An “Information Packet” should – if available at the time you ask for letters – contain your 1) resume (including a list of your publications and presentations) 2) Goldwater narrative statements, 3) the link to the Goldwater web materials for recommenders (Letter Format and Submission Requirements and Letter Writing Guidance – Recommenders) and 4) materials tailored to the specific letter writer. If the letter writer is a research mentor, include information like 1) when you started working with the mentor and for how long, 2) your contributions to the project, 3) who you worked with on the project, and 4) skills you learned by working in the project. If the letter writer is a faulty member whose class you had, include 1) the name of the course, 2) course grade, 3) how what you learned in the class might help your research career, and 4) a description of any significant contributions you made to the class. It is not a good strategy to give the same information packet to all your letter writers. Doing so may result in letters of recommendation that look and sound the same.