• Corrine Elliott 2016 Goldwater Scholar

Corrine Elliott | 2016 Goldwater Scholar

My research experience began at the University of Kentucky while I was a Junior in high school. I joined the organic materials research team of Dr. Susan Odom, first working on a synthesis project but then transitioning to computational chemistry studies, better leveraging my background in math and statistics. From 2014-2017 our work resulted in 11 articles, including publications in the Journal of Materials Chemistry, International Journal of Energy Research, and the Journal of the Electrochemical Society, among others.

While studying mathematics, chemistry, statistics and computer science at the University of Kentucky, I was nominated for and won a Goldwater scholarship in 2016 and subsequently won an Astronaut Scholarship that year. I continued my work in computational chemistry, modeling electroactive molecules for use in lithium-ion batteries. I began additional work on research projects in bioinformatics, analyzing protein structural sequences, and on another research project in data science, where I modeled selection and validation in ecology, medicine and public policy. I obtained my B.S. in Mathematics in 2017 and my Masters in Statistics in 2018.

Before going straight into a PhD program, I decided to work for a year as a statistical scientist with Berry Consultants, a statistical consulting company that specializes in the Bayesian approach to medical statistics, collaborating in the design, simulation, and implementation of adaptive clinical trials. In 2019, I entered the PhD program in Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley, with particular focus on computational statistics in support of biomedical applications.