduct research at the intersection of pediatric health and addiction and teach at the university level.Jolynn ParkerDr. Brett Jakubiak, Dr. Lisham Ashrafioun, Dr. Katie Kidwell
Soe, KaungNYWashington University in St LouisMOLife Sciences (Med)MD/Ph.D. in Proteomics and Genetics. Expand knowledge of protein condensates and phase separation and identify better therapeutic targets to prevent neurodegeneration. Teach at the university level.Brooke TaylorProfessor Meredith Jackrel, Ms. Macy Sprunger, Professor James Skeath
Soliven, AbigailFLPurdue University-Main CampusINChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct research in chemistry methodology and synthesis for industry application.Veronica SchirmDr. Christopher Uyeda, Dr. William Wuest, Dr. Norito Takenaka
Song, AngelaNJUniversity of PennsylvaniaPAEngineering - Life SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Bioengineering so I can lead research that harnesses advances in chemistry, biology, and engineering to create molecular therapeutics to help cure diseases.Wallace GenserDr. Douglas C. Wallace, Dr. Kevin Janssen, Dr. Patrick Schaefer
Stewart, MadelynCTYale UniversityCTGeosciencesPh.D. in applied mathematics or Earth science. Conduct research on the climate and teach at an R1 university.Emma-Jane RoseProfessor Christopher Horvat, Dr. Emily Gunawan, Professor Miki Havlickova
Stoner, AlyssaMSUniversity of MississippiMSLife SciencesI plan to earn my Ph.D. in molecular biology and conduct research in genetics at an academic institution.Vivian IbrahimDr. Yongjian Qiu, Dr. Jaebok Choi, Dr. Sena Kim
Su, JustinCAAmherst CollegeMAMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Immunology. I intend to become a physician-scientist researching infectious diseases, specifically HIV/AIDS, and novel therapeutics.Christine OverstreetProfessor Jeeyon Jeong, Dr. Ted Kreider, Professor Drew Weissman
Subramanian, AlaguCABaylor UniversityTXLife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology and Translational Oncology. Conduct research in translational drug discovery while developing first-in class therapeutics with the Biotechnology industry.Jeffrey OlafsenDr. Joseph Taube, PhD, Dr. Carlos Valdez, PhD, Dr. Sheila Keating, PhD MSPH
Swanson, AbigailVAUniversity of Mary WashingtonVAPhysics and Astronomy - MathI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and conduct research and teach at the university level. I am also passionate about cultivating a more inclusive and equitable environment in physics.Kelli SluntDr. Desmond Villalba, Dr. Varun Makhija, Dr. Gwen Grinyer
Swedick, SydneyNYUniversity at BuffaloNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research on peripheral nerve injuries and spinal cord injuries using tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.H FogartyDr. Kristina Nielsen, Dr. Stelios Andreadis, Dr. Lorena Harris
Swoboda, AbigailNEUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaNELife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Establish a research group to investigate pathogen-caused diseases. Stimulate intersectionality between medicine and academia. Maintain connections to mentorship.Lucy MorrisonDr. Scot P. Ouellette, Dr. Derek J. Fisher, Mr. Nicholas A. Wood
Syed, ShaheerMDMount St. Mary's UniversityMDLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Structural & Computational Biology to study DNA repair mechanisms using computational methods for protein identification, prediction of binding sites, and genomic data analysis.Jamie GianoutsousAssoc. Prof of Chemistry Patrick Lombardi, Ph.D., NIH Distinguished Investigator Adriaan "Ad" Bax, Ph.D., Post-Doc Fellow Tayeb Kakeshpour, Ph.D.
