Format: 1) two single-spaced pages, or less, 2) one-inch margins on all sides, 3) 12-point font, 4) printed on letterhead (Letterhead may extend into the one-inch margins. Also, those who work at facilities, like federal laboratories, that do not allow the use of letterhead do not have to use letterhead), and 5) signed.

Do not include hyperlinks. Materials that are hyperlinked to letters will not be read.

Please save your letter as a PDF file and send your completed Letter to your institution’s Goldwater Campus Representative (CR) by the campus deadline your CR has specified. CRs are responsible for uploading all nomination materials, including Letters of Recommendation, to the Goldwater online application site.

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION THAT DO NOT ADHERE TO THE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE READ. A CR who receives a letter that does not adhere to these requirements should return the letter to the author for revision.