2024 Scholars

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Last Name, First NameLegal State of ResidenceSchoolInstitution StateField of StudyCareer GoalCampus RepresentativeMentor(s)
Abiola, OluwatofunmiNJUniversity of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPALife SciencesMD/PhD in Systems Neuroscience. Provide neuropsychiatric care for patients, conduct research in neuromodulation for neuropsychiatric disorders, and lead an NIH-funded research lab.Lesha GreeneDr. Khaled Moussawi, Dr. Susanne Ahmari, Ms. Brittany Chamberlain
Adams, OliviaWIUniversity of Wisconsin-PlattevilleWILife SciencesPh.D. in Dairy Cow Nutrition. Conduct research focused on the transition period in dairy cows and teach at the university level.William HoyerDr. Ryan Pralle
Ahmed, DaniaWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWALife SciencesPh.D. in Stem Cell Biology. Advance our understanding of cardiac pathology by using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to model genetic diseases and develop novel therapeutics for patients.Chetana AcharyaDr. Kai-Chun (Daniel) Yang, Dr. Alexander Loiben
Ahn, JuneMAUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstMALife SciencesPh.D. in Virology. Conduct research in translational sciences, find novel therapeutics, and teach at the university level.Madalina AkliProfessor Jesse Mager, Professor Darren J. Lee, Professor Brian Lewis
Alexander, KevinMAUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstMAChemistryPh.D. in Physical Chemistry. Work as a professor conducting research in spectroscopic method development and teach at the university level.Madalina AkliDr. Ryan Hadt, Dr. Jeanne Hardy, Dr. Zhou Lin
Allen, AudreyOHMiami University-OxfordOHGeosciencesPh.D. in Geochemistry. Conduct research in geoscience technology and serve as a tenure-track faculty at an R1 university, mentoring students' research on environmental restoration.Paul UrayamaDr. Mark Krekeler, Dr. Claire McLeod, Dr. Erin Argyilan
Alqaisi, MalaakINIndiana University-BloomingtonINLife SciencesI intend to pursue a career in the biological life sciences, with a focus on organismal conservation and sustainability. I will first obtain a Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.Jo Anne TracyDr. Ellen Ketterson, Ms. Sarah Wanamaker, Dr. Sidney Shaw
Alsaifi, SaraIDBoise State UniversityIDMedicineI plan on obtaining an MD/PhD in molecular biology. I aspire to conduct research aimed at understanding mechanisms of neurological diseases and finding more effective treatments for these ailments.Kate HuebschmannDr. Brad Morrison, Dr. Eric Brown, Dr. Don Warner
Alstott, EmmaIAIowa State UniversityIALife SciencesMy goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and devote my career to researching pathogens in perennial fruit production. I will apply this research through teaching and extension at a university.John MilsteadDr. Suzanne Slack, Dr. Gail Nonnecke, Dr. Daren Mueller
Anand, YashMDUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in condensed matter physics. I will conduct research on the physical properties of quantum materials, both experimentally and theoretically, and teach at a university level.Robert InfantinoProfessor Johnpierre Paglione, Associate Professor Zohreh Davoudi, Professor Christopher Lobb
Anilkumar, SudhaDEUniversity of DelawareDEEngineeringM.D./Ph.D. in biomedical engineering with an immunoengineering focus. Conduct research as a physician-scientist in immune cell profiling to shape precision-medicine.Lauren BarskyDr. Elizabeth Wright-Jin, Dr. Kristi Kiick, Dr. Jacqueline Fajardo
Aranguiz, KatarinaWIUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWILife SciencesPh.D. in computational biology and biochemistry. I aim to build user-friendly analytical tools and pipelines for the advancement of sustainable bioproduction practices.Julie StubbsProfessor Chris Todd Hittinger, Research Associate Linda Horianopoulos, Professor Tracy Johnson
Argenti, CarolineALClemson UniversitySCLife SciencesPh.D. in Pharmaceutical Science. Create innovative treatments for cancer by conducting research in nano-scale drug development and delivery at the academic or industry level.Robyn CurtisDr. Jessica Larsen, Dr. Akinori Kuzuya
Armijo, BrianNMSouthwestern UniversityTXChemistryI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry and conduct research in organic chemistry, specifically in the fields of organic catalysis or total synthesis.Alexandra AndersonDr. Devleena Samanta, Dr. Julian West, Dr. Maha Zewail-Foote
Arnold, LaurenCAVillanova UniversityPAGeosciencesGraduate studies in public health conducting epidemiological research that explores the connection between environmental health and disease such as waterborne and cardiovascular diseases.Catherine StecykDr. Steven Goldsmith
Ash, BenjaminPACornell UniversityNYEngineeringPh.D. in Applied Physics. Conduct research in the fields of nanofabrication and applied photonics to find new hardware systems that use light for computation or communications.Beth FioriDr. Tatsuhiro Onodera, Mr. Martin Stein, Dr. Ryotatsu Yanagimoto
Ashby, Elizabeth (Libby)MIMichigan State UniversityMIGeosciencesPh.D. in Geochemistry, followed by a research career specialized in the geochemistry of metamorphic carbonates, conducted either at a research institution as a professor or at a national laboratory.Kristin JankaDr. Angela K. Wilson, Dr. Narasimhan Loganathan, Dr. Tyrone Rooney
Baca, MiaNMUniversity of New Mexico-Main CampusNMMaterials ResearchEarn a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering and conduct research with nanomaterials for energy conversion. Perform nanomaterials research in a national laboratory.Kiyoko SimmonsDr. Marek Osinski, Dr. Maxwell Gregoire, Dr. Erum Jamil
Baclig, Angela JasmineIDBoise State UniversityIDLife SciencesPh.D. in Biomolecular Science. Explore novel ways nucleic acids can be utilized in drug discovery to provide long-lasting and curative therapy for various diseases.Kate HuebschmannDr. Lisa Warner, Dr. Stephanie Hudon, Dr. Jennifer Forbey
Bagdonas, LukeMANortheastern UniversityMAChemistryObtain a PhD in Environmental Chemistry. Conduct dissolved organic carbon research in salt marshes to utilize them as nature-based solutions to climate change.Jonna IaconoDr. Jennifer Bowen, Dr. Aron Stubbins, Dr. Rein Kirss
Bahlous-Boldi, RyanNYUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstMACISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in Artificial intelligence/machine learning, and teach at the university levelMadalina AkliProfessor Lee Spector, Professor Scott Niekum, Professor Stefanos Nikolaidis
Balaraman, JayashreeNJRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Structural Biology. Conduct computational structural biological research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).Karen DvorakDr. Louis Tung Faat Lai, Dr. Venugopal Balasubramanian, Dr. Keith Fraser
Banks, BraydenIDThe College of IdahoIDChemistryPh.D. in Physical Chemistry. Conduct research concerning climate change, whether it be renewable energy materials or atmospheric thermodynamics. I also plan to possibly teach at the university level.Thomas PirtleDr. Carolyn Dadabay, Dr. Caleb Tormey, Dr. Jim Dull
Barker, MatildaTXFurmanSCMaterials ResearchPh.D in Materials Chemistry, or Materials Science with a specific focus in energy production and storage, and/or green technologies. Conduct laboratory research within an industry setting.Scott HendersonDr. Paul S. Wagenknecht
Barnes, KennedyTXWellesley CollegeMAChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct pharmaceutical industry research in medicinal chemistry.Katherine DailingerProfessor Christopher Arumainayagam, Professor Dora Carrico-Moniz, Professor Alexander Diesl
Barnett, SamuelMDHoward Community CollegeMDLife SciencesI aspire to pursue a Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and a post-doctoral position at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), at UPenn, or a private biomedical company.Cheryl CampoProfessor Joseph Sparenberg, Dr. Maria Cambraia, Dr. Brandon Diamond
Barsouk, HannahPAYale UniversityCTLife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research exploring the molecular origins of life, as well as teach and mentor students as a university professor.Emma-Jane RoseMr. Seth Lyon, Dr. Ronald Breaker
Bartsch, ReinhardCAUniversity of Notre DameINChemistryPh.D. in organic chemistry. Conduct research on developing novel, sustainable methods for organic synthesis via greener catalysis and teach at the university level.Emily HuntDr. Vlad Iluc, Dr. Brandon Ashfeld, Mr. Zachary Lincoln
Batey, JamesARUniversity of ArkansasARChemistryI want to obtain a PhD in Physical Chemistry and continue in this field through a postdoc position. I will then become a professor and research advanced spectroscopy and microscopy methods.Suzanne McCrayProfessor Bin Dong, Professor Julie Stenken, Professor Colin Heyes
Beall-Dennell, SamanthaMDChatham UniversityPAChemistryPh.D. and post-doctoral fellowship in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Conduct research in computational organic and physical chemistry. Teach and mentor students at the university level.William PfalzgraffDr. William Pfalzgraff, Dr. Robert Lettan II, Dr. Joseph MacNeil
Bendickson, CarolineALUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleALLife SciencesPh.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Conduct research in plant genetics and genomics at non-profit institute and contribute to the education and mentorship of future scientists.Jennifer StatonDr. Alex Harkess, Laramie (Smith) Aközbek, Dr. Sarah Carey
Beno, SarahNMBaylor UniversityTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Conduct and manage antibody research in biotechnology industries.Jeffrey OlafsenDr. Touradj Solouki, Dr. Tamarah Adair, Mr. Raul Villacob
Bias, TaylorINBall State UniversityINChemistryPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in protein-ligand interactive molecular chemistry and teach at the university level.Barbara StedmanDr. Mary E. Konkle
Bierling, HaileyPAVillanova UniversityPAChemistryPh.D. in Inorganic Chemistry. Conduct research on inorganic catalysis for clean energy and teach at the university level, ideally at a predominantly undergraduate institution.Catherine StecykDr. Jared Paul, Dr. William Scott Kassel
Biggs, MaryINFordham UniversityNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in biochemistry and teach at the collegiate level.Lorna RonaldDr. Ipsita Banerjee, Dr. Tiberiu Siclovan
Bimson, CharlotteNJCase Western Reserve UniversityOHMedicinePh.D. in Medical Physics & J.D. Conduct translational research in cancer diagnostics. Assist own and adjacent labs with technology transfer, patent protection, and opportunity assessment.LaTasha JohnsonDr. Robert Brown, Dr. Åse Ballangrud-Popovic, Dr. Harsh Mathur
Bishop, SamuelARWilliams CollegeMAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in atomic, molecular, and optical physics. Conduct experimental research in quantum engineering in an industry or national lab environment.Katerina KingProfessor Charlie Doret, Professor Dave Tucker-Smith, Professor Jin Hu
Blanton, HannahGABerry CollegeGALife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. Conduct and lead research at a federal agency that develops bacteriophage therapy treatment options against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.Mark TurlingtonDr. DeLacy Rhodes
Bonsell, KatherineCAMontana Technological UniversityMTEngineeringI aspire to earn a Ph.D. in geological engineering, and have a research-based career in industry or government.Anne KishDr. Brett M. Carpenter
Bowden, KyraCOJohns Hopkins UniversityMDEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Lead research group using machine learning and image analysis to study disease and injury to further orthopedics understanding and optimize patient outcomes.Kathleen BarryDr. Jonathan P. Ling, Dr. Seth Blackshaw, Ms. Irika Sinha
Boyer, NicholasNCUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillNCChemistryEarn a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry. Conduct research in theoretical/computational chemistry to develop methods which simulate and advance understanding of complex chemical systems.Marc HowlettProf. Yosuke Kanai
Boyer, SarahGAMercer UniversityGALife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct biomedical research and teach at the university level.Adam KieferDr. Garland Crawford, Dr. Benjamin Miller
Bu Sha, ElisaNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in neurobiology. Conduct research in neuro-oncology treatment development, working within a university setting.Anne WallenDr. Rafiq Huda, Dr. Lawrence Williams, Dr. Kelli Pointer
Buitrago, PabloMOColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYEngineeringI intend to pursue a PhD in Chemical or Materials Engineering. I plan to research sustainable chemistry solutions to energy storage problems, and teach at the university level.Ariella LangDr Lauren E Marbella, Dr Luis Avila, Mr Andrew Ells
Buitron, DaynaIDUniversity of IdahoIDLife SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in biochemistry and conduct research to understand the mechanism behind prion protein conformation with the ultimate goal of developing therapeutics for prion disease.Dilshani SarathchandraProfessor Paul Rowley
Bustamante Hernandez, LeslieAZArizona State University-TempeAZLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in immunology and conduct interdisciplinary research on how inflammation drives changes in behavior and emotional states. My goal is to open new avenues for mental disease therapeutics.Kyle MoxDr. Esther Borges Florsheim, Dr. Tsafrir Mor, Ph.D. candidate Pooja Kher
Cahill, MarionWVWest Virginia UniversityWVMedicineM.D. / Ph.D in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. Conduct research and host clinical trials in viral vector mediated gene therapy for patients with cone photoreceptor dystrophy syndromes.Candice BrownDr. Wen-Tao Deng, Dr. Emily Sechrest, Dr. Jason Hubbart
Caldwell, HeathMTMontana State UniversityMTGeosciencesI wish to obtain a Ph.D. in earth science or biology, with a focus on paleontology. I hope to work in academia where I can teach and conduct paleontological research with students.Ilse-Mari LeeDr. David Varricchio, Dr. Holly Woodward-Ballard, Dr. John "Jack" Horner
Campbell, ReedCTBard CollegeNYLife SciencesPhD in Marine Ecology. Conduct research in a marine conservation ecology context and work at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC).Molly FreitasDr. Cathy Collins, Dr. Jonathan Cohen, Dr. Brooke Jude
Capocchi, JoiaCAUniversity of California-IrvineCALife SciencesI aim to obtain a Ph.D. in neuroscience and then lead translational research in academia. I aspire to build a "living" toolkit, using engineered cells to study and challenge neurodegenerative disease.Rose JonesDr. Hayk Davtyan, Dr. Mathew Blurton-Jones, Dr. Jean Paul Chadarevian
Carden, MykahKYWestern Kentucky UniversityKYGeosciencesPh.D. in Geology. Conduct research on the geological and hydrogeological controls on hypogene cave development in karst landscapes.Cory DoddsDr. Pat Kambesis
Carey, NathanielMDPennsylvania State University-Main CampusPALife SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I will research regenerative medicine and bioprinting in an academic setting and lead applications of my discoveries in industry.Tineka LebrunDr. Melissa Rolls, Mr. Nitish Kumar, Ms. Wendy Oakes
Carpenter, JosephMNLawrence UniversityWIPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in optical physics.Claire KervinProfessor Douglas Martin
Carpenter, RileyCOSanta Clara UniversityCAMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Applied Physics. Conduct research in nanofabrication processes, including thin film deposition and characterization, with applications in cryogenic detectors.Steven SuljakDr. Betty Young, Dr. Noah Kurinsky
Carver, KathrynCANorthwestern UniversityILLife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular Biology with a focus on pharmacogenomics. Conduct precision medicine research in industry.LaTanya WilliamsAssociate Professor Minoli Perera, Dr. Cristina Alarcon, Ms. Carolina Clark
Castillo, SaulFLCase Western Reserve UniversityOHLife SciencesPh.D. in Computational Biology. Conduct research investigating the genetic and epigenetic regulations of the human genome to advance personalized medicine treatments for rare diseases.LaTasha JohnsonDr. Darcie Seachrist, Mr. Gabriel Kowalczyk, Dr. James Eller
Chan, JulianneNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJEngineeringI aim to obtain a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, researching environmental contaminants in water. I want to become a tenured professor and continue my research in collaboration with the EPA/NOAA.Anne WallenDr. Nicole Fahrenfeld, Dr. Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, Dr. Roger Wang