Tahti, EliseNVWestern Washington UniversityWALife SciencesI intend to earn my Ph.D. in biochemistry, pharmacology, or a related field and aim for a career either in academia as a professor or in the pharmaceutical/biomedical research industry.Thomas MooreDr. Jeanine Amacher, Dr. Steven Emory, Dr. John Antos
Takezawa, MegWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWAChemistry - Life SciencesI aim to pursue a Ph.D. and an interdisciplinary research career in chemistry and engineering to develop microscale technologies to analyze symptoms due to infectious diseases.Robin ChangDr. Ashleigh Theberge, Ms. Yuting Zeng, Prof. Dr. Klaus Stefan Drese
Talbott, EricMDBinghamton UniversityNYChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research on novel photoredox reactions, and work as a Principal Investigator improving understanding of reaction mechanisms.Susan FlynnDr. John Swierk, Dr. Susan Flynn
Talla, PranayNYColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYLife Sciences (Med)MD-PhD in Systems Biology. Become a physician-scientist at an academic medical center to lead cancer heterogeneity research and develop precision medicine tools for cancer diagnosis and intervention.Ariella LangProfessor Peter A. Sims, Dr. Jeremy Gunawardena,
Tavacoli, FariaNVUniversity of Nevada-Las VegasNVLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Behavior. Study the mechanisms associated with neural circuit formation and function and teach as a university professor at an undergraduate institution.Andrew HansonDr. Douglas Vetter, Ms. Abby Wood, Dr. Wesley Grueber
Thomas, GriffinINBall State UniversityINLife SciencesPh.D. in marine biology. Perform field and lab research addressing the impacts of climate change on marine invertebrates.Barbara StedmanDr. Wei Shi
Thomas, HenryILIowa State UniversityIAChemistryMy goal is a Ph.D. in Chemistry, in order to conduct research in nuclear chemistry and pursue solutions in efficient recycling of nuclear materials.John MilsteadDr. Wenyu Huang, Dr. Patrick Heintz, Mr. Ranjan Behera
Tiburcio, DianaPATemple UniversityPAEngineeringI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering to then work in the research and development sector. I aim to research methods to recover usable resources or detrimental compounds from water.Barbara GorkaDr. Ann Valentine, Dr. Heyang Yuan, Dr. Elisabeth Russell McKenzie
Tice, CameronALAuburn UniversityALMedicine MD-PhD in epidemiology with a concentration in epidemiologic statistics and social determinants of health. Conduct translational research concerning currently and previously incarcerated individualsLaura WhatleyDr. Kelli Thompson, Dr. Rafael Bernardi
Torrey, MadisonMTMontana State UniversityMTEngineeringPh.D in Environmental Engineering with a focus on optics. Teach at the university level and conduct research to study the natural environment and devise environmental remediation strategies.Jeffrey HeysDr. Joseph Shaw, Mr. Riley Logan
Traynelis, KatherineTNNorth Carolina State University at RaleighNCEngineering - Life SciencesPh.D. in Chemical Engineering. Conduct and advise research in synthetic biology as a university professor.Courtney HughesDr. Albert Keung, Dr. Balaji Rao, Dr. Lisa Bullard
Truong, KimberlyOROregon State UniversityORCISEPh.D. in Machine Learning; I plan to conduct research on the intersection of machine learning and software engineering while teaching at the university level.LeAnn Joy AdamDr. Weng-Keen Wong, Dr. Christian Kästner, Dr. Bogdan Vasilescu
Tseng, LaraCACalifornia State University-Los AngelesCALife SciencesPh.D. in Ornithology. Conduct research in ornithology, as a research professor or government researcher.Sonia Cruz MaganaMs. Gillian Martin, Dr. Eric Wood, Mr. Jon Dunn
Tucker, JoshuaSCClemson UniversitySCLife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology or Cell and Molecular Biology. Lead a research team at a national lab and promote policies that protect natural environments using the principles of microbiology and ecology.Robyn CurtisDr. Barbara Campbell, Dr. Juan Antonio Baeza Migueles, Dr. Andrew Moeller
Turvey, AlexandraCAPomona CollegeCALife Sciences (Med)Obtain an MD/PhD in Genomic Medicine and ultimately lead a translational research group identifying both the genetic causes and novel treatments for rare and undiagnosed human diseases.Mal RiggioProfessor André Cavalcanti
Tutt, FredMNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMNMaterials Research - P & AI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Material Science. In my career, I aim to conduct research on electromagnetic materials and teach at the university level.Timothy JonesMr. Yi (Johnny) Zhang, Dr. Chris Leighton
