Important Changes in 2023 Goldwater Competition:



    • Nomination materials will continue to be reviewed by discipline. To help the Foundation assign reviewers to applications, students who are working in areas that are multi-disciplinary, like bioinformatics, environmental sciences, or materials science, will be asked to identify the field of the reviewers they would like to have read their application.  A student working in bioinformatics, for example, would likely want to have an application read by biologists if the student’s disciplinary interest and contribution to the project deal with the project’s biological aspects. If the student’s contributions and disciplinary interests are primarily computational, the student would likely want to have the application read by computer scientists.
    • Students will now be able to report either credit hours or credits (formerly, credit hours only).


CR Dashboard Nomination Process

    • For the 2023 Goldwater competition, while Campus Representatives (CRs) are encouraged to provide a narrative statement, CRs are no longer required to provide a statement in the CR Form as part of the overall nomination. Again, while not required, CRs do find that the narrative statement allows them to transmit important insights and information about a nominee. CRs, for example, 1) talk about how lingering impacts of COVID affected the applicant, 2) offer a general overview of the institution’s selection process, 3) provide a synopsis of the student’s strengths, 4) provide reasons for why the nominee was selected, among other things.