Chan, NicoleORReed CollegeORLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Cell Biology specializing in oncology. Conduct metastasis cancer research at an academic medical center to advance cancer patient care.Nate MartinProfessor Derek Applewhite, Howard Vollum Professor Janis Shampay, Professor Erik Zornik
Chandrasekher, KiranCACornell UniversityNYLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Computational Biology. Conduct research developing and applying machine learning and statistical modeling for the analysis of clinical datasets to improve public health outcomes.Beth FioriDr. Anna Maria Langmüller, Dr. JingLin L. Xie
Chang, ScottWIUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWILife SciencesObtain a dual Ph.D. in Microbiology and Astrobiology. Conduct research aiming to understand the origins and evolution of life on Earth.Julie StubbsDr. Betül Kaçar, Dr. Amanda Garcia, Dr. Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis
Chase, TimothyNEArizona State University-TempeAZEngineeringPh.D. in chemical engineering. Conduct research in polymer chemistry and teach at the university level.Kyle MoxDr. Timothy Long, Dr. Christopher Muhich, Ms. Charlotte Barker
Chavez, VivianNYCUNY Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Ecological Biochemistry or Microbiology. Conduct research investigating the impact of environmental degradation on biological processes.Sussie GyamfiDr. Caitlin Light, Dr. Whitni K. Redman, Dr. David Davies
Chen, JulieORStanford UniversityCALife SciencesPhD in systems/developmental biology. Conduct research on cellular decision-making and multicellular organization with applications in systemic diseases such as cancer, inflammation and aging.Jen HopeDr. Vadim Gladyshev, Dr. Monther Abu-Remaileh, Mr. Uche Medoh
Chien, AllenNYCUNY LaGuardia Community CollegeNYCISEPh. D. in Machine Learning and Robotics. Conduct research as a research scientist at an Research Institute.Howard MotoikeProfessor Praveenkumar Khethavath, Professor Midas Tsai, Professor Maria Entezari
Cho, YumiNYBarnard CollegeNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Cancer Biology. Conduct research on chromatin state in aggressive cancers and develop novel therapeutic strategies.Dana Muniz PachecoDr. Carla Concepcion-Crisol, Dr. Glenn Dorsam
Choi, YunseoMAHarvard UniversityMAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in mathematics. Conduct research in mathematics with applications in physics and teach at the university level.Pamela GaddiProfessor Scott Kominers, Professor Ken Ono, Dr. Colin Defant
Chung, ClaraNHBoston UniversityMALife SciencesObtain a PhD in Neurobiology. Conduct research to develop novel therapeutics for treating human disease.Jeffrey BergDr Ella Zeldich, Dr Daniel Taub, Elizabeth Kharitonova
Codianne, EmmaTXRice UniversityTXPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in experimental condensed matter physics with a focus on designing and studying novel quantum materials, and teach at the university level.Chris BurbridgeDr. Emilia Morosan, Dr. Ming Yi, Dr. Onur Tosun
Coffman, LukeCOUniversity of Colorado BoulderCOPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Theoretical Physics with an emphasis in quantum information theory. Teach at the university level and develop practical theoretical results to expedite the feasibility of quantum technology.Anne DoughertyMr. Jacob Beckey, Dr. Graeme Smith, Dr. Nick Wintz
Coleman, ErinMNGustavus Adolphus CollegeMNPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct research in observational astronomy and cosmology at a university or research agency.Pamela KittelsonDr. Tracy Bibelnieks, Dr. Darsa Donelan, Dr. Tucker Jones
Conway, MatthewNJRowan UniversityNJChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct research to help find new active ingredients in the pharmaceutical and agricultural fields.Jennifer RavelliDr. Rashanique Quarels, Dr. Kirti Yenkie, Dr. Hengbin Wang
Cooper, PortiaAZUniversity of ArizonaAZCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Lead research group at an R1 university which focuses on machine learning and natural language processing technology to support social justice and ethical AI.Karna WalterDr. Mihai Surdeanu, Dr. Eduardo Blanco, Dr. David Lowenthal
Cossaboom, CatherineGAUniversity of Virginia-Main CampusVAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in analytic and algebraic number theory and teach at the university level.Andrus AshooProfessor Ken Ono, Professor Jesse Thorner, Professor Peter Humphries
Cowles, MikaelaUTUtah Valley UniversityUTPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct research on galactic motion and dark matter.Danny HornsProfessor of Astrophysics Joseph Jensen, Assistant Professor Brian Patchett, Assistant Professor Christian Draper
Crowe, SamuelVAUniversity of Virginia-Main CampusVAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astronomy. Conduct research in Astronomy and Astrophysics and teach at the university level.Andrus AshooProfessor Jonathan Tan, Dr. Rubén Fedriani, Professor Yichen Zhang
Cruz, JuliannaTXEmory UniversityGAMedicineMD/PhD in Epidemiology. Julianna plans to research non-communicable diseases and associated patient outcomes by leading clinical trials, retrospective studies, and multicenter data analyses.Megan FriddleDr. Jordana Cohen, Professor Christine Ristaino, Dr. Jeanie Park
Cuzick, JakeORMount St. Mary's UniversityMDChemistryMy goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry and achieve a tenured position at the university level, where I aim to develop novel climate solutions using synthetic chemistry.Angy KallarackalDr. Isaac Mills, Dr. Claire Xiong, Mr. Cyrus Koroni
Dahdal, RonyNCElon UniversityNCCISEI will pursue a PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University before joining the Stanford Institution for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence as a research scientist, focusing on human-centric AI.Ann CahillDr. Hwayeon Ryu, Dr. Blake Hament, Dr. Ryan Mattfeld
Daigle, ElizabethORWhitman CollegeWALife SciencesMy goal is to conduct translational research on infectious disease epidemiology at a research-focused teaching hospital, with an MD/PhD in epidemiology or immunology.Moira GreshamProfessor Alissa Cordner, Dr. Summer Gibbs, Professor James Russo
Dalton, CharlesLAUniversity of Southern MississippiMSMaterials ResearchPhD in Polymer or Material Science and Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. Work as a principal investigator developing novel materials for the treatment and prevention of neurological pathologies.Mary BeardDr. Tristan Clemons, Mr. Evan Stacy, Dr. Nathan Gianneschi
Darwish, RaniaNYCUNY Hunter CollegeNYLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. Conducts research in biomedical sciences surrounding human body metabolism.Stephen LassondeDr. Allyson Friedman, Dr. Sarah Stanley, Dr. Leora Yetnikoff
Das, SoumyaaPACase Western Reserve UniversityOHLife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research in either molecular or clinical neuroscience to understand mammalian behavior.LaTasha JohnsonDr. Hoonkyo Suh, Dr. Sreetama Basu, Dr. Carlyn Patterson-Gentile
Davis, AudreyMODrury UniversityMOChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research concerning radiochemical synthesis with the aim of investigating nuclear chemistry as a solution to an array of societal issues.Shelley WolbrinkDr. John Kiernicki, Dr. Madhuri Manpadi, Dr. Kiel Neumann
DeCostanza, GraceNJUrsinus CollegePAChemistryMy goal is to earn a Ph.D. in synthetic organic or inorganic chemistry and conduct research as a professor at an R1 university in the development of metal-containing pharmaceuticals.Kelly SorensenDr. Julianne Yost, Dr. Frank Tambornino
Delridge, TylerMTMontana State UniversityMTEngineeringPh.D. in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering. Conduct research discovering and developing novel therapeutics.Ilse-Mari LeeMr. William G. Walls, Professor Joan B. Broderick, Professor William E. Broderick
Derrick, EmmaMABard CollegeNYPhysics and AstronomyPh.D in experimental gravitational-wave physics. Conduct research in the improvement of optical coatings. Earn a faculty position, continue research, and teach and collaborate with students.Molly FreitasProfessor Antonios Kontos, Professor Paul Cadden-Zimansky
Desai, ShanayMSVanderbilt UniversityTNMedicineMD/PhD in Molecular Oncology and Immunology. Conduct translational research to develop CAR T-cell therapies that leverage mechanobiology techniques to enhance cytotoxicity at solid tumor sites.Elizabeth Harrington LambertDr. Michael King, Dr. Daniel Heller, Dr. Carrie Jones
DeWater, KatelynNYUniversity of New EnglandMELife SciencesI aspire to earn a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and conduct research in coral biology and geospatial sciences to understand how coral reefs are impacted by climate change.Amy KeirsteadDr. Will Kochtitzky, Dr. Jeri Fox, Dr. Arthur Anderson
DeWeerd, BradenMICalvin UniversityMILife SciencesPh. D. in Wildlife Ecology. I will research wildlife population responses to anthropogenic activity and teach at the university level.Christopher HarteminkDr. William Miller, Dr. Keith Grasman, Dr. David Warners
Dhar, AaminaMDHaverford CollegePAEngineeringObtain a PhD in biomedical engineering with a focus on neuroimaging. Conduct research on neurodevelopment in schizophrenia using medical image analysis and computational modeling.Jason Chan Dr. Sunny Tang, Dr Craig Jones, Dr Haris Sair
Diaz, PaolaTXSt Olaf CollegeMNLife SciencesMy goal is to obtain a DVM/PhD with expertise in aquatic toxicology/pharmacology. Ultimately I will conduct research at a university focusing on improving aquatic veterinary medicine.Kristina GarrettDr. Anne Gothmann, Dr. Jean Porterfield, Dr Stephen B. Hooser
Dorrell, TreytonOKOklahoma State University-Main CampusOKEngineeringPh.D. in aerospace engineering. Contribute to groundbreaking and innovative research in propulsion and unmanned systems.Jessica SullinsDr. Kurt Rouser, Dr. Jamey Jacob, Professor Carisa Ramming
Dowling, AdinNYWesleyan UniversityCTPhysics and AstronomyMy goal is to attain a Ph.D. in Physics. Then, I will pursue a career as a research professor in academia, advancing the knowledge of our society through research and educating the next generation.Erica KowszDr. Tsampikos Kottos, Dr. Ulrich Kuhl, Mr. William Tuxbury
Dunaway, ChaseNMNew Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyNMEngineeringPh.D. in Astronautical Engineering with a specialization in robotics. Conduct research in autonomous systems and navigation at a national laboratory or academic institute such as CalTech-JPL.Michael JacksonDr. Mostafa Hassanalian, Mr. Samuel Hunt, Mr. Scott Jenkins
Dunsmore, MadelineNJRowan UniversityNJEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct and lead innovative immunoengineering research, teach at the university level, and mentor students.Jennifer RavelliDr. Mary Staehle, Doctoral Candidate Leah Davis
Duong, TimCAUniversity of California-Los AngelesCAChemistryPh.D. in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. Conduct research in the method development of electronic structure theory and quantum dynamics and teach at the university level.Rebecca BlusteinProfessor Daniel Neuhauser, Mr. Minh Nguyen, Mr. Barry (Yangtao) Li
Durham, SophiaNCUniversity of ToledoOHLife SciencesObtain Ph.D. in Cell Biology. Perform research concerning cell signaling pathways and cytoskeleton remodeling, while teaching at the university level.Chessica OetjensDr. Rafael Garcia-Mata, Mr. Andoni Mucci, Mr. Agustin Rabino
Duval, MarionPABucknell UniversityPALife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in biochemistry and autoimmunity.Margaret MarrDr. Moria Chambers, Dr. Sarah Smith
E, SylviaILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILPsychologyPh.D. in Cognitive Science/Psychology. Conduct language acquisition research through work in computational and developmental psycholinguistics and teach at the university level.David SchugMs. Brittney Currie, Dr. Jon Willits, Dr. Brian Leahy
Ehinger, ClaraWAWashington State UniversityWAEngineeringI intend to earn a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in electrochemistry and catalysis sustainable energy and become a professor at a R1 university leading my own laboratory.Mary Sanchez-LanierDr. Lauren Valentino, Professor Su Ha, Dr. Jeremie Gouyon
Eichfeld, GwenythNYColgate UniversityNYLife SciencesI plan to obtain an MD-PhD in Neuroscience. I aspire to conduct research, as well as design and implement science-based therapies at the intersection of neuroscience, genetics, and disease.Stephen WrightDr. Andy Golden, Dr. Orna Cohen-Fix, Professor Priscilla Van Wynsberghe
Elayavalli, SatvikGAEmory UniversityGAMathematical SciencesI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. My goal is to conduct research at the intersection of machine learning and cancer biology and run my own lab.Megan FriddleDr. Anita Corbett, Dr. Ken Chen, Dr. Jennifer Spangle
Ely, ClaireCOUniversity of Colorado BoulderCOMaterials ResearchObtain a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Lead research at an academic institution or national lab in nanomaterials and their applications to sustainability.Anne Dougherty Lacey Roberts, Dr. Michael F. Toney, Dr. Samuel D. Marks
Engler, AbigailVADenison UniversityOHChemistryPh.D. in organic or medicinal chemistry. Conduct pharmaceutical research to develop drugs to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria.Corey EfronDr. Christine Weingart, Dr. Cassandra Zaremba, Dr. Richard G. Brennan
English, ColeFLUniversity of FloridaFLLife SciencesPh.D. in chemistry and chemical biology. Specializing in biochemistry research with a focus on cancer epigenetics and method development for deeper insights into cellular processes.Kelly MedleyDr. Christopher J. Martyniuk, Dr. Michael P. Kladde, Dr. Patrick M. Larkin
Epstein-Gross, DylanFLPrinceton UniversityNJCISEHaving long been captivated by the power of AI, I aim to pursue a PhD in Robotics, and serve on the cutting edge of industry research to make systems safer and more sustainable.Deirdre MoloneyDr. Andrea DiGiorgio, Dr. Christian Hubicki, Mr. Nathaniel Simon
Evans, DellaSCCollege of CharlestonSCLife SciencesPh.D. in molecular biology. Conduct biochemically-based research with clear medical applications at an institution that maintains close ties with nearby medical facilities.Sidney WoramDr. Joseph Delaney, Dr. Yiqun Shellman
Fancher, JuliaPASyracuse UniversityNYPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in physics with a focus on theoretical high-energy astrophysics. Conduct research and teach at the university level.Jolynn ParkerDr. Eric Coughlin, Dr. Chris Nixon
Fang, RichardPAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusPAMedicineM.D./Ph.D. in systems biology to conduct translational oncology research and teach in an academic setting. Develop novel therapeutics and delivery strategies that can be implemented in a clinic.Lesha GreeneDr. Katherine Aird, Dr. Naveen Tangudu, Dr. Zuzana Swigonova
Felius, CareyTXAgnes Scott CollegeGAPhysics and AstronomyMy intention is to obtain a PhD in astronomy and pursue a career in research and teaching, either with a university or a specialized astronomical organization.Srebrenka RobicProfessor Shami Chatterjee, Professor Alan Koch, Professor Alexandra Yep
Feng, DanielCAUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. University professor in computer science with a research specialization in computational biology and biological systems modeling.David SchugProfessor David J Reinkensmeyer, Professor Mohammed El-Kebir, Professor Tandy Warnow
Fite, MariaOKUniversity of TulsaOKPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Theoretical Physics. Use pure mathematics to conduct research on the intersection of quantum mechanics and gravitational physics.Terrie ShipleyProfessor Jerome McCoy, Dr. Brett McKinney, Mr. Jonathan Bartlett
Fiveash, Chloe ORSouthern Oregon UniversityORChemistryI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry to conduct pharmaceutical research at an industrial level.Melissa LeBontyAssistant Professor Ashley Robart, Dr. Christopher B. Babayco, Associate Professor Samuel David
Fleischer, JacquesFLUniversity of FloridaFLCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Attain a research scientist position to find altruistic applications for machine learning, such as a natural language model to identify dangerous online content.Kelly MedleyDr. Sanjay Ranka, Dr. Tania Banerjee, Dr. Gregor von Laszewski
Fluegel, MakennaMOWashington University in St LouisMOLife SciencesI plan to pursue an MD/PhD with a focus in neuroscience. I will use my degree to perform research focused on finding better alternatives to current chronic pain treatments.Brooke TaylorDr. Jiwon Yi, Dr. Robert Gereau, Dr. Erik Herzog
Forman, KyriUTUtah Valley UniversityUTLife SciencesPh.D. in Entomology. Conduct research on various Lepidoptera and other insects worldwide and possibly teach at a university level.Danny HornsDr. Craig Thulin, Dr. Heath Ogden, Mr. Todd L. Stout