Uzelac, MatthewCAUniversity of California-San DiegoCAMedicine I intend to obtain a M.D. and Ph.D. in molecular biology. I wish to study the biochemical bases of neurological diseases, largely those involving learning and developmental impairment.David ArtisDr. Weg M. Ongkeko, Dr. Jessica Wang-Rodriguez, Dr. Kevin Brumund
Van Camp, AndrewNYHarvard UniversityMAMathematical Sciences - Life SciencesPh.D. in Computational Microbiology. Study the evolution of multidrug-resistant bacteria, contribute to the development of new therapeutics, publish findings, and teach at the university level.Gregory LlacerProfessor Michael S. Gilmore, Dr. Ashlee M. Earl, Professor Scott V. Edwards
Van Horn, AndrewORKenyon CollegeOHLife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology. Conduct interdisciplinary research in microbial basic science at a large public research university.Aaron ReinhardDr. Joan L. Slonczewski, Dr. John L. Payton, Dr. Erin R. Leatherman
VanArsdale, JacobCOColorado State University-Fort CollinsCOPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Experimental Physics. Investigate light-matter interactions at the interface between precision metrology and quantum simulation.Mary SwansonDr. Samuel Brewer, Dr. Michael Mooney, Dr. David Weld
VanNostrand, CodyNYSyracuse UniversityNYEngineeringM.S. and PhD in Aerospace Engineering. Conduct research in aerospace robotics.Jolynn ParkerProfessor Kasey Laurent, Professor Jeongmin Ahn, Professor John Dannenhoffer III
Vantoorenburg, HaleyFLUniversity of South Florida-Main CampusFLGeosciencesPh.D. in paleontology with a focus on taphonomy and paleoecology. I aim to make paleontology more inclusive and accessible, to work closely with students, and strengthen community outreachSayandeb BasuDr. Sarah Sheffield, Dr. Jennifer Bauer, Mr. Jason Bourque
VanWyngarden, MadisonTXBoston UniversityMAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. I will conduct research at the interface of theory and observation to better understand the formation and evolution of extra-solar planets and teach at the university level.Jeffrey BergDr. JJ Hermes, Dr. Ryan Cloutier
Venegas, JoseCASyracuse UniversityNYEngineeringPh.D. in Civil Engineering. Research ecologically sound building material composites either in industry, at an academic institution, or at a national lab.Jolynn ParkerDr. Zhao Qin
Verma, TejNYNew York UniversityNYMedicine MD/Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. I aspire to become a physician-scientist, focusing on brain tumor research and developing nanotechnology for therapeutic application.Kurt DaviesDr. Jan Grimm, Dr. Mariam Aboian, Dr. Veronique Frattini
Vermeire, CharlieMTOklahoma State University-Main CampusOKLife Sciences (Med)I plan to pursue an MD/PhD in pathology and cell biology. I wish to uncover and apply novel information regarding cellular oncology to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis and treatment.Jessica SullinsDr. Yong Cheng, Dr. Xuejuan Tan, Mr. Stephen Kotey
Viswanathan, SoujanyaMDUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMDLife Sciences (Med)I hope to earn an MD-PhD in Neurobiology. I aspire to research neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases to develop therapeutic strategies to treat and/or prevent such disorders.April HouseholderDr. Rachel Brewster, Dr. Matheus Victor, Dr. Jong Park
Wagner, StefanNJDrexel UniversityPACISEPh.D. in Artificial Intelligence. Conduct research in the field of computational cognitive modeling. Develop and analyze adaptive AI models that are functionally or behaviorally inspired by biology.Leah GatesDr. Mark Zarella, Professor Anup Das, Professor Edward Kim
Walsh, WesMAUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstMALife SciencesEarn a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology. Research conservation biology with a government agency or non-profit research institute to inform public policy.Madalina AkliDr. Andrew Oguma, Dr. Michael Bankson, Dr. Beth Jakob
Wan, EthanALUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamALLife SciencesPhD in Computational Neuroscience. Investigate motor and reward transcriptional circuitry in the striatum at the university level.Cristin GavinDr. Jeremy Day, Mr. Robert Phillips, Dr. Jen Tuscher
