Sarah Rehn
Chemistry, Boise State University
2014 Goldwater Scholar

Sarah Rehn began her research career early as a high school senior working in a biochemistry lab at Boise State University. After receiving a Goldwater Scholarship as a sophomore, she led projects in nanoparticle and DNA nanotechnology research before graduating in 2016 as a Boise State Top Ten Scholar with a B.S. in Chemistry from the Honors College.

Currently, Sarah is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Chemistry PhD program at Rice University. She matriculated in 2016, and her current work in the Ringe lab features fundamental research into alternative plasmonic materials for a wide range of applications including diagnosis, photothermal therapies, catalysis, as well as sustainable energy.

“The Goldwater Scholarship supported me through my undergraduate career at Boise State, offering me the opportunity to pursue my love of scientific research. It encouraged me to continue to become a better scientist, a more learned scientist, and a smarter researcher. My desire to attend graduate school and to dedicate my life to research that would improve the lives of others became much more imperative. I believe that my current and continued work in plasmonic materials will cause the realization of these goals, and it would not have been possible if not for the Goldwater Scholarship.

I also think that the scholarship has propelled me into a position where I can further mentor and inspire younger scientists, which is something I feel very privileged to be able to do. There’s no better feeling than to know I’ve helped someone along their way to achieve their highest aspirations.”