Fowler, LilaCAUniversity of San DiegoCAMathematical SciencesPhD in computational mathematics. Conduct research in mathematical modeling of physical systems.Curtis LoerDr. Lukasz Pruski, Dr. Chad Kishimoto, Dr. Adam Boocher
Fox, AmelyaILThe University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleTNEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research in reproductive technology and women's health and work as a principal investigator at the NIH.Laura De FurioDr. Colleen Crouch, Dr. Craig Goergen, Mr. Luke Schepers
Frost, DominickOHKenyon CollegeOHLife SciencesI aspire to attain a PhD in biophysics and work in an industrial biophysics lab. I hope to apply my knowledge of physics concepts and tools to complex biological problems to find new solutions.Aaron ReinhardProfessor Aaron Reinhard, Dr. Joan Slonczewski, Mr. Andrew Van Horn
Gajeshwar, GauriMABrandeis UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in molecular biology. Conduct research in cellular signaling pathways and teach at the university level.Meredith MonaghanDr. Bibi Najma, Dr. Amelie Chardac, Dr. Guillaume Duclos
Gallegos, Vincenzo AZNew York UniversityNYPhysics and AstronomyI plan on earning a Ph.D. in Nuclear Science & Engineering or Physics researching nuclear fusion to build a more sustainable energy source and develop novel technology in academia or industry.Kurt DaviesProfessor Marla Geha, Colonel Cataleya Carlson, Professor Vikram Duvvuri
Gammon, ElaineNVUniversity of GeorgiaGAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. I want to conduct astrophysical research on galaxy evolution in the early universe and teach at the university level.Jessica HuntDr. Jed McKinney, Dr. Loris Magnani
Gan, JessieCACalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAChemistryPh.D in biochemistry and biophysics. Conduct research to improve and innovate protein modeling and drug discovery methods. Teach at the university level.Kristin WeymanProfessor Steve Mayo, Professor Andre Hoelz, Dr. Vaughn Smider
Gao, AliceILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Materials Science. Research nanomaterials for biomedical applications at a university while advancing the diversity of researchers in materials science through mentorship and outreach.David SchugDr. Pinshane Huang, Dr. Zachary Hood, Dr. Magdalini Panagiotakopoulos
Gao, DanielWAPomona CollegeCAMedicineMD/PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. Conduct research on the molecular mechanisms that lead to thrombotic and hemostatic abnormalities.Mal RiggioProfessor Malkiat Johal, Dr. Jose Lopez, Dr. Jingfei Dong
Garcia, LaurenINIndiana University-BloomingtonINLife SciencesI plan on attending graduate school in pursuit of a Ph.D.in Microbiology and Immunology. Specifically, I am interested in cellular signaling and regulatory mechanisms involved in the immune response.Jo Anne TracyDr. Hardy Richard Hardy, Ph.D. Canidate Nicole Stark, Dr. Manzella Michael Manzella
Garcia, TreytunIAUniversity of Northern IowaIALife SciencesPh.D. in microbiology. Conduct research in environmental microbiology with an emphasis in genetics and biochemistry while teaching at the university level.William HarwoodDr. David Hershey, Dr. Marek Sliwinski
Gaskin, JanaCAScripps CollegeCAChemistryPh.D. in Chemical Biology. Conduct carbohydrate chemistry and immunology research and teach at the university level.Warren LiuProfessor Anna Wenzel, Professor Aaron Leconte, Professor Sierra Williams
Gatch, AdamSCClemson UniversitySCLife SciencesObtain an M.D./Ph.D. in neurobiology. Conduct research on regain-of-function treatments for neurological disease and trauma while working in academic practice.Robyn CurtisProfessor Feng Ding, PhD, Dr. Federico Rodriguez-Porcel, MD
Gebhart, LilyCAOccidental CollegeCAPsychologyPh.D. in Computational Cognitive Science. Conduct research in cognitive modeling and teach at the university level.Raul NavarroProfessor Justin Li, Professor Daniel Snowden-Ifft, Professor Carmel Levitan
Gerg, TunmayVTDartmouth CollegeNHPhysics and AstronomyI will pursue a Ph.D. in Quantum Science and Engineering, aspiring to develop robust hardware platforms for quantum computing applications in either academia or industry.Christie HarnerProfessor Mattias Fitzpatrick, Professor Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Professor Robyn Millan
Gianakopoulos, MaxNJLafayette CollegePALife SciencesAfter graduating Lafayette College, I aim to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with the ultimate goal of joining a team of industry partners to conduct impactful pharmaceutical research in industry.Julia GoldbergDr. Kristen DeMeester
Ginder, GracePABucknell UniversityPALife SciencesPh.D. in Immunology. Conduct cancer research at a national lab or medical research institute.Margaret MarrDr. Moria Chambers, Dr. Mark Haussmann, Dr. Julie Gates
Glenn, SamOKOklahoma State University-Main CampusOKEngineeringObtain PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Work as a professor at a research university running computational fluid dynamics simulations and analyzing them by developing novel modal analysis techniques.Jessica SullinsDr. Arvind Santhanakrishnan, Dr. Chitrarth Prasad, Dr. Astri Wayadande
Glover, NathanielMDUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMDMaterials ResearchMy goals are to earn a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering and convert translational research into a start-up. I will use this platform to change the world by addressing the climate and energy crises.April HouseholderDr. Deepa Madan, Dr. Randall Goldsmith, Dr. Kyung-Shik Kim
Goel, SarangTXUniversity of North TexasTXCISEPh.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Conduct research in Computer Vision and Embedded Systems to develop wearable devices for mobility assistance.James DubanDr. Sharifa Alghowinem, Dr. Wedyan Babatain
Gokulnatha, AvantikaCAUniversity of California-DavisCALife SciencesPh.D. in Aging Genetics/Genomics. I want to work professionally as a research scientist in the biotech industry of aging therapeutics.Scott PalmerDr. Paul Knoepfler, Dr. Payel Sen, Dr. Na Yang
Goldberg, SophieMEUniversity of RichmondVAChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct research in industrial synthesis, specializing in small-molecule pharmaceutical design.Dana KuchemDr. Miles Johnson
Gosha, MylesGAMorehouse CollegeGALife SciencesPh.D. in Plant Sciences. Conduct research in medical ethnobotany and drug discovery.Wallace SharifDr. Vereen Ethell Vereen, Dr. Finger Nikita Finger, Dr. Moss Cynthia Moss
Gozon, MarcusMIUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborMIMathematical SciencesI intend to pursue a PhD in mathematics or theoretical computer science and do research in academia or industry.Melissa VertArthur F Thurnau Professor Stephen DeBacker, Associate Professor Jingjin Yu, Assistant Professor Maria Han Veiga
Graff, HannahMNCreighton UniversityNEMathematical SciencesI aim to pursue a research career in mathematics through an applied math setting like graph theory or data science. I then plan to work in industry to develop models with real-world applications.Erin GrossDr. Alex Kunin, Dr. Nate Harman, Dr. Steve Butler
Gragg, MadalynOROregon State UniversityORMaterials ResearchI want to earn a PhD in Chemical Physics with a focus on characterizing organic and inorganic photonic materials. Professionally, I want to do research on optoelectronic devices at a university.LeAnn Joy AdamProfessor Oksana Ostroverkhova
Gregory, SaraGAGeorgia State UniversityGALife SciencesAfter obtaining my bachelor's in Neuroscience, I will attend a Ph.D. graduate program in Neuroscience to continue research in social behavior and communication.Gigi RayDr. Aras Petrulis, Dr. Nicole Rigney, Dr. Caitlin Friesen
Gu, JeffreyVACollege of William and MaryVALife SciencesPh.D. in neurophysiology. Conduct translational research on aging and neurodegenerative disorders to improve the quality of life for the elderly.Michael ClayDr. Jian-young Wu, Dr. Christopher Del Negro, Dr. Fusao Kato
Guerrero, AmberlyWAMontana State UniversityMTEngineeringPh.D. in Chemical Engineering. Conduct research in Material Science to maximize sustainable and eco-friendly green material synthesis at a National Laboratory or academic institution.Ilse-Mari LeeDr. Paul Gannon, Dr. Kate Morrissey, Dr. Abbie Richards
Gupta, PuranjayILUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoILLife SciencesMD with a specialty in orthopaedics and Ph.D. in biochemistry. Advance orthopaedics through the development of innovative, equitable implants by researching biochemical interactions with biomaterials.Kim GermainDr. Mathew T. Mathew, Dr. Michael J. Heiferman, Dr. Hema Kanniyappan
Gupta, SanyaWABarnard CollegeNYPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in high energy astrophysics and plasma physics at a national lab while working to make physics more accessible to the public.Dana Muniz PachecoProfessor Lorenzo Sironi, Dr. Oluwashina Adegoke, Mr. (soon to be Dr.) Navin Sridhar
Gurijala, AashiAZVanderbilt UniversityTNMedicineMD/Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct clinical research for rare disease models based on basic science work. Teach at the university level while serving as PI in a multi-discipline collaborative lab.Elizabeth Harrington LambertProfessor Kendal Broadie, Dr. Nicole Herbots, Professor Thomas Clements
Haab, AmandaMTMontana State UniversityMTLife SciencesI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in Microbiology, ultimately leading diverse interdisciplinary teams in advancing space science.Ilse-Mari LeeDr. Matthew Feilds, Mr. Scott Lane, Dr. Elizabeth Sandvik
Hair, IsaacCAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCACISEI have a strong interest in mathematical research, computer algorithms, and education. I aspire to become a professor in theoretical CS with a side interest in computer architecture.Nick Alward-SaxonFounder Professor Timothy Chan, Assistant Professor Jonathan Balkind, Professor, Vice Chair of CS Daniel Lokshtanov
Hajian, CyrusCAStanford UniversityCALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. with a focus on virology and immunology. I aspire to lead a team of researchers with the goal of advancing medical care through biomedical research, as well as teach in higher education.Jen HopeDr. Warner Greene, Dr. Lauren O'Connell, Dr. Jan Carette
Hansen, AnneCACalifornia State University-Monterey BayCAGeosciencesPh.D. in Applied Ocean Science and Engineering. Create low-cost, accessible technologies for coastal and estuarine management, while creating a space for other disabled scientists in higher education.John BanksDr. Sherry Palacios, Dr. Brodie Pearson, Mr. Ryan Solomar
Hargy, JohnPASouthern Adventist UniversityTNLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in molecular biology. Become a principal investigator and conduct regenerative medicine research at an academic institution.Paulo DiasAssistant Professor Dr. Kotaro Sasaki, Assistant Professor Dr. Matthew Pettengill, Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Michinori Mayama
Hassan, UbaidullahNYCooper Union for the Advancement of Science and ArtNYChemistryI will pursue a PhD in computational chemistry. After graduation, I want to conduct research that applies computational chemistry in an interdisciplinary manner.John LundbergProfessor Robert Q. Topper, Mr. Juan M. Vazquez, Mr. Ryan Trice
Haugh, JamesMICentral Michigan UniversityMILife SciencesPh.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Conduct research in phylogenetics and systematics; biogeography; and evolution of morphology, evolution, and behavior while teaching at a university level.Maureen HarkeDr. Dave Zanatta, Dr. John Pfeiffer, Dr. Kirsten Nicholson
Hendrickson, RachelNYAmherst CollegeMALife SciencesPh.D. in biochemistry or molecular biology. Postdoctoral research on metals in biology. Professorship, conducting research and undergraduate teaching.Christine OverstreetProfesssor Jeeyon Jeong, Professor James Penner-Hahn, Professor Catherine Drennan
Heson, DavidMSMississippi State UniversityMSPhysics and AstronomyI plan to obtain a PhD in Computational-Theoretical Condensed Matter. Ultimately, I aspire to be a Professor of Physics at a large public university, conducting research and teaching classes.David HoffmanDr. Matthew Peaple, Dr. Shannon Starr, Dr. Donna Pierce
Hessami, SophiaUTUtah State UniversityUTEngineeringI will attain a Ph.D. in bioengineering, conduct disease research using microfluidic models, and contribute toward widening access to early research experiences for women in STEM.Kristine MillerDr Elizabeth Vargis, Mr Teren Teeples, Mr Dillon Weatherston
Heydari Seradj, SabaCAUniversity of California-San DiegoCALife SciencesObtain a M.D. and Ph.D. in neuroscience. Design new tools to study the crosstalk between the nervous system and other organs, mentor students, and teach at an academic medical center.David ArtisDr. Li Ye, Yu Wang
Hibbard, GretaOHOhio University-Main CampusOHPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in physics. Research plasma physics, specifically magnetically confined fusion devices, and contribute to the advancement of fusion energy at a Department of Energy national laboratory.Christopher LewisDr. Jacob Schwartz, Dr. Carl Brune, Dr. David Drabold
Hill, MollyCAYale UniversityCTLife SciencesI will pursue a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with an emphasis in ornithology, aiming to conduct research in bird social behavior and teach at the university level.Emma-Jane RoseProfessor Richard Prum, Mr. Liam Taylor, Dr. Susan Gilliland
Hilty, CaelenCOBrandeis UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct computational research in systems neuroscience while teaching at the university level.Meredith MonaghanProfessor Paul Miller, Professor Jane Kondev, Professor Irving Epstein
Hinojosa, ZenettaTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXPsychologyPh.D. in Clinical Psychology, specialize in neuropsychology. Conduct research examining neural plasticity and anxiety at a university medical center with a dual role as a professor.Andrew ChapmanDr. Shelby Scott, Dr. Alan Meca, Dr. Anastasia Maria Zavitsanou
Hong, CharlesILGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGACISEObtain a Ph.D. in Robotics. Conduct research aiming to improve remote-controlled surgical microrobotics for inclusive widespread treatment and become a principal investigator at a university.Karen MuraProfessor Jun Ueda, Mr. Heriberto Nieves-Vazquez, Dr. Julien Leclerc
Hoogstra, MadisonILCalvin UniversityMILife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research in behavioral and affective neuroscience and teach at the university level.Christopher HarteminkDr. Douglas Vander Griend, Dr. Chad Tatko, Dr. Kumar Sinniah
Hota, AnanyaSCHoward UniversityDCLife SciencesI intend to earn an MD and PhD in Medical Microbiology while conducting research on bacterial pathogenesis, developing therapies for antibiotic-resistant pathogens and teaching in an academic setting.Theon Gruber FordDr. Karl Thompson, Dr. Briana Burton, Mr. Ronald Smith
Hruska, SophieMICalvin UniversityMIChemistryPh.D. in organic chemistry. Lead collaborative, interdisciplinary research on how novel protein structures impact protein function. Teach and mentor students.Christopher HarteminkDr. Dave Benson, Dr. Chad Tatko
Hung, CassandraPAWake Forest UniversityNCMathematical SciencesPh.D. in mathematical biology or biostatistics to apply quantitative approaches to rare disease research and other topics in the biomedical sciences.James PeaseDr. John M. Logsdon, Jr., Dr. Veronica Cole, Dr. Joseph Jalinsky
Hung, EthanCAUniversity of California-Los AngelesCAMedicineM.D./Ph.D. in Immunology and Quantitative Medicine. Apply my skillset in computational and basic research to accelerate novel treatments and address unmet medical needs as a physician-scientist.Rebecca BlusteinProfessor Aaron Meyer, Professor Tony Capra, Professor Scott Lowe
Jackson, AnishaNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct bench to bedside research in regenerative tissue engineering to expand treatment options for fatal diseases.Anne WallenDr. Yong Mao, Dr. Cemile Bektas, Mrs. Anne Marie Johnson
Jacob, Will INButler UniversityINLife SciencesI hope to enter an M.D./Ph.D. program to explore the field of Neurobiology as both a physician and a scientist.Christopher StobartDr. Professor Jennifer Kowalski, Dr. Professor Mike Trombley, Dr. Cassandra Curtis
Jacobus, CooperCAUniversity of California-BerkeleyCAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics or Astronomy. Conduct original research with a focus on Computational Cosmology. Teach Physics and Cosmology at the university level and engage with public science communication.Alicia HayesProfessor Alex Filippenko, Senior Scientist Zarija Lukić, Senior Scientist Jullian Borrill
Jain, AyushVADuke UniversityNCCISEPh.D. in Computer Science or Computational Biology. Run an AI-driven pharmaceutical lab specializing in innovative drug discovery and precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.Gwen VolmarDr. Anthony Philippakis MD. Ph.D., Dr. Samuel Berchuck Ph.D., Dr. Jian Pei Ph.D.
