During my undergraduate studies, I pursued a major in Biochemistry on the pre-med track with the initial goal of becoming a doctor. However, over time, I rekindled my childhood passion for space and planetary sciences and embarked on a diverse academic journey, delving into biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. When I first entered college, I had no prior experience in scientific research. By the end of my undergraduate career, I had accumulated valuable research experiences across various disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and astronomy. Most notably, I had the privilege of working as a Researcher for NASA’s Dragonfly Mission under the Deputy PI, fulfilling a lifelong dream of contributing to NASA’s groundbreaking projects. My dedication and contributions to research also led me to receive the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship.

I currently work as a Technical Solutions Engineer at Epic Systems, where I apply my expertise and skills. However, my passion for research remains strong, and in my spare time, I recently authored a paper submitted to the Planetary and Space Science Journal. This paper presents my research findings on the characterization of phase transitions of molecules on Titan’s surface, relevant to the upcoming Dragonfly mission. Looking ahead, I am determined to take the next step in my academic and professional journey. I plan to apply to graduate schools to pursue a Ph.D. program, furthering my commitment to a career in planetary science research and contributing to the exciting world of space exploration missions.