Wang, JasonKYUniversity of PennsylvaniaPAPhysics and Astronomy (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in biophysics. I plan to teach in a medical school and use biophysics to develop life-saving treatments.Wallace GenserProfessor Eleni Panagiotou, Professor Tobias Baumgart, Mr. Tyler Reagle
Wang, NathanNYJohns Hopkins UniversityMDEngineering (Med)MD-PhD in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I aim to lead a world-class research lab that advances the frontiers of AI theory, methods, and biomedical applications.Kathleen BarryProfessor Xingde Li, Dr. Kareem Zaghloul, Professor Xun Jia
Wang, RyanTXRice UniversityTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Study the brain at a systems level and develop new methods for treatment and observation of neural systems.Jessica KhalafDr. Jerzy Szablowski, Dr. Lauren Eggert, Dr. Malathi Srinivasan
Ward, JamisonMNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMNGeosciencesPh.D. in Geobiology or related Earth Sciences field with an emphasis on geomicrobiology. Conduct scientific research with direct applications to bioremediation or environmental conservation.Timothy JonesProf. Jake Bailey, Prof. Esteban Gazel, Ms. Kyle Dayton
Ward, RyanOHOhio University-Main CampusOHLife SciencesI aspire to earn a Ph.D. in molecular biology and become a professor at a research institute so that I can teach and conduct research on cellular senescence and aging.Christopher LewisDr. Xiaozhuo Chen, Dr. Soichi Tanda
Way, LindseyINIndiana University-BloomingtonINLife SciencesI will first pursue a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, then a postdoc. My career goal is to lead a laboratory in research as a principal investigator while teaching at the university level.Jo Anne TracyDr. Xindan Wang
Weaver, AlexxARArkansas State UniversityARLife SciencesPh.D. in Infectious Disease. Conduct research about known and emerging pathogens within the government/industrial sector.Jennifer SaloDr. Whitney Holden, Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar, Dr. Argelia Lorence
Weissman, SamuelPAYale UniversityCTLife Sciences (Med)M.D./Ph.D Concentrated in Infectious Disease and Virology. Teach and lead virology research laboratory at a university with role in healthcare clinic.Emma-Jane RoseProfessor Una O'Doherty, Professor Ya-Chi Ho, Dr. Marilia Pinzone
Welsh, SpencerMEMiddlebury CollegeVTLife SciencesPh.D. in ecology. Study interactions between climate change and wetlands and teach at the university level.Lisa GatesDr. Zoe Cardon, Dr. Eric Moody, Mr. Morgan Cuthbert
Wen, KevinTXThe University of Texas at AustinTXPhysics and AstronomyMy goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in physics. Afterwards, I aim to become a professor, advancing the field of theoretical condensed matter while mentoring the next generation of scientists.Douglas BrusterDr. Daniel Heinzen, Dr. Seth Bank, Dr. John Markert
Whitaker, BryanaGAMercer UniversityGALife SciencesPh.D. in neuroscience. Conduct research in systems neuroscience and mentor graduate and undergraduate students in the academic setting.Adam KieferDr. Joshua Rodefer, Dr. Keith McGregor
White, CourtneyMINova Southeastern UniversityFLChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research on trophic dynamics and the fate of organic and inorganic contaminants in marine ecosystems.Marlisa SantosDr. Dimitri Giarikos, Dr. Amy C. Hirons
Wienke, KateKSUniversity of KansasKSPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Lead a team conducting research on astrobiology or exoplanets. Teach at the university level and start a mentorship program for young gender and racial minorities in physics.Erin WolframDr. Ian Crossfield, Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Wilkerson, WilliamPADickinson CollegePAMedicine Obtain an MD/PhD. To teach as academic faculty, see patients, and conduct research with the aim of improving patient outcomes for chronic allergic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.Amity FoxDr. Tiffany Frey, Dr. De'Broski Herbert, Dr. Yan Leyfman
Williams, CadenCAUniversity of California-DavisCAGeosciencesPh.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Conduct research on the origin of life on Earth and work with space agencies to explore our solar system for signs of microbial life.Scott PalmerDr. Dawn Sumner, Dr. Christy Grettenberger, Sarah King
Wong, EthanNJNortheastern UniversityMALife Sciences (Med)My goal is to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. in order to direct research utilizing data science approaches to investigate and detect pathologies of neurocognitive decline.Jonna IaconoDr. Mathew Yarossi, Dr. Raymundo Baez-Mendoza, Dr. Ziv Williams