Jamieson, JuliaFLUniversity of FloridaFLMedicinePh.D. in Engineering Sciences concentrated in Bioengineering. Develop human-relevant organ-on-a-chip models in the biotechnology industry to advance basic and translational in vitro research.Kelly MedleyDr. Coy Heldermon, Dr. Keith March, Ms. Samantha Ali
Jastrzembski, MiaGAMercer UniversityGAEngineeringTo earn a PhD in biomedical engineering and develop new immunotherapies for different types of cancer as a professor at a research university.Adam KieferDr. Bryan Watson, Dr. Sinjae Hyun, Dr. Philip McCreanor
Jena, AnikaCAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCAEngineeringPursue a PhD in Biomolecular Engineering. Conduct genetic and proteomic research to develop biochemical technologies that elevate human accessibility and performance.Nick Alward-SaxonDr. Sho Takatori, Daniel Arnold
Jeyapratap, AbhishekPADrexel UniversityPACISEPh.D. in Robotics and Algorithms. Conduct applied research in perception and dexterous manipulation of surgical robotic systems to improve prognosis, treatment, and patient outcomes.Leah GatesProfessor Yusuf Osmanlioglu, Professor Lifeng Zhou, Galen Long
Jiang, JulietMADuke UniversityNCEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering or Computational Neuroscience. Conduct research in neurodegenerative diseases and mathematical modeling. Teach at the university level.Gwen VolmarDr. Jeffrey Petrella, Dr. Amanda Randles, Dr. Thomas Witelski
Jin, ClairePACarnegie Mellon UniversityPACISEI aim to pursue a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, then conduct cutting-edge research on generative AI and teach at a university while promoting AI accessibility and literacy for the general public.Richelle BernazzoliProfessor Kenneth Davis, Professor Reid Simmons, Professor Weina Wang
Jitkov, JuliaWAWashington State UniversityWAPhysics and AstronomyI aspire to become a leading academic researcher and university educator studying multi-messenger astronomy to enhance our understanding of the universe using light, particle, and wave observations.Mary Sanchez-LanierAssistant Professor Vivienne Baldassare, PhD, Fa­culty of Physics Hans Dembinski, PhD, Associate Research Professor James Hawreliak, PhD
Jones-Thomson, GabrielMAHaverford CollegePAChemistryI will obtain a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, leading to a research career in industry or academia. I aspire to create breakthrough methods, increasing synthetic accessibility of bioactive molecules.Jason Chan Professor Alexander J. Norquist, Dr. Benjamin Niu, Professor P. Grant Spoors
Jordan, VictoriaSCSouth Carolina State UniversitySCMedicineAttain a D.M.D./Ph.D. in Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences to conduct Head, Neck, and Oral cancer research, to connect basic science research to patient care outcomes in the clinic.Janae SweeneyDr.Principal Investigator Dr.Michael Ostrowski, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Lu Han, Assistant Professor and CR Dr. Janae Sweeney
Joseph, ZacharyWIUniversity of Notre DameINLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Physiology. Practice as a nephrologist and conduct research into the pathophysiology of kidney disease.Emily HuntDr. Keith Hruska, Dr. John Choi, Mr. Russ Brumm
Kachroo, HenaKYUniversity of KentuckyKYLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Astrobiology. Conduct research at a premier organization such as NASA to advance knowledge of how extreme environments affect biochemical reactions for applications in space.Pat WhitlowDr. Anne-Frances Miller, Dr. Christopher Crawford, Dr. Yang Jiang
Kailing, FreyaMIOberlin CollegeOHLife SciencesPh.D. in Computational Biology. Use computational methods to research evolution.Danielle AbdonDr. Aaron Goldman
Kaplan, JamieNYUniversity of RichmondVAMedicineMD/PhD in Virology. Conducting research in emerging and reemerging viruses.Dana KuchemDr. Michael Leopold, Dr. Richard B. Kennedy, Dr. Wade Downey
Kaufmann, JulianINUniversity of Notre DameINMathematical SciencesObtain a PhD in Mathematics. Conduct research in mathematics and teach at a university with a PhD program in mathematics.Emily HuntProfessor Matthew J. Zahr, Professor Francis Connolly, Professor Liviu Nicolaescu
Kellison, MakayleFLRollins CollegeFLEngineeringPh.D. in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. Conduct research in rocket and jet aeroacoustics while working in the government or industry.Kim DennisDr. Whitney Coyle, Dr. Kent Gee, Dr. Thomas Moore
Kemmerer, DylanNJGettysburg CollegePALife SciencesPh.D. in Systems Biology. Pharmacogenomics research in personalized cancer treatment while teaching at the university level.Veronique DelesalleDr. Jennifer Powell, Dr. Bela Bajnok
Khan, ElyasMIWayne State UniversityMILife SciencesConduct research involving the use of machine learning and computational chemistry modeling to develop brain tumor treatments.Kevin Deegan-KrauseProfessor Q. Ping Dou, Professor Wen Jiang, Associate Professor Rohini Kumar
Khan, Zakaria MIWayne State UniversityMIChemistryPh.D. in Geological Chemistry. Lead an active research program while mentoring students in scientist-professor role.Kevin Deegan-KrauseDr. Zhengqing Hu, Mark Baskaran
Khanov, MaximWIUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWICISEPh.D. in Computer Science. I want to lead a research group to improve generalization and interpretability of neural networks, specifically related to language models.Julie StubbsProfessor Esra Akbas, Professor Sharon Yixuan Li, Professor Bekir Cinar
Kiehl, ParisCOColorado State University-Fort CollinsCOLife SciencesI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. I want to conduct innovative and impactful research oriented at treating infectious diseases and obtain a leadership role in a biotechnology company.Mary SwansonDr. Gregg Dean, Ms. McKenzie Fletcher, Dr. Ben Swartzwelter
Kim, HaylePAUniversity of PennsylvaniaPALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D in Neuroscience. I hope to lead a lab and teach at a major academic institution, focusing on how neural circuits regulate complex behaviors such as sleep.Wallace GenserDr. Matthew Kayser, Dr. Jeffrey Rosa, Dr. David Raizen
Kim, JaeahNYStanford UniversityCALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Teach at the university level and conduct research on the neural circuits and network dynamics involved in brain disorders.Jen HopeDr. Karl Deisseroth, Dr. Peter Wang, Dr. Theodore Ho
King, RachelPAWest Virginia UniversityWVPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct pulsar astronomy research with NANOGrav and teach at the university level.Candice BrownDr. Maura McLaughlin
Kopesky, ReganMICentral Michigan UniversityMILife SciencesPh.D. in Developmental Biology and Genetics and continue my research on the genetic modulations that occur after diapause in C. elegans as well as mentor the next generation of rural STEM students.Maureen HarkeDr. Xantha Karp, Mr. Himal Roka, Mr. Tyler Brant
Korveziroska, AmeliaILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILEngineeringPh.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Conduct research in applied physics relating to space equipment at a university or NASA.David SchugDr. Mahua Biswas, Dr. Chad Madsen, Mr. Tarandeep S. Thukral
Kotha, AdityaVAVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVAMedicineMD/PhD in Immunology. Conduct bench, clinical, and translational research in allergic disease at teaching hospital. Teach and mentor both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds.Jeff WingDr. John J. Ryan, Dr. Jordan M. Dailey, Ms. Destiny T. Pryor
Kress, SarahMIUniversity of ChicagoILChemistryI will pursue a PhD in chemistry, and go on to lead my own research group. My work with focus on solving challenges in sustainable synthesis via catalyst design from a physical chemistry perspective.Nichole FazioProfessor Anna Wuttig
La, KaceyPAUrsinus CollegePACISEI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Data Visualization and research and teach at a university level.Kelly SorensenDr. Christopher Tralie, Dr. Bill Mongan, Dr. Leslie New
Lane, ConnorILRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyINMathematical SciencesPh.D. in pure mathematics. Conduct research in number theory and teach at a university.William WeinerDr. Timothy All, Dr. William Butske, Dr. William Green
Lane, JennaILButler UniversityINChemistryPh.D. in physical chemistry to conduct research from both computational and experimental perspectives while teaching at the university levelChristopher StobartDr. Todd Hopkins, Dr. V Klimkowski, Dr. Stacy O'Reilly
Lee, ZacharyTXThe University of Texas at DallasTXEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research in cellular pathophysiology and disease therapeutics as well as teach as university faculty.Douglas DowProfessor Shalini Prasad, Dr. Sasya Madhurantakam, Professor Noriaki Ono
Li, AnnabellaWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWAEngineeringI want to obtain a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering or applied biophysics. I intend to engage in protein engineering research developing stimulus-responsive systems for biosensing or drug delivery.Chetana Acharya Ryan Gharios, Professor Cole DeForest
Li, YunshuPACarnegie Mellon UniversityPALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience with a specialization in neuroinfectious diseases. I plan to conduct research and teach at an academic medical institution.Richelle BernazzoliDr. Berthony Deslouches, Professor Stephanie Tristram-Nagle, Professor Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Liang, Xuanwei CAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in experimental atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics. Conduct research to develop interdisciplinary experimental techniques to accelerate advancements in quantum technologies.Nick Alward-SaxonProfessor David Weld, Professor Tengiz Bibilashvili, Professor Guillem Pratx
Lihn, ZacharyNJColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYMathematical SciencesI would like to obtain a PhD in mathematics to conduct research in complex algebraic geometry and differential geometry and teach at a university level as a professor.Ariella LangProfessor Lev Borisov, Professor Mikhail Khovanov, Professor Michael Thaddeus
Lin, JohnMAHarvard UniversityMALife SciencesMD/PhD in cell biology. Harness disease pathology to uncover fundamental cellular mechanisms as a physician-scientist. Invest in mentoring the next generation of scientists.Pamela GaddiDr. Anna Greka, Dr. Amie Holmes, Mr. Keith Keller
Lin, NeoCTUniversity of ConnecticutCTChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. I plan on pursuing a career_x000D_
in quantum information science research from a_x000D_
chemistry perspective at the university level as_x000D_
a professor.
Michael CunninghamDr. Tomoyasu Mani, Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater, Dr. Matthew Bird
Link, RileyTXCreighton UniversityNEMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Applied Mathematics. Conduct applied mathematics research and teach at the university level.Erin GrossDr. Alen Alexanderian, Dr. Joseph Hart, Dr. Nathan Pennington
Liu, CalebNHDartmouth CollegeNHChemistryPhD in materials chemistry or computational materials chemistry. After this, I want to become a professor, teaching classes and leading a research group investigating applicable advanced materials.Christie HarnerProf. Dr. Chenfeng Ke, Prof. Dr. Wenlin Zhang, Prof. Dr. Linda Reven
Liu, Shih-NaCAUniversity of California-DavisCALife SciencesPh.D. in Evolutionary Biology. Integrate paleontology and neontology to study macroevolutionary dynamics and teach at the university level.Scott PalmerDr. Peter Wainwright, Dr. Michael Burns, Dr. Louie Yang
Liu-Schiaffini, MiguelTXCalifornia Institute of TechnologyCACISEPh.D. in computer science. Conduct research in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the goal of becoming a faculty member at a university.Kristin WeymanProfessor Anima Anandkumar, Professor Andrew Stuart, Dr. Kamyar Azizzadenesheli
Logsdon, SaraGAUniversity of GeorgiaGAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in abstract algebra and cryptography.Jessica HuntDr. Greg Shannon, Dr. Jimmy Dillies, Dr. Jason Cantarella
Longstaff, GarretNJUnited States Military AcademyNYMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering; leverage advances in material science research to design lifesaving medical devices in the human body.Carolann KoleciColonel F. John Burpo, Dr. Ryan Limbocker, Mrs. Sonja Cox
Longsworth, OliviaSCFurmanSCChemistryM.D./Ph.D in Computational Chemistry. Conduct research on the intersection of agriculture and health.Scott HendersonDr. George Shields
Lopez, AlexisTXLone Star College SystemTXEngineeringPh.D. in Engineering. Conduct research in aerospace engineering and work at an industrial research lab.Brian KyserDr. Michael C. F. Bazzocchi, Dr. Sean Tiffee, Mrs. Ava Veselis
Lou, BenCAMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMAPhysics and AstronomyProfessor of theoretical physics. Researching the fundamental aspects of reality while inspiring students at a university (and younger students) to love math and physics.Catherine KimMr. Hudson Loughlin, Prof. Alan Guth, Prof. Barton Zwiebach
Lu, MatthewCAVanderbilt UniversityTNPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in condensed matter physics or quantum science & engineering. Conduct experimental research in physical phenomena of materials to advance quantum applications.Elizabeth Harrington LambertProfessor Sokrates Pantelides, Professor Richard Haglund, Professor Roland Kawakami
Lu, ThomasVAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Research and develop medical devices for focused ultrasound and non-invasive therapies to treat life-threatening diseases, such as cancers and neurological disorders.Christina McIntyreDr. Eli Vlaisavljevich, Dr. Arthur Ball, Dr. Johnson Carroll
Luettgen, GraceMAJohns Hopkins UniversityMDPhysics and AstronomyPhD in biophysics. Design signaling proteins using computational methods at an academic institution.Kathleen BarryDr. Brian Camley, Dr. Aleksandrina Goeva, Dr. Miri Adler
Luo, ChuhangCASmith CollegeMAChemistryPh.D. in Chemical Biology. Become a professor and conduct research on biocatalysis and bioorganic chemistry.Andrew DauschProfessor Dave Gorin, Professor Yi Tang, Professor Kevin Shea
Maas, Malcolm DanteMDUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDGeosciencesI will pursue a Ph.D. in atmospheric science. I am particularly interested in atmospheric physics and data science applications, and will conduct research in a university or government setting.Robert InfantinoDr. Kostas Tsigaridis, Dr. Jonathan Poterjoy
Macero, ClaireNYAmherst CollegeMALife SciencesPh.D. in molecular biology, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship and teaching at a research university.Christine OverstreetProfessor Jeeyon Jeong, Professor Caroline Goutte, Professor Melissa Pepling
Mahankali, SrinathMAMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMACISEI aim to obtain a Ph.D. in robotics and artificial intelligence and lead a research lab working on these areas.Catherine KimProfessor Pulkit Agrawal, Professor Yunan Yang, Professor Promit Ghosal
Mandelshtam, AndreiCAStanford UniversityCAMathematical SciencesI aspire to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics and become a professor at a research university. I wish to solve long-standing open problems and share the beauty of mathematics with many others.Jen HopeProfessor Joseph Gallian, Professor Pavel Etingof, Professor Ken Ono
Mani, NehaNYColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYMedicineM.D.-Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Aiming to study protein receptors, especially those interfacing with microbes, to better characterize their role in gastrointestinal homeostasis and disease.Ariella LangDr. Rie Nygaard, Ms. Anu Muppirala, Dr. Weijie Chen
Mann, AyannaILHoward UniversityDCPhysics and AstronomyObtain a PH.D in Astrophysics. Pursue a career in industry conducting research in stars and galaxy formation to revolutionize space exploration.Theon Gruber FordDr. Marcus Alfred, Dr Adam Miller, Dr Jared Goldberg
Mao, LuisaTXThe University of Texas at AustinTXCISEMy goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Robotics and conduct research as a robotics professor on the next generation of vision-language Foundation Models to enable long-term, robust, autonomous_x000D_
Douglas BrusterDr. Joydeep Biswas, Dr. Peter Stone, Dr. Brian Coltin
Marte, MargaretSCClemson UniversitySCPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in condensed matter physics. Conduct research in academia or national labs on materials and devices for quantum technology applications.Robyn CurtisDr. Kasra Sardashti, Dr. Chad Sosolik, Dr. John Yi
Marquez, RobinFLValencia CollegeFLLife SciencesPh.D. in Entomology. Conduct pollinator conservation research and teach at the university level. Collaborate with agricultural extension to disseminate research findings to the public.Eda Davis-LoweDr. Patrick Bohlen, Dr. Andrea Ayala, Dr. Rita Luther
Maxwell, JacksonALThe University of AlabamaALChemistryI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. In my career I will conduct research on coordination chemistry of f-block elements using computation and experiment and teach at the university level.Jeff GrayDr. David Dixon, Dr. Jeff Bryan, Dr. Ayanjeet Ghosh
Mayorga, NatashaFLFlorida Atlantic UniversityFLLife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroengineering. Explore parallels between electrical and neural circuitry in the brain-computer interface with a commitment to public engagement in educative scientific programs.Jessica CornelyDr. Tricia Meredith, Dr. Courtney Miller, Ms. Shayna Reed
McCord, EvaMIUniversity of ChicagoILLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Epigenetics and Molecular Genetics. Conduct research about the DNA-level mechanisms that govern nervous system development. I will teach at the university level and lead my own lab.Nichole FazioDr. Alex Ruthenburg, Dr. Navneet Bhasin, Dr. Jason MacLean
McDonald, CadeORUniversity of PortlandORMedicineI am hoping to obtain a PhD in biomedical sciences. I wish to center my research around improving outcomes in cancer patients with cardiac complications.Cara HershDr. Priya Mani, Dr. Susan Murray
McNally, DelaneyCOUniversity of Colorado BoulderCOEngineeringPhD in biomedical engineering with a focus in tissue engineering. I wish to conduct research at a national institute with stem cells and biomaterials to influence regenerative medicine.Anne DoughertyProfessor Kristi Anseth, Dr. Laura Macdougall, Dr. Kaustav Bera
Meinking, CeceliaOHMiami University-OxfordOHChemistryPh.D. in Environmental Genetics. Conduct research in human genetics in academia or medicine.Paul UrayamaDr. Kevin Yehl
Mercado-Rosado, KevinPRUniversity of Puerto Rico-HumacaoPRLife SciencesMD-PhD in Neuroscience with a focus in neurodegenerative diseases. Conduct clinical and biomedical research and teach at the university level.Maritere Cardona MatosDr. Ileana Rodrí­guez Vélez, Dr. Melissa Colón Cesario, Dr. Kristen Brennand
Meyer, SadieOHSyracuse UniversityNYEngineeringBiomedical Engineering PhD and faculty position at a research university to conduct biomaterials research with the goal of specializing in women's reproductive health applications.Jolynn ParkerDr. James H. Henderson, Dr. Julie M. Hasenwinkel, Elizabeth Oguntade
Meyers, IsabellePADavidson CollegeNCLife SciencesMD/PhD in Immunology. Conduct research leading to treatments and cures for Type 1 Diabetes.Gaylena MerrittDr. Sophia Sarafova, Dr. Krishna Prasadan
Mikhail, KarimALUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamALLife SciencesMD/PhD in Cell and Molecular Neuroscience. Study mechanisms of dementia genetic risk factors, develop therapeutics and diagnostic tools against these targets, and teach/mentor students.Cristin GavinDr. Cristin Gavin, Dr. Erik Roberson, Ms. Natalie Davis
Miller, AidanNYRochester Institute of TechnologyNYLife SciencesPh.D. in molecular biology. Conduct research in virology and vaccinology, while teaching at the university level.Suzanne O'HandleyDr. Lea Michel, Dr. George Thurston
Miller, VeronicaIDIdaho State UniversityIDChemistryI hope to earn a Ph.D in chemistry. I would like to teach and conduct research at a university.Joshua PakDr. Courtney Jenkins, Mr. Kyler B. Sayer
Mirabello, RobertDCSwarthmore CollegePALife SciencesPh.D. in biochemistry. Conduct biochemical and genetic research to investigate metabolic pathways and disorders.Melissa MandosDr. Orna Cohen-Fix, Dr. Richa Maheshwari, Dr. Liliya Yatsunyk
Mobin, DuaVAGeorgetown UniversityDCLife SciencesI will pursue an MD/PhD in Tumor Biology focusing on microscopy, creating therapeutics tailored to minorities, treating patients and advocating to implement new cancer treatments in underserved areas.William CessatoDr. Rebecca Riggins, Dr. Heidi Elmendorf, Dr. Patrick Johnson
Molitor, AustinILWashington and Lee UniversityVAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Pure Mathematics. Research number theory and teach at the university level.Matthew LoarProfessor Carrie Finch-Smith
Moore, JordanORBrigham Young University-ProvoUTLife SciencesPh.D. in Genetics & Genomics. Conduct research to produce the next generation of cutting-edge diagnostic assays and therapeutics.Barry BickmoreDr. Timothy Jenkins, Mr. Chad Pollard, Dr. Jonathon Hill
Mora Sanchez, JoshuaARUniversity of ArkansasAREngineeringI will obtain and conduct a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. I plan to conduct research on the electrification of aircrafts and work in the space industry.Suzanne McCrayDr. Han Hu, Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz
Morales, MelanyFLNorthwestern UniversityILPsychologyPhD in Developmental Psychology. Conduct research in psychology investigating how early childhood experiences and neuroplasticity shape emerging language and social-emotional skills.LaTanya WilliamsDr. Sandra Waxman, Dr. Laurel Gabard-Durnam, Dr. Kali Woodruff Carr
Moran, DylanTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research on developing new reaction methodologies using bifunctional photocatalysts and teach at the university level.Andrew ChapmanDr. Oleg Larionov, Dr. Lydia Contreras, Dr. Hadi Arman
Mosberger, JasmineCOWellesley CollegeMALife SciencesObtain a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. Develop models for brain-computer interfaces to understand, predict, and treat neurological disorders.Katherine DailingerProfessor Mike Wiest, Dr. Sharmelee Selvaraji, Julia Pai
Motati, RamyaTXUniversity of North TexasTXEngineeringI plan to conduct research in biomedical engineering at a major research university, with a focus on developing rehabilitative technology for orthopedic injuries.James DubanProfessor Dr. William E. Acree, Jr., Associate Professor Dr. Amir Jafari
Mrksich, KaitlinILUniversity of PennsylvaniaPAEngineeringM.D./Ph.D. in Bioengineering. Conduct basic scientific and translational research in drug discovery and delivery to develop personalized therapeutics, teach, and mentor at the university level.Wallace GenserDr. Michael Mitchell, Dr. Marshall Padilla, Dr. Chad Mirkin
Muehr, AndrewWIUniversity of Oklahoma-Norman CampusOKGeosciencesPh.D. in Meteorology. Conduct research on thunderstorm and hurricane dynamics and teach at the university level.Brian JohnsonDr. James Ruppert, Dr. Matt Flournoy, Dr. John Peters
Mukherji, DevarshiMIUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborMIMedicineI intend to pursue an MD/PhD and conduct translational neuro-oncology research. I hope to be a principal investigator and see patients at an academic center.Melissa VertDr. Maria Castro, Dr. Pedro Lowenstein, Dr. Santiago Haase
Muñoz, XochitlCAUniversity of Alaska FairbanksAKGeosciencesPh.D. in Paleontology. Research early mammalian evolution and work as a university professor or museum curator.Eugenie EuskirchenDr. Patrick Druckenmiller, Dr. Sarah Fowell, Dr. Beth Caissie
Murillo-Espinoza, OscarCACalifornia State University-Monterey BayCAMathematical SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in mathematics. I would like to instruct the next generation of mathematicians at a four-year institution.John BanksDr. Alison Lynch, Dr. Jim Brown, Dr. Lipika Deka
Myzelev, EricNYUniversity of PennsylvaniaPAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in algebraic combinatorics and teach at the university level.Wallace GenserDr. Peter Johnson, Dr. Lu Lu, Mr. Marc Muhleisen
Nakura-Fan, KevinWAUniversity of Washington-Seattle CampusWACISEI aim to pursue a Ph.D. in Computational Design and Manufacturing. I aspire to work at a national laboratory to enable advanced manufacturing methods that will enhance national defense and security.Chetana AcharyaMr. Daniel Revier, Professor Jeffrey Lipton, Professor Vitaly Ablavsky
Naranjo Mendez, JoseOROregon State UniversityOREngineeringPh.D in Chemical Engineering. Conduct research in development of renewable, sustainable energy and the chemical upcycling of plastics to pursue a career in National Laboratories and Academia.LeAnn Joy AdamProfessor Lucas Ellis, Ms. Selena Moore, Mr. Dimitri Gatzios
Navarrete, JosueCACalifornia State University-San MarcosCACISEPh.D in Data Science. Conduct interdisciplinary research with a focus of ecology and biology. Become a professor and help provide community colleges guided research programs.Robert IafeProfessor of Biology Dr. Elinne Becket, Academic Advisor Arti Dua, Associate Director Dr. Denise Garcia
Newton, KatelynCAUniversity of PortlandORChemistryI aim to get a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry. I hope to teach at a university and contribute to interdisciplinary research focused on the development of novel therapeutic compounds.Cara HershAssoc. Prof of Mathematics Dr. Eli Goldwyn, Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Shuting Yan, Chemistry Instructor Dr. Daniel Osborne
Nguyen, PaulORUniversity of South AlabamaALEngineeringI hope to advance medicine and technology simultaneously by obtaining an M.D./Ph.D. in biomedical engineering to study cancer links due to protein behavior and biomolecular coacervation/aggregation.David ForbesDr. Jerelle Joseph, Mr. Nathaniel Hess
Nicastro, ArielTNMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTNPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in condensed matter physics. Conduct research on quantum materials and nanotechnology, and participate in related mentorship and outreach.Laura ClippardDr. Hanna Terletska, Dr. Wolfgang Losert, Dr. William Robertson
Nicholls, SarahNHUniversity of New Hampshire-Main CampusNHLife SciencesPh.D. in Genetics or Molecular Biology. Conduct research in human genetics or genomics from a biomedical standpoint, focusing on disease mechanism and treatment.Leigh PrattDr. Matthew MacManes
Nicholson, RoseINIndiana University-BloomingtonINLife SciencesPh.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/D.V.M. Conduct research in conservation genetics to maintain and increase healthy populations of species with an added focus on mentorship and outreach.Jo Anne TracyDr. Erik Ragsdale, Dr. Nicholas Levis, Dr. Michael Manzella
Nilkant, RiyaCAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCALife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Research molecular mechanisms behind diseases using interdisciplinary methods of computational biology, engineering, and wet lab, to answer clinical questions.Nick Alward-SaxonDr. Kenneth S. Kosik, Dr. Soojin V. Yi, Dr. Michael Ma
Nisoli, VictoriaNMUniversity of New Mexico-Main CampusNMChemistryPh.D. in Chemistry. Conduct research as a synthetic chemist and teach in an academic or laboratory setting.Kiyoko SimmonsDr. Jennifer Hollingsworth, Dr. Lisa Whalen, Dr. David Keller
Nokes, LiamMADartmouth CollegeNHLife SciencesPh.D. in Microbial Ecology. Conduct research on the ecology and evolutionary biology of microbial communities, especially fungi, and teach at the university level.Christie HarnerDr. Bala Chaudhary, Mr. Paul Metzler, Dr. Jen Gonzalez
Noori, AyushWAHarvard UniversityMALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in artificial intelligence for biomedicine. Innovate AI-enabled technologies to discover new diagnostics and therapeutics for neurological diseases and other challenging medical conditions.Pamela GaddiDr. Marinka Zitnik, Dr. Sudeshna Das, Dr. George Church
North, AllieTXBaylor UniversityTXGeosciencesPh.D. in Planetary Geoscience or Geophysics to conduct research and teach at University level. I am interested in using geophysical techniques to study behavior and composition of other planets.Jeffrey OlafsenDr. Peter James, Mr. Nick Wagner, Dr. Walter Kiefer
Nowaskie, GabrielKYWestern Kentucky UniversityKYPhysics and AstronomyI will pursue a PHD in theoretical physics, specializing in theoretical mechanics and quantum physics, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship until I obtain a university research and teaching position.Cory DoddsMr Tony Simpao
O'Boyle, SeanWAUnited States Naval AcademyMDLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Serve as a military physician and researcher developing prevention tools for viruses and neurological diseases caused by viral infection at an academic institution.Peter BreretonProfessor Ina P. O'Carroll, Professor Michelle E. Jamer, Doctor Adam Saperstein
O'Grady, KerrinNYSyracuse UniversityNYEngineeringPh.D. in Neural Engineering. Lead research in a national lab to find ways to repair in vivo damage and make the world more accessible for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities.Jolynn ParkerDr. James Henderson, Ph.D. Candidate Elizabeth Oguntade
O'Mara, NeenaNJVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAMedicinePh.D. in biomedical sciences with a focus on cardiac pathologies. Oversee a lab at a research-focused university and pursue projects expanding research access in underserved areas.Christina McIntyreDr. Jia-Qiang He
Omodt, LukeMNAugsburg UniversityMNMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Materials Science. Conduct thin film research in the industry setting.Dixie ShaferDr. Jeff Walter, Professor Darrell G. Schlom, Professor Moumita Dasgupta
O'Neal, AsaKYUniversity of KentuckyKYEngineeringPh.D. in Aerospace Engineering. Conduct research in electric propulsion technologies and contribute to space exploration missions.Pat WhitlowDr. Sean Bailey, Mr. Matthew Underwood, Dr. Suzanne Smith
Osegueda Velazquez, BrayanWAWashington State UniversityWAEngineeringI plan to receive a Ph.D in Bioengineering. I will pursue a research career in academia as faculty and expand the protein engineering field by inspiring students to explore protein versatility.Mary Sanchez-LanierProfessor Alla S. Kostukova, Mr. Nickolas C. Starks, Professor Mary Sanchez-Lanier
Otubu, GabrielMDUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMDLife SciencesI aspire to obtain a Neuroscience or Neuro-oncology MD/PhD to be a research scientist and professor at a university researching neurological disorders and providing novel treatments to patients.April HouseholderDr. Rachel Brewster, Ms. Prableen Chowdhary
Palmer, JadenIDIdaho State UniversityIDEngineeringPh.D in Nuclear Engineering. Conduct research for a national laboratory in reactor physics and artificial intelligence for nuclear nonproliferation and autonomous reactor operation.Joshua PakDr. Marco Schoen, Ms. Ashley Shields, Dr. Ryan Stewart
Pan, EmilyNJUniversity of California-San DiegoCAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in experimental particle physics and teach at the university level.David ArtisProfessor Liang Yang, Professor Karri DiPetrillo, Professor Javier Duarte
Pandya, ChanakyaOHMiami University-OxfordOHPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics with a focus on Quantum Information. Research Quantum Computing in industry and help build more versatile quantum computers.Paul UrayamaDr. Samir Bali, Mr. Stone Oliver, Dr. Paul Urayama
Pang-Naylor, KerriaCAHarvey Mudd CollegeCAMathematical SciencesPh.D in applied mathematics with a specialization in data science. Conduct research into machine learning theory, optimization, and probabilistic inference.Carissa SaugstadProfessor Heather Zinn-Brooks, Professor George Montanez
Paranjothi, CeciliaKSUniversity of KansasKSChemistryObtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Conduct chemistry research on the development of clean energy at a national laboratory.Erin WolframDr. James Blakemore, Mr. Davis Curry
Parry, KatherinePACarnegie Mellon UniversityPAEngineeringI aspire to become a research professor in computer engineering, supplemented with a background in physics and material sciences.Richelle BernazzoliDr. Lawrence Pileggi, Professor David Harris, Dr. Neil Burgess
Patchen, NathanUTUniversity of UtahUTLife SciencesI aim to pursue a Ph.D. in Genomics/Molecular Biology and perform research towards developing genome editing technology for medicinal applications.Alison ShimkoDr. Yang Liu
Patel, NishaPADrexel UniversityPALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research investigating the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis with the goal of advancing therapeutic treatments for marginalized populations.Leah GatesDr. Amber Alhadeff, Dr. Yi Zhu, Dr. Jennifer Stanford
Patel, TirthMIUniversity of Michigan-Ann ArborMIMedicineI intend to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. in neuro-oncology and biomedical engineering. As a physician-scientist, I aspire to focus on targeted therapies for brain tumors at the Neuro-Oncology Branch of NIH.Melissa VertDr. Carl Koschmann, Dr. Anish Tuteja, Dr. Paul Price
Patrinos, DemetriosPAWashington and Lee UniversityVALife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular Biology with the goal of a research career that focuses on the molecular mechanics of diseases to create therapeutics.Matthew LoarDr. Gregg Whitworth, Dr. Fiona Watson
Patwa, HamzaTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXPhysics and AstronomyMy career goal is to obtain a PhD in physics and conduct research in quantum foundations and/or quantum gravity. I aim to become a professor at a research university.Andrew ChapmanDr. Rafael Lopez-Mobilia, Dr. Jose Morales Escalante, Dr. Philip Kurian
Pena, CristianFLFlorida Atlantic UniversityFLEngineeringPh.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Conduct research in aerospace applications and contribute to advancements in aerospace technology at a national laboratory.Jessica CornelyDr. Myeongsub Kim, Dr. Tricia Meredith
Perez, ShaheedFLFlorida State UniversityFLPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Theoretical Physics. Conduct research in high-energy physics, specifically in Quantum Gravity and Black Holes, and become a tenured Professor.Jesse WielandDr. Yuko Hori, Dr. Kevin Huffenberger, Mr. Jesse Wieland
Peters, SerenaCASyracuse UniversityNYChemistryPh.D. in Environmental Chemistry and Technology. Conduct research on water contamination and become a teaching professor with a research lab.Jolynn ParkerDr. Jon French, Dr. Tim Korter, Mr. Salvatore Zarrella
Pfau, ElizabethCOSaint Louis UniversityMOChemistryPh.D. in Analytical Chemistry. Conduct research regarding physiological responses to stress to improve understanding of chronic stress and teach at the university level.Rebecca MuichDr. Asmira Alagic, Dr. Damon Osbourn
Phelps, BradyOHOhio University-Main CampusOHCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in a national laboratory in the fields of quantum information and visualizations before teaching and researching at the university level.Christopher LewisDr. Chad Mourning, Dr. Chang Liu, Dr. Walter Krawec
Philip, AaronNMMichigan State UniversityMIPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in theoretical physics. Research, collaborate, and mentor at a university or national laboratory and address open physics problems using high-performance computing, applied mathematics, and AI.Kristin JankaProfessor Witold Nazarewicz, Professor Kyle Godbey, Dr. Pablo Giuliani
Pixley, JoshuaMAUniversity of ChicagoILChemistryI hope to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemistry focused in Chemical Biology. I intend to pursue a career in drug discovery and the development of novel therapeutics.Nichole FazioDr. Matthew Styles, Professor Bryan Dickinson
Polania, MichaelNJThe College of New JerseyNJPhysics and AstronomyObtain a Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and become a research scientist at a private institution or government laboratory specializing in cosmology and particle physics.Sunita KramerDr. Mariah MacDonald, Dr. Lauranne Lanz
Polk, JermiahTXAbilene Christian UniversityTXChemistryI would like to obtain a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and conduct research in biomimetic chemical synthesis.Diana FlanaganDr. Greg Powell, Dr. Cynthia Powell
Polydefkis, ElizabethMDBrown UniversityRIEngineeringI aim to become a faculty member conducting research as part of an interdisciplinary team developing medical devices and assistive technology to improve independence for those with disabilities.Joel SimundichDr. Dr. Jeremy Brown, Dr. General Rich Morales, Dr. Dr. Celinda Kofron
Ponce Velez, RobertoOROregon State UniversityORLife SciencesMy overarching career goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Fisheries Biology. I want to conduct research on Native fish in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on redband trout and other native endemic species.LeAnn Joy AdamDr. Melanie J. Davis, Mrs. Shalynn Pack, Dr. Jonathan Armstrong
Powell, SamuelKSMidAmerica Nazarene UniversityKSChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Work in the pharmaceutical industry designing new and improved synthetic pathways to make drug molecules.Chelsea ComadollDr. Chelsea Comadoll, Dr. Vy Dong, Dr. Jordan Mantha
Powers, EmmaMNUniversity of Notre DameINLife SciencesPh.D. in Cancer Biology. Conduct industry research in oncology therapeutic development.Emily HuntDr. Laurie Littlepage, Dr. Steven Offer
Prauner, TaiNEUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaNEMedicineM.D./Ph.D in Cancer Biology and Genomics. Conduct research in therapeutics for pediatric oncology in relation to epigenetics at the university level.Lucy MorrisonDr. Ryan Wong, Dr. John Conrad, Mr. Jim Specht
Pritha, ArianaNMUniversity of New Mexico-Main CampusNMLife SciencesPh.D. in Translational and Clinical Neuroscience. Conduct research in neuroscience and teach as a tenure-track professor in both academic and lab settings.Kiyoko SimmonsAssistant Professor Shahani Noor, Professor Erin Milligan, Professor Cristina Takacs
Rajan, DilshanMNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMNEngineeringMD/ Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering. I would like to conduct translational research in medical device development and to bridge the gap between engineering and medicine.Timothy JonesCo-Director of Otopath Lab Dr. Rafael Monsanto, MD, Ph.D, Gemini Chair- Entrepreneurship Dr. Mark Sanders, Ph.D, MBA, Professor of Otolaryngology Dr Sebahattin Cureoglu, MD
Ramesh, KaitlynMANortheastern UniversityMALife SciencesI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in Computational Biology and lead a systems biology lab that uses bioinformatics and modeling to investigate the gene regulatory mechanisms that drive tissue regeneration.Jonna IaconoDr. Mingyang Lu, Dr. Max Prigozhin, Dr. Helen Markewich
Ramey, EthanGALee UniversityTNLife SciencesI would like to obtain a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and ecology so that I may study the genetic relationships between living things. Marine life is of particular interest to me.Kevin UngDr. Thaddeus McRae, Dr. Sherry Kasper, Dr. Michael Freake
Ramirez, EfrainCACalifornia State University-Monterey BayCAPsychologyPh.D. in Psychological Clinical Science or Clinical Psychology. Conduct research in psychometrics and quantitative psychology and teach at the university level.John BanksDr. Danielle Burchett, Dr. Paul B. Ingram, Dr. Renee Penalver
Ramos, DemmiNCLenoir-Rhyne UniversityNCMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Applied Mathematics. Conduct research in climate dynamics with a focus on spatiotemporal models and numerical forecasts to understand the state of Earth's atmospheric system.Daniel GrimmDr. Timothy Goldberg, Dr. Jennifer Garbett, Dr. John Gemmer
Randolph, PatrickVAJames Madison UniversityVAChemistryI intend to get a PhD in either organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry and secure an industry job researching new drugs.Klebert FeitosaDr. Gretchen Peters, Dr. Barbara Reisner, Dr. Thomas Devore
Rasquinha, GiselleNYGeorgetown UniversityDCLife SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in virology and run a lab, leading efforts to investigate disease by studying defects in cellular/molecular processes, using that knowledge to reshape disease prevention strategiesWilliam CessatoChair, Professor, Georgetown Prof. John Casey, Vice President of Research Dr. Karina Yazdanbakhsh, Associate Professor, Duke SOM Prof. Dennis Ko
Ray, EthanMDGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusGAMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Conduct research in the synthesis and fabrication of functional nanomaterials and nanostructures as a professor.Karen MuraProfessor Joshua D. Caldwell, Dr. Saurabh Dixit, Mr. Cooper Voigt
Reheard, BridgetPAPennsylvania State University-Main CampusPALife SciencesPh.D. in Conservation Biology. Research how toxicological contaminants influence the genetics and communities of fisheries resources.Tineka LebrunMr. Samuel Shaheen, Dr. Paola Ferreri, Dr. Susan Brantley
Reynolds, Molly ALUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamALLife SciencesI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience with interests in neuronal development, maturation, and aging. I hope to work in academia at the university level teaching and conducting research.Cristin GavinDr. HaoSheng Sun
Rice, MorganNJGeorgetown UniversityDCMedicineM.D./Ph.D. in Cancer Biology. Conduct clinical and laboratory research in cancer cell metastasis.William CessatoDr. Esther Braselmann, Ms. Nadia Sarfraz
Riess, JonathanTNGeorgetown UniversityDCPhysics and AstronomyResearch professor in high energy theory, using setups with extra dimensions including string theory and holography to study nonperturbative QCD, the quantum gravity landscape, and BSM physics.William CessatoProfessor Hovhannes Grigoryan, Professor Der-Chen Chang, Professor Ragnar Stroberg
Rodriguez, RebecaTXWellesley CollegeMALife SciencesPh.D. in Immunology and M.D. with a specialty in Oncology. Research the immune evasion of cancer to develop and implement innovative treatments for various diseases and teach at the university level.Katherine DailingerProfessor of Chemistry Christopher Arumainayagam, Dr. Jared Rowe, Dr, Assistant Professor Cara Haymaker
Rollinson, LisaTXTexas A & M University-College StationTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Entomology. Conduct entomological research on the basic biology of insects to further their use in agriculture while teaching at the university level.Sumana DattaMr. Noah Lemke, Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin, Dr. Torsten Dikow
Ronnen, RebeccaNJNew York UniversityNYLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Oncology. Conduct research in tumorigenesis and the brain microenvironment's impact on cancer progress and treat patients with brain tumors at an academic hospital.Kurt DaviesDr. Dimitris Placantonakis, Dr. Shuai Wang, Dr. Sara Haddock
Rose, MadeleineCAUniversity of California-DavisCAPsychologyPh.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Conduct research at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology, and artificial intelligence while teaching at the university level, and mentoring students.Scott PalmerDr. Camelia Hostinar, Dr. Riley Bove, Dr. Rashmi Bhandari
Rucker, CarolineVAUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCEngineeringPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research as a university faculty member in the field of immunoengineering. Develop biomaterials for disease diagnosis and treatment.Jennifer BessDr. Michael Gower, Mr. Kidochukwu Atube
Rudisel, EmmaMIHope CollegeMILife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in understanding altering signaling pathways in cancer for new therapeutic targeting at the industry level.Jonathan PetersonDr. Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed, Dr. Stephanie Grainger, Dr. Kelsey Carpenter
Sahin, SarpTXWashington and Lee UniversityVAMedicinePh.D. in Biomedical Data Science. Conduct research at an NIH Big Data to Knowledge Center to evaluate early motor and neural development interventions for patients affected by neuromuscular diseases.Matthew LoarDr. Sophia Ulman, Dr. Carlos Cruchaga, Dr. Gregg Whitworth
Saleh, ZeinNEUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnNEPsychologyPh.D. in Social Psychology. Conduct experimental research on social categorization & cognition and the effects of racial diversity on attitudes and intergroup relations. Teach at the university level.Courtney SantosDr. Ingrid Haas, Dr. Pierce Ekstrom, Dr. Shalini Gautam
Salman, HebaNYSkidmore CollegeNYPsychologyPh.D. in social psychology. I aim to conduct research on racial bias, publish articles in academic journals to increase outreach, and become a professor at liberal arts college.Marla MelitoDr. Leigh Wilton, Dr. Micheal Dunn, Dr. Amon Emeka
Salrin, TylerIACoe CollegeIAMaterials ResearchPh.D. in Materials Science. Research material optimization through investigating foundation principles of materials, either in industry or as a professor at the university level.Amber ShawDr. Caio Bragatto, Dr. Rebecca Welch, Dr. Collin Wilkinson
Sanchez Hernandez, Danna ValentinaCTNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyNJLife SciencesPh.D. in Biology. Advancing biomedical research with fish models and innovating marine bioinspired technology as a lead primary investigator in a naval research lab.John CarpinelliDr. Brooke Flammang, Ph.D Amani Webber-Schultz, Dr. Paul E. Hoyt-O'Connor
Savoy, KaitlynKSUniversity of KansasKSLife SciencesI plan to earn a Ph.D. in microbiology and conduct, facilitate, and share research in microbiology as a P.I.Erin WolframDr. Benjamin Sikes
Scafuri, LawrenceCOUniversity of Colorado Colorado SpringsCOPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in physics. Conduct research in quantum field theory and become a university professor.Susan TaylorProfessor Ezio Iacocca
Scarrow, EmilyMEBates CollegeMEMedicineConduct clinical research in the field of oncofertility.Robert StrongDr. William Wallace, Dr. Carol Thiele, Dr. Lori Banks
Schwartzman, CamelliaILMacalester CollegeMNMaterials ResearchObtain a PhD in materials science or applied physics. Conduct research in renewable energy technologies at a national laboratory.Ann MinnickDr. James Doyle, Dr. Jung Han Kim, Yujin Song
Schwegman, LanceTXThe University of Texas at San AntonioTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Immunology. Conduct immunological research in industry to aid in the development of novel therapeutics for inflammatory conditions.Andrew ChapmanDr. Thomas Forsthuber, Dr. Itay Raphael, Dr. Gary Kohanbash
Scroggins, JakobMOThe University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleTNMaterials ResearchI plan to earn a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering and continue to conduct research on sustainable development of energy-storage devices.Laura De FurioDr. David Harper, Dr. David Keffer, Dr. Lu Yu
Seehorn, MargaretTNGrinnell CollegeIACISEPhD in computer science, with an emphasis on Human-Computer Interaction. Conduct research surrounding assistive technologies and teach at the university level.Ann LandstromProfessor Nicole Eikmeier, Professor Jennifer Mankoff, Ms. Naomie Williams
Sehdev, SanciaMABoston CollegeMAMedicineMD/PhD in environmental health. Practice medicine as a neurologist or psychiatrist, conduct environmental health research focused on the brain, and be an active climate advocate.Jason CavallariDr. Philip J Landrigan, Dr. Bogdan Draganski, Dr. Kathleen Bailey
Sevik, RobertILIllinois State UniversityILPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Optics or Molecular Physics followed by a postdoc fellowship. In the distant future, I would like to teach at a graduate level and be part of a large research group or work at a national lab.Gina HunterDr. Uttam Manna, Dr. Mahua Biswas, Dr. Jay Ansher
Seyfarth, LenaWIThe University of AlabamaALLife SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in biology, conducting research on infectious diseases as a lead investigator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Jeff GrayDr. Brandon J. Kim, Dr. Guy A. Caldwell, Dr. Kim A. Caldwell
Shales, EllenILRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyINEngineeringI am interested in a multidisciplinary Ph.D. program in bioengineering and neuroscience. I want to create innovative techniques to solve pressing medical challenges.William WeinerDr. Ari Rosenberg, Dr. Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Mr. Luke Regan
Shamia, AmenaNYCUNY LaGuardia Community CollegeNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. Conduct research and work at the CDC.Howard MotoikeDr Claudette Davis, Dr Tonya Hendrix, Dr Xueling Wu
Shar, AndyFLVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVAMaterials ResearchMD-PhD in Biomaterials. Conduct translational research in tissue engineering and direct a research program at an academic institution.Jeff WingDr. Daeha Joung
Shen, JerryMDUniversity of Maryland-College ParkMDMedicineM.D./Ph.D. in molecular medicine. I will lead a research program in cancer and immune cell migration to develop therapeutics against metastasis using a multi-scale machine learning based approach.Robert InfantinoDr. Wolfgang Losert, Dr. Maureen Goodenow
Si, MichelleCADuke UniversityNCCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research regarding the societal impact of algorithms, contribute to industrial research labs, and teach at the university level.Gwen VolmarProfessor Jian Pei, Professor Ezra Miller, Dr. Brendan Lucier
Siciliano, AndrewNVUniversity of Nevada-RenoNVGeosciencesI aspire to earn a PhD in Earth Science, focusing my research on the dynamic history of oxygen in the ocean-atmosphere system.Jason LuddenDr. Philipp Ruprecht, Dr. Joel DesOrmeau, Dr. Simon Poulson
Siddhartha, ShriyaTXSouthern Methodist UniversityTXMedicineM.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct translational research on neurodegeneration, see patients as a neurologist, and teach at the medical college level.Brandon MillerDr. Alex Lippert, Dr. Joerg Leheste, Dr. Brian Zoltowski
Siegel, CarlyPATufts UniversityMALife SciencesObtain a PhD in Molecular Biology. Conduct research full time and become the Principal Investigator of my own lab.Anne MooreDr. Mitch McVey, Dr. Anthony Monaco, Dr. Hannah Gavin
Singer-Freeman, ElenaNCWake Forest UniversityNCLife SciencesI aspire to obtain a Ph.D. in molecular biology and become a research scientist researching the molecular mechanisms of pathologies.James PeaseDr. Joshua Currie, Dr. Hermann Haller, Dr. Jeremy Dasen
Singley, AnnaILUniversity of PortlandORMathematical SciencesPhD in applied mathematics. Conduct interdisciplinary biomathematics research and teach at the university level.Cara HershDr. Hannah Highlander, Dr. Carrie Manore, Dr. Jessica Logue
Sliger, ShelbyINPurdue University-Main CampusINLife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct cancer research in the field of epigenetics and teach at the university level.Veronica SchirmDr. Joe Ogas, Dr. Clint Chapple, Dr. Mark Hall
Smith, BradyORTulane University of LouisianaLALife SciencesMD/PhD in Cancer Biology. Identify and implement novel modalities for detecting pre-metastatic and recurrent soft-tissue sarcomas.Thomas SpencerDr. Liya Pi, Drs. Summer Gibbs and Melissa Wong, Dr. Meenakshi Vijayaraghavan
Smith, ChristopherWVWest Virginia UniversityWVEngineeringAfter obtaining my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, I will pursue a research career designing diagnostic devices that improve the quality of care available in resource-reduced regions of the world.Candice BrownDr. Soumya Srivastava, Mr. Raphael Oladokun
Smith, JayannaOHOhio University-Main CampusOHLife SciencesPh.D. in molecular biology to study the role of RNA in increased bacterial toxicity or virulence. My goal is to research and teach as a university professor or through a federal or state program.Christopher LewisDr. Ronan Carroll, Dr. Laura Saltman, Dr. Janet Duerr
Smith, WilliamTXBaylor UniversityTXPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Applied Physics. Conduct research at the intersection of physics and chemistry while teaching at the university level.Jeffrey OlafsenDr. Darrin Bellert, Dr. Rizalia Klausmeyer, Dr. Naomi Halas
Smith , Dana FLFlorida Atlantic UniversityFLEngineeringI will obtain a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and become a leading researcher specializing in data-driven structural health monitoring and smart cities.Jessica CornelyDr. Jinwoo Jang, Dr. Donna Chamely-Wiik
Sobottka, DevinWIUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireWILife SciencesI plan to pursue a career in biochemistry studying and making enzymes into catalysts for making drug moleculesErica BensonDr. Tyler J. Doyon, Dr. Heather Ann Moody
Sooter, JohnARUniversity of ArkansasARPhysics and AstronomyI will pursue a Ph.D. in Physics with the aim of conducting research on collective behavior in biological systems.Suzanne McCrayProfessor Woodrow Shew, Dr. Antonio Fontenele
Specht, WilliamMAColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYLife SciencesI hope to further our understanding of how the microenvironment shapes immune cells and to build technologies to enable researchers to develop cell-based therapies to advance human health.Ariella LangMr. Daniel Caron, Dr. Donna Farber, Dr. Peter Sims
Sridhar, AdhvaithMNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMNMedicineI hope to pursue a career as a physician-scientist, providing compassionate care, conducting research to improve health and care outcomes, and advancing the frontier of science.Timothy JonesDr. Nathan Schuldt, Dr. James Harmon, Dr. Jodie Babitt
Srivastava, SimbaVAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityVAGeosciencesPh.D. in paleobiology(Geosciences/Evolutionary biology). Conduct research in vertebrate paleontology and teach at the university level or curate museum collections.Christina McIntyreProfessor Sterling Nesbitt, Professor Matthew Carrano, Professor Spencer Hellert
Stanley, TessNYLafayette CollegePALife SciencesPursue a PhD in neurobiology focusing on neural development, regeneration, and glial cell research. I aim to lead a neuroscience research lab in an academic or government research institution.Julia GoldbergDr. Tamara Stawicki, Dr. Lucas Cheadle, Dr. Wendy Hill
Stettler, MarcoVACollege of William and MaryVALife SciencesPh.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct research in neuroscience and teach at the university level.Michael ClayProfessor Christopher Del Negro, Professor Jens Rekling, Professor Jennifer Bestman
Stewart, AngelicaFLHoward UniversityDCCISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Conduct research in artificial intelligence and machine learning to address environmental challenges and teach at the university level.Theon Gruber FordDr. Sonya Smith, Dr. Jeremy Blackstone, Dr Joseph Wilkins
Stiadle, BenjaminOHOhio University-Main CampusOHLife SciencesI plan to earn my Ph.D. in molecular biology before pursuing a biomedical research career in either academia or industry, combining mathematical modeling with lab work to address human health issues.Christopher LewisDr. Craig S. Nunemaker, Ms. Kathryn Corbin, Dr. Thomas I. Stiadle
Stough-Lacking, SanaaTXTexas A & M University-College StationTXPsychologyPh.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. Conduct research on neurological and psychological disorders focusing on a biopsychosocial approach and teach at the university level.Sumana DattaDr. Noni Gaylord-Harden, Ms. Manuella Yassa
Stringer, NoellePACollege of the AtlanticMEMathematical SciencesM.S. in Mathematics. Conduct research in mathematics to create art in order to uncover new applications of mathematical concepts.Chris PetersonProfessor Dave Feldman
Sudler, AidanOKUniversity of Oklahoma-Norman CampusOKPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research in atomic and optical physics, collaborate with other faculty on projects, and teach at the university level.Brian JohnsonProfessor Doerte Blume, Professor Qingze Guan
Suero, KeeganFLUniversity of South Florida-Main CampusFLEngineeringObtain a PhD in Mechanical Engineering to innovate scalable, sustainable, non-chemical nanomanufacturing methods. Pursue a career at a national lab or defense research facility.Sayandeb BasuDr. Md Rubayat-E Tanjil, Dr. Michael Cai Wang, Dr. Peter Snapp
Suryadevara, HarishTXThe University of Texas at DallasTXChemistryPh.D. in organic chemistry, lead an academic research group studying catalysis and complex molecule total synthesisDouglas DowProfessor Filippo Romiti, Professor Myles Smith, Professor Joseph Ready
Suzuki, KentaMIMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Pure Mathematics. Conduct research in representation theory and number theory, and teach at a research institution.Catherine KimProfessor Wei Zhang, Professor Roman Bezrukavnikov, Professor Zhiwei Yun
Swanson, ErinWISaint Norbert CollegeWILife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct research in disease diagnosis and treatment.Eric HighDr. Daniel Bondeson, Dr. Larry Scheich, Dr. Anindo Choudhury
Talluri, SohanCAUniversity of California-Los AngelesCALife SciencesMD/PhD in immuno-oncology. Conduct translational research into developing more effective cancer and allergy immunotherapies as a professor at a major academic hospital.Rebecca BlusteinMs. Amy Hong, Dr. Josquin Moraly, Dr. Christopher Chien
Tandar, ClaraUTBrown UniversityRIEngineeringObtain an MD-PhD in Bioengineering. Conduct translational research leveraging technology in the oncological sciences; run a lab and teach/mentor students at the university level.Joel SimundichProfessor Eric Darling, Professor Trudy Oliver, Mr. Ryan Dubay
Tao, EricPAUniversity of PennsylvaniaPALife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Theoretical Neuroscience. Conduct research in mathematical modeling of the human mind and teach at the university level.Wallace GenserDr. Marc Schmidt, Dr. Vijay Balasubramanian, Mr. Gregory Forkin
Tapia, MarcosNCUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroNCChemistryI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Conducting research on nature inspired complexes for advancements in redox chemistry, teaching and leading a lab at the university level.Lee Phillips Dr. Shabnam Hematian, Dr. Nadja Cech, Dr. Jerry Walsh
Taylor, GeorgeMSUniversity of MississippiMSChemistryPh. D. in Chemistry. Teach at the university level and conduct research in biomedical science.Vivian IbrahimMs. Christine Hamadani, Dr. Eden Tanner
Thomas, RashawnGAGeorgia State University-Perimeter CollegeGALife SciencesI will obtain a PhD in biology with a graduate certificate in Astrobiology, then pursue a position as a Research Scientist at The Space Science and Astrobiology Division at NASA Ames Research Center.Lauri GoodlingDr. Cynthia I. Foote, Dr. Mark D. Graves, Dr. David L. Yenerall Jr.