Wright, AlexaORUniversity of OregonORPsychologyI plan on getting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in order to conduct research on neurological and psychiatric conditions, specifically, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alzheimer's disease.Kevin HatfieldProfessor Michael Wehr, Dr. Aldis Weible, Ms. Molly Shallow
Wu, DerekMDUniversity of DelawareDELife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology. Conduct climate change research in environmental microbiology and teach at the university level, mentoring future biological scientists.Lauren BarskyDr. Tara L.E. Trammell, Dr. Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Dr. Carlton Cooper
Wu, JerryCAUniversity of California-San DiegoCAEngineeringPh.D. in Tissue Engineering. Considering a research career in either academia, industry, or both. Teach at university level.David ArtisDr. Eva Romito, Dr. Shaochen Chen, Dr. Pallav Kosuri
Wu, OliverOKUniversity of Oklahoma-Norman CampusOKChemistry (Med)M.D./Ph.D. in Chemistry. Conduct drug discovery and mechanism of action studies in an academic setting to be translated into clinical trials with patients. Teach at a medical school and mentor others.Brian JohnsonDr. Si Wu, Dr. Kellye Cupp-Sutton, Mr. Mulin Fang
Wu, SeanCAPepperdine UniversityCACISE (Med)Obtain a PhD in Computer Science with an emphasis on Computer Vision. Become a professor who advances the medical field through machine learning algorithms.Dana DudleyAssociate Professor Fabien Scalzo
Wudke, HannahOHMiami University-OxfordOHGeosciencesPh.D. in Mineralogy and Geochemistry. Conduct mineralogy and geochemistry research at the interface of environmental health and teach at the university level.Paul UrayamaDr. Mark Krekeler, Dr. Claire McLeod
Xia, HelenTXUniversity of RichmondVAMedicine M.D./Ph.D. in Chemical Biology. Physician-scientist conducting clinical translational research in the diagnosis and treatment of prenatal disorders at an academic medical institution.Dana KuchemDr. Wade Downey, Dr. Vladimir Shulaev
Xie, AudreyCAMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMACISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in machine learning and teach at a university level.Catherine Kim
Yang, XiaomianCAStanford UniversityCAMaterials Research - EngineeringPh.D. in Materials Science & Engineering. Conducting research in novel materials discovery for sustainability applications at the intersection of academia and industry. Teach at university level.Jen HopeProfessor William Chueh, Ms. Emma Kaeli, Dr. Kaixiang Lin
Yeh, AshleyCAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research in neuroscience, teach at the university level, and promote science communication.Nick Alward-SaxonDr. Britney Pennington, Dr. Dr. Colleen Mills-Finnerty, Dr. Dennis Clegg
Yin, HaoliTXVanderbilt UniversityTNCISEPh.D. in Computer Vision & Medical Imaging. Lead research team to develop medical diagnostic tools, rethink efficient deep learning models, and inspire the next generation of scientists by teaching.Elizabeth Harrington LambertDr. Audrey K. Bowden, Dr. Daniel Moyer, Ms. Rachel Eimen
Yoshida, YukiPAPennsylvania State University-Main CampusPALife Sciences (Med)As an M.D./Ph.D. in biomedical sciences, I plan to lead a research team that designs drugs to target dysregulated pathways in cancer and mentor young researchers at a medical research institution.Alan RieckProfessor Squire J. Booker, Professor John N. Alumasa, Dr. Kayvon Pedram
Yu, PeterWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWAEngineeringAfter graduating, I will pursue a Ph.D. in transportation engineering, followed by a faculty position at a R1 university with research in traffic operations and intelligent transportation systems.Robin ChangDr. Yinhai Wang, Dr. David Hurwitz, Dr. Stephen Ressler
yu, wingCAPasadena City CollegeCALife Sciences - ChemistryPh.D. in Molecular Biology. Conduct research in cell biology and teach at a university level.Kris McPeakDr. Jared Ashcroft, Dr. Jillian Blatti, Dr. Abdelaziz Boulesbaa
Zhang, QiVAUniversity of DelawareDEEngineeringPh.D. in biochemical engineering. Train students and research on utilizing biomaterials for immune engineering.Lauren BarskyDr. April M. Kloxin, Ms. Ann Himelreich, Mr. Kartik Bomb
Zhu, PaulaMAHarvard UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Investigate neural circuits driving behavior in normal and disease physiology. Develop neurotechnologies for studying and manipulating the brain.Gregory LlacerDr. Stephen Zhang, Dr. Mark Andermann, Dr. Yulong Li