Thompson, AnnamarieALMississippi State UniversityMSMedicinePh.D. in Cancer Biology. Conduct translational and clinical pediatric oncology research on brain tumors at a leading research and teaching hospital.David HoffmanDr. George (Trey) Howell III, Dr. Seyed Javad Moghaddam, Dr. Jian-Xiong Chen
Tibbetts, BenjaminMATufts UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in Neurobiology. Conduct research in molecular genetics and neuroscience in industry or academia, and teach at the university level.Anne MooreDr. Brikha Shrestha, Ms. Yu (Jade) Huan, Ms. Carina Berlingeri
Tieu, EthanFLUniversity of MiamiFLLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Data Science. Leverage computational techniques to propose and conduct innovative neuroscientific studies and ultimately develop neurodegenerative therapies.Erika GreenDr. Stephan Züchner, Dr. Timothy Allen
Tobin, JeremiahSCUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Advance knowledge in biophysics and modeling while working towards research and development in immunology.Jennifer BessDr. Mark Uline
Tobin, LyleTXUniversity of MississippiMSLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D in immunology and oncology. Adapting systems found in microbes, I will design, apply, and trial novel immunotherapies. Will work as principal investigator at a research institute.Vivian IbrahimDr. Joshua Sharp, Dr. Nikki Reinemann, Dr. Jeffrey D. Cirillo
Toguchi-Tani, EllieHIWhitman CollegeWAPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Astrophysics. Conduct research on intrinsic variable stars, researching their applications to probe galactic archaeology and mentor the next generation of underrepresented astronomers.Moira GreshamProfessor Andrea Dobson, Dr. Daniel Hey, Professor Peter Frinchaboy
Tomasko, RachaelOHKenyon CollegeOHLife SciencesI will earn a Ph.D. in ecology. I would like to conduct research to study species interactions in restored wetlands and teach at the collegiate level.Aaron ReinhardDr. Siobhan Fennessy
Tomé, Marie-HélèneNYDuke UniversityNCMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Mathematics. Conduct research in number theory and teach at the university level.Gwen VolmarProfessor Ken Ono, Professor Lillian Pierce, Professor Daniel Sorin
Tong, MabelPAPennsylvania State University-Main CampusPALife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct neurobiology research to better characterize molecular pathways related to neurological diseases to facilitate drug research and discovery.Tineka LebrunDr. Yingwei Mao, Dr. Sarah Chancellor, Dr. Charles Anderson
Tran, AndrewPATemple UniversityPACISEPh.D. in Computer Science. Research how Large Language Models can democratize design and provide accessibility for learning in the classroom.Barbara GorkaAssistant Professor Dr. Stephen MacNeil, Professor and Chair Dr. Jamie Payton, Associate Professor Dr. Paul Denny
Trendler, RileyILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignILEngineeringI intend to obtain a PhD in nuclear engineering and perform fusion energy research. I hope to help develop liquid lithium plasma facing components that help make fusion energy commercially viable.David SchugMr. Steven Stemmley, Professor David Ruzic, Dr. Arnold Lumsdaine
Trotter, Jackson TNThe University of Texas at DallasTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Immunology. Lead a biomedical lab studying host-pathogen interactions to instruct vaccine design. Teach at the university level.Douglas DowDr. Eva LaDow, Dr. Michael Reese, Dr. Courtney Schroeder
Unger, MatthewCAUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraCALife SciencesPhD. Computational and Systems Biology. Understand disease mechanisms; predict and develop new therapeutics.Nick Alward-SaxonDr. Kenneth Kosik, Dr. Andrew Longhini, Dr. Stuart Feinstein
Vaccaro, Gabriella NYStony Brook UniversityNYLife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics; Conduct research in pathological sciences or evolutionary biology (either human or marine vertebrate paleontology) and teach at the university level.Ashley StaplesDr. David McKinnon, Dr. Barbara Rosati
Vargas, PaulinaNMThe University of Texas at El PasoTXPsychologyI will obtain a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience to become a Principal Investigator in the Biomedical Sciences at a Hispanic-serving institution.Jennifer GreenProfessor Sergio D. Iñiguez, Ms. Anapaula Themann, Dr. Israel Garcia-Carachure
Vargas Altamirano, AlejandroCTBucknell UniversityPAMathematical SciencesPhD in pure mathematics. Conduct research in pure math at a university.Margaret MarrDr. Nathan Ryan
Vaziri, ParisaTXYale UniversityCTLife SciencesObtain a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, become a principal investigator, conduct research in systems/circuits/behavioral neuroscience, and teach at the university level.Emma-Jane RoseProfessor Damon Clark, Professor Tom Clandinin, Professor Kristin Scott
Velez, SebastianTXTexas State UniversityTXLife SciencesPh.D. in Biochemistry. Conduct biomedical research full-time.Elizabeth BishopDr. Karen Lewis, Dr. Adrien Chauvier, Mr. Alexander Lin
Victorio, ClaraTXColumbia University in the City of New YorkNYEngineeringI plan to obtain a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and develop novel therapeutics and drug delivery strategies to treat human diseases leading a lab in the R&D sector of a biotechnology company.Ariella LangProfessor Nicholas Sawyer
Villa, ChloeOHUniversity of ToledoOHChemistryPh.D. in Organic Chemistry. Conduct organic chemistry research in the pharmaceutical industry to synthesize and discover impactful medicines.Chessica OetjensDr. Wei Li, Mr. Alex Nguyen, Dr. Michael Young
Villarosa, AlvinTNClaremont McKenna CollegeCALife SciencesM.D./Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Conduct electrophysiology research in neural mechanisms of neurological disorders for clinical application at an academic medical institution or research medical center.Yi Shun LaiProfessor Alison Harris, Dr. Andrew C. Edmondson, Professor Wei-Chin Hwang
Voce, GiannaNYSyracuse UniversityNYCISEPh.D. in computational neuroscience. Pursue research in biologically-inspired Artificial Intelligence in industry.Jolynn ParkerDr. Heena Rathore, Dr. Arthur Michalek, Dr. Qinru Qiu
Wade, HarrisonTNThe University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleTNPsychologyI will pursue a PhD in neuropsychology. My goal is to conduct research on brain activity associated with disorders and coping mechanisms while teaching at a research institution.Laura De FurioDr. Rebecca A. Prosser, Dr. Don Windham, Dr. Sylvia H. Pastor
Wadzinske, AlenaWIUniversity of St ThomasMNLife SciencesI plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics or Computational Biology. I will model pharmaceuticals, analyze genetics, or contribute to biomedical innovations, and possibly teach at a university.Codrina PopescuDr. Justin Donato, Dr. Cassandra McCorison
Wagner, NathanWIUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWIPhysics and AstronomyPh.D. in Physics. Conduct research at a U.S. Dept. of Energy national laboratory in collaboration with academic partners. Emphasis on novel carbon-neutral energy generation and distribution methods.Julie StubbsProfessor and WQI Director Mark Saffman, Ph.D., Professor Sridhara Dasu, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Researcher Trent Graham, Ph.D
Walden, EmileeARUniversity of ArkansasARLife SciencesI will obtain a Ph.D. in bioinformatics and genomics to conduct research on biological data using computational and mathematical tools as well as teach and mentor at the university level.Suzanne McCrayDr. Tulin Kaman, Dr. Jamie Hestekin, Dr. Jiahui Chen
Walia, MuskanUTUniversity of UtahUTMathematical SciencesPh.D. in Applied Mathematics. I will develop mathematical models that investigate dynamics of socio-ecological interactions to inform policy and bridge the academic-practitioner divide.Alison ShimkoDr. Frederick R. Adler, Dr. Carlos G. Santana, Dr. Alexander Beams
Walsh, NatalieMOSaint Louis UniversityMOLife SciencesPh.D. in Genetics/Epigenetics. Conduct research in the regulation of gene expression & epigenetic editing and teach at the university level.Rebecca MuichDr. Rajnandani Kashyap, Dr. Edwin Antony
Wang, DanielFLRice UniversityTXMedicineM.D./Ph.D. with a Ph.D. in computational neuro-oncology. Conduct computational research in cancer neuroscience to improve treatment while informed by clinical perspectives as a physician-scientist.Chris BurbridgeDr. Leomar Y. Ballester, Dr. Mustafa A. Amin, Dr. Phyu P. Aung
Wang, JenniferMABrown UniversityRICISEPh.D. in Artificial Intelligence. Conduct research to advance human-centered AI and influence policy on the integration of emerging technologies into society.Joel SimundichProfessor Michael Littman, Professor George Konidaris, Professor Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Wang, KateCAVanderbilt UniversityTNCISEPhD in Computational Neuroscience. Conduct research to identify imaging-based biomarkers for improved early diagnosis of Alzheimer's, teach at the university level, and mentor neuroscience students.Elizabeth Harrington LambertDr. Catie Chang, Dr. Inhan Lee, Dr. Timothy Hohman
Wang, SeanCAWashington University in St LouisMOChemistryPhD in Materials Immunology. Apply molecular dynamics and biomaterials to engineer disordered proteins and bio-inspired polymers that can interface with and modulate neurons and immune cells.Brooke TaylorDr. Rohit Gupta, Dr. Tom Rogers, Mr. Gregory Martinez
Ware, DorothyNJUniversity of FloridaFLMedicineTo obtain an MD/PhD in immunology. Conduct biomedical research investigating the mechanisms of the immune system and how it can be utilized to create novel targeted therapies against cancer.Kelly MedleyDr. Gary Wang, Dr. David Weiner, Dr. Roberto Chiarle
Waters, CodySCClemson UniversitySCMathematical SciencesEarn a Ph.D. in mathematics. Conduct research in harmonic analysis and teach at the university level.Robyn CurtisProfessor Cody Stockdale
Watson, SarahMADartmouth CollegeNHLife SciencesMD/PhD in Neuroimmunology. Conduct research on inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases and work with patients and pharmaceutical companies to develop precision medicine approaches.Christie HarnerDr. Arti Gaur, Dr. Oleg Butovsky, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi
Weaver, SofiaOKBoston UniversityMALife SciencesPh.D. in Evolutionary Biology. Conduct research in primatology, lead a long-term field site, and teach at the university level.Jeffrey BergDr. Christopher Schmitt, Dr. Evelyn Pain, Dr. Christian Gagnon
Weber, IsabelleNEUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaNEMedicineM.D. Ph.D in oncology and cancer research. Help develop lab-based approaches to aid medical professionals in identifying the best treatment course for patients with cancer.Lucy MorrisonDr. Paul Denton, Dr. R. Kate Hyde
Wei, AnnieNJRutgers University-New BrunswickNJMathematical SciencesI'd like to obtain a PhD in pure mathematics and study geometry, analysis, or number theory.Anne WallenProfessor Robert Benedetto, Professor YanYan Li
Wells, TristanMODartmouth CollegeNHLife SciencesPh.D. in Ecology and Evolution. Conduct ecological research and teach at the university level.Christie HarnerProfessor Bala Chaudhary
Wemple, AnnNYUniversity of RichmondVAChemistryM.D./Ph.D. in biochemistry. Conduct research in diseases propagated or exacerbated by environmental factors to determine their long-lasting human health effects.Dana KuchemDr. Michael Leopold, Dr. Angie Hilliker, Dr. Jeffrey Simpson
Wessinger, AudreySCClemson UniversitySCEngineeringObtain a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. Conduct research in drug delivery and genetic engineering to improve the efficacy of medicine, either in antibiotics or cancer therapies.Robyn CurtisDr. Angela Alexander-Bryant, Dr. Jeremy Gilbert, Dr. Jiro Nagatomi
West, OwenNJNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyNJLife SciencesPh.D. in Structural Biology. Publish high impact research on structural proteomics and structure-derived drug discovery, and become the principal investigator of a successful academic lab.John CarpinelliDr. Vivek Kumar, Dr. Vikram Mulligan, Mr. Joseph Dodd-O
Williams, AlyssaTNMississippi State UniversityMSLife SciencesPh.D. in Cognitive neuroscience. Conduct research investigating learning and memory through the lens of computational modeling and neuroimaging. Teach at the university level.David HoffmanDr. Jarrod Moss, Dr. Andrea Stocco, Dr. Henriette van Praag
Wilson, BryceAZUniversity of ArizonaAZLife SciencesM.D./Ph.D in molecular neuroscience. Conduct research on the molecular and genetic basis of neurological disease for the development of targeted therapeutics at an academic medical institution.Karna WalterDr. Andrew Paek, Dr. Daniela Zarnescu, Dr. Michael Kruer
Winters, HelenKSKansas State UniversityKSLife SciencesJoint B.S./M.S. in biology and a Ph.D. in biology. Conduct research as a prairie ecologist for the government or in academia, with a focus on grassland conservation and plant community interactions.Beth PowersDr. Loretta Johnson, Mr. Jack Sytsma
Wood, KenanNCDavidson CollegeNCCISEPhD in Distributed Computation. Conduct research on secure distributed systems and provable cryptographic security in industry.Gaylena MerrittProfessor Jonad Pulaj, Professor Hammurabi Mendes, Professor Maurice Herlihy
Wozniak, NatashaWASkidmore CollegeNYPhysics and AstronomyI intend to get a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and will use the critical physics mindset and the experimental power of chemistry to study the atmospheric impacts of human activity.Marla MelitoDr. Juan Navea, Dr. Evan Halstead
Wu, SophiaMACalifornia Institute of TechnologyCAEngineeringPh.D. in Bioengineering. Dedicated to engineering enzymes to enhance biosynthetic reactions essential in pioneering drug developments and teaching at the university level.Kristin WeymanDr. Frances Arnold, Dr. Thomas C. Südhof, Dr. Jianing Xu
Wyandt, KatelynSCUniversity of South Carolina-ColumbiaSCCISEPh.D. in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Conduct research on the impacts of cultural and cognitive diversity on user experiences with interactive educational technology.Jennifer BessDr. Dezhi Wu
Xu, SidraCAStanford UniversityCALife SciencesPhD in Genomics. Research molecular-level regulation of gene expression across human development via computational methods, teach at the university level, and mentor the next generation of scientists.Jen HopeDr. Sean Wu, Dr. Francisco Galdos, Dr. Miguel Valderrama-Gomez
Yang, AlanaCAUniversity of California-BerkeleyCALife SciencesPh.D. in Molecular Biology. Conduct immunology research as a PI at a university.Alicia HayesDr. Matthew Kan, Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Dr. Fyodor Urnov
Yang, HarrisonKYUniversity of KentuckyKYEngineeringI will obtain a Ph.D. in Bioengineering. This will give me the opportunity to research cancer immunology and mentor students.Pat WhitlowDr. Fanny Chapelin, Dr. Christine Fillmore Brainson, Ms. Jing Yan
Ye, BrandonCAUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCAMedicineMD/PhD in computational biology. Lead a team in computational oncology to develop prognostic models for rare cancers and guide their safe implementation in the clinic at an academic medical center.Katie CapraDr. George Courcoubetis, Dr. Jeremy Mason, Dr. Christa Bancroft
Young-Xu, LukeNHWilliams CollegeMALife SciencesPh.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Teaching and conducting research in plant genetics at the university level.Katerina KingProfessor Lois Banta, Professor Mary Gehring, Elizabeth Hemenway
Zaidi, ZainNYStony Brook UniversityNYChemistryPh.D. in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry. Conduct research in developing & applying gpu-accelerated electronic structure methods for condensed phase systems and teach at the university level.Ashley StaplesDr. Arshad Mehmood, Dr. Benjamin Levine
Zamora Alviarez, DanielaFLUniversity of South Florida-Main CampusFLEngineeringI intend to work in the energy-tech sector to research fabrication and functionalization of nanomaterials for catalysis and energy storage after a PhD and post-doctoral work in Materials Engineering.Sayandeb BasuDr. Michael Cai Wang, Dr. Sanjukta Bhanja, Dr. Ana Laura Elías
Zengel, MichaelLAThe University of AlabamaALPhysics and AstronomyI plan to achieve a Ph.D. in solid state physics, and become a professor, conducting research and teaching at the collegiate level.Jeff GrayDr. Adam Hauser, Dr. Jeff Gray, Dr. Markus Stein
Zhang, AndrewCAUniversity of California-San DiegoCALife SciencesPhysician scientist who specializes in neurosciences. I aim to investigate mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders and develop novel therapeutic approaches.David ArtisProfessor Gulcin Pekkurnaz, Dr. Haoming Wang, Professor Valentin Cracan
Zhang, JessicaCAHarvard UniversityMAMathematical SciencesPh.D. in math. Conduct research in low-dimensional topology and teach at the university level.Pamela GaddiProfessor Peter Kronheimer, Professor Denis Auroux
Zmirska, IzabelaFLUniversity of FloridaFLEngineeringPhD in Biomedical Engineering. Conduct research at the intersection between mechanobiology, neuroscience, and biomaterials while teaching at the university level.Kelly MedleyDr. Christine Schmidt, Dr. Eleana Manousiouthakis, Allison